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VoicesNet Anthology 10

International Poetry Competition

Winners and Special Recognition Poems

Contest 10 - Submissions from June 1, 2004 to August 31, 2004


We would like to announce the Special Recognition Awards and the Top 3 Poems for the 10th VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition.

Congratulations to all of the worldwide poets who contributed to our Tenth"VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition".

The top 3 poets will receive $100, $50, and $25 and will also receive free complimentary Contest Anthologies. All of these poems will be denoted in the published books with special designations. Additionally, the top 3 poems will be displayed on our website and published to over 46,000 current VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal subscribers.

The Poems and Poets listed here were selected from 8193 total poems submitted.

There will be 1,745 Selected poems published in the 10th VoicesNet Anthology series. Of the 1,745 poems being published, 146 received Special Recognition and three were chosen for the top awards.

2nd PlaceStephanie Chao13USATHE LETTER
3rd PlaceMarvin Dyer18CanadaBROKEN
3rd PlaceFelicia West46USAWOULD YOU.....
Special RecognitionRizwan Ahmed23PakistanAN ODE TO A BARREN TREE
Special RecognitionEmily Alicea12USAJUST STAND TALL
Special RecognitionSarita Amorim18USAMANGOES AND SALT
Special RecognitionClemen alvin Ascano20Philippines18 MINUTES AFTER MIDNIGHT
Special RecognitionElizabeth Atchison18USATHROUGH THE WINDOW
Special RecognitionSharatta Atkins31USAMOMA'S MEDAL, YOU'RE SOMEONE SPECIAL
Special RecognitionOgunjemilusi Ayodeji19NigeriaMY FARTHEST FELLOW
Special RecognitionBryan Baker22USAJUST TO BE WITH YOU
Special RecognitionCynthia Baldwin25USAGOD PLAYS VIOLIN
Special RecognitionToni Bass16USAAMERICA'S BEST
Special RecognitionSarah Bolton20USAGRADUATION PICTURE
Special RecognitionFrances Borkin49IrelandWHEN A CHILD IS BORN IT IS A MIRACLE
Special RecognitionKyle Bradley17USAAPARTMENTS
Special RecognitionAmber Brandon15USAUNTITLED
Special RecognitionJune Brautigan50N/APOND CLAY II
Special RecognitionAshley Brooking21UKTHE SALTY TEAR
Special RecognitionMarcy Bureau11USAHOLD MY HAND
Special RecognitionRyan Burns11USATHE PURPOSE
Special RecognitionColin Campbell67MalaysiaAN OLD PILLAR OF WESTERN DEMOCRACY
Special RecognitionMadesen Carpenter9CanadaEAGLE SONG
Special RecognitionDiane Cee46UKFAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY
Special RecognitionEmmy Chahal12CanadaTOUCH THE SKY
Special RecognitionTholana Chakravarthy41IndiaYES, THIS PHASE WANES
Special RecognitionPrem Charan40IndiaLIFE
Special RecognitionDebanjan Chatterjee24IndiaTHAT NIGHT.
Special RecognitionDamien Cherry24USAIMAGINE
Special RecognitionShetall Chhabrria29IndiaWANDERINGS OF THE MIND, IN THE MIND
Special RecognitionAzubuike Chinwe26NigeriaLOVE'S GRIEF
Special RecognitionStephanie Clark33USATO GRANDMA WITH LOVE
Special RecognitionSara Cook12USABARE
