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VoicesNet Anthology 11

International Poetry Competition

Winners and Special