Special RecognitionIngrid Cooper47AustraliaSENSELESS
Special RecognitionKatherine Crawford26USAHOME
Special RecognitionChelsey Criner14USAFREEDOM
Special RecognitionAndrea Crome23UKTHE POT OF LIFE
Special RecognitionTimothy Davis51USATALENT'S NOT ENOUGH
Special RecognitionFrancia victoria De los reyes19PhilippinesAFTER CLASS
Special RecognitionGeorge Defnall50USACHANCE TO BE FREE
Special RecognitionJane Dorwie27West AfricaWITH MY HEART
Special RecognitionGaurav Dubey15USAEVERLASTING LOVE
Special RecognitionIrma Duma19MacedoniaPUPPET MASTER
Special RecognitionArvian Duval32USAMEDITATION ON 9/11
Special RecognitionK.c. Ellis30USAMY DADDY
Special RecognitionJohn Everett35AustraliaTRAVELLERS IN THE GREAT EXPANSE
Special RecognitionAfshin Farhid45USABUTTERFLY
Special RecognitionNicole Fogelman15USASHARDS OF YOU AND ME
Special RecognitionGlory Franklin40IndiaTHE MAIDEN AND HER LYRE
Special RecognitionGina Furre17CanadaWHILE SLEEPING, BEAUTY
Special RecognitionSachin George23IndiaBEAUTY UN-CROWNED
Special RecognitionLawrence Ginglen59USA"I AM, AMERICA"
Special RecognitionRebecca Harvey12AustraliaTRYING TO HELP YOU
Special RecognitionHeather Hays24USAIT WAS YOU
Special RecognitionBart Henderson41South AfricaA SONG FOR MY SON, MY SUN
Special RecognitionSirena Hettrick10USASEPARATION THROUGH SUMMER
Special RecognitionStephen Hgen15USALOVE
Special RecognitionKaren Hong13USATRAPPED IN ILLUSION
Special RecognitionSharon Howarth39USAHEATHER ON THE HILL
Special RecognitionKelly Hoyer25USAI AM TWENTY FOUR
Special RecognitionIda Hsiang19USATHE LAST THING IN PANDORAS' BOX
Special RecognitionSenator ihenyen Ihenyen20NigeriaFREEDOM
Special RecognitionTushar Jain18IndiaMEMOIRS
Special RecognitionMichelle Jessup33USABAD WEATHER
Special RecognitionEmeka Joe28NigeriaRULERS OF THE WORLD.
Special RecognitionRonnie Jones46USAA SOLDIERS PRAYER
Special RecognitionLila Joseph56USAON THE WINGS OF MISTS AND NOWHERE
Special RecognitionSugandh Kapoor16IndiaA PAINTED SCENARIO
Special RecognitionLisa Kapp13USAA JOURNEY
Special RecognitionDeborah Kelly50CanadaAUBURN OF AUTUMN
Special RecognitionFloyd Kitchen57USAJULY 4, 2004
Special RecognitionKaren Landert17USATHE THOUGHTS OF THE BRAVE
Special RecognitionApril Lewis13USAHER NAME SHALL NOT BE SPOKEN
Special RecognitionWinnie Lin12USAMALICE
Special RecognitionDavid Lindley46AustraliaMOURNING RITUAL
Special RecognitionLakeisha Mace24USAWINGS
Special RecognitionGarrett Macneill21CanadaEPIPHANY
Special RecognitionSumeet Mahanti34IndiaSILENCE
Special RecognitionDee Main35USAA NEW LIFE
Special RecognitionSteven Main52USALOVE YOU MORE THAN THAT
Special RecognitionNikkole Malone15USAHEAVY METAL CHAINS
Special RecognitionJordan Marple12USATHE MESSENGER
Special RecognitionJames Martin15USASTEALING
Special RecognitionLucinda Matousek48USAREMEMBER AT GRANDMA'S WHEN....
Special RecognitionMary Matthews37IrelandFRUSTRATION
Special RecognitionJessica Mau20USASHADOW
Special RecognitionKatherine Mccluskey52CanadaODE TO MERCURY
Special RecognitionDaniel Mcgoldrick38USAOUR LIGHT THAT SHINES
Special RecognitionKarina Mckoy30JamaicaTELL ON RACOUNTER
Special RecognitionCrystal Mendoza11USADEAR SHAREN
Special RecognitionJulius Mendoza21SwitzerlandFLOWER IN THE GUTTER
Special RecognitionBhaskar Mitra20IndiaPAINT BRUSH
Special RecognitionSahida Mohd31SingaporeRAIN OF TEARS
Special RecognitionManda Moorefield15Scotland(United Kindgom)DELUSION
Special RecognitionNorma Morrissey55USAA CANDLE'S GLOW
Special RecognitionCynthia Moss41USASHOE QUEST
Special RecognitionCarol Muncey54CanadaBACK TO SCHOOL JOY
Special RecognitionCharles Murnick58USATO MY APHRODITE
Special RecognitionLeah Neeson25AustraliaRISE ABOVE
Special RecognitionChelsea Niemeyer13USAAMERICAN CHILD
Special RecognitionNick Oifoh12USATEARS OF TRAGEDY
Special RecognitionSimon Osei30ItalyTHE STORM WILL BE OVER
Special RecognitionAkoli Penoukou51West AfricaISN'T IT STRANGE?
Special RecognitionRenee Petrola55USAAS SEEN THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD
Special RecognitionChelsea Pietsch17AustraliaTHE ROCK
Special RecognitionAnna Piper42AustraliaPAPER HORSES
Special RecognitionMarie Quintano14USATAG
Special RecognitionCaitlin Rajala18USATHE OLD MAN
Special RecognitionKevin Ramirez18USASHARE YOUR LOVE
Special RecognitionMelissa Ramos12USARAINING TEARS
Special RecognitionDamian Rampersad21TrinidadMY VALENTINE
Special RecognitionVal Rapson36USALITTLE JOYS
Special RecognitionAlivia Reese13USAI HOPE
Special RecognitionKevin Reese32USAFORGET ME NOT
Special RecognitionJoanne Rice33UKTHE BLUE CITY
Special RecognitionTara Rivkin17AustraliaSERPENTINE CYCLE
Special RecognitionJohn Rodie39UKYES, MY LOVER’S HAIR WAS RAVEN
Special RecognitionDawn Rutter45AustraliaGUARDIAN ANGEL
Special RecognitionIvan Scarlett21SingaporeTHE MUD UPON THE GRAVEL
Special RecognitionKyle Schulze14USAAN AUTUMN BREEZE
Special RecognitionBarbara Scruggs65USADAD
Special RecognitionSamik Sen19IndiaTHE FOOTSTEPS OF DEATH
Special RecognitionLinda Sensabaugh52N/ATHE LONG WALK HOME
Special RecognitionLaura Seymour16UKFOX
Special RecognitionVikrant Sharma22IndiaSHE WAS THERE
Special RecognitionJeanette Sharp32USATHE SIMPLE THINGS
Special RecognitionGeorge Shope42Puerto RicoTEARS OF A TOAD
Special RecognitionBrittney Shumaker9USAFINDING MYSELF AND GOD
Special RecognitionLiaw Sian16MalaysiaCOLOURS
Special RecognitionEma Sitoris18RomaniaLIVID LIAISON
Special RecognitionMatthew Smothers0BahamasCHRIST LOVE
Special RecognitionPatricia Spurgin49USATHE GRANDFATHER YOU'LL NEVER KNOW
Special RecognitionThomas Sterner/howe52USATHE LAST VIOLIN
Special RecognitionMa. Filipina Taisa47PhilippinesOVERVIEW
Special RecognitionKatherine Taylor15USABLACKENED SAND AND TEARS
Special RecognitionLisa Thai15USAFATE'S INTENTIONS
Special RecognitionDaniel Tichota29USAMY MIRACLE
Special RecognitionBecky Warner49AustriaTHE MIDDLE GROUND
Special RecognitionRonald White44USAA DAY OF REMEMBRANCE
Special RecognitionIdongesit Williams38DenmarkI WILL SURVIVE
Special RecognitionDiana Yarnell47USATHE SANCTUARY




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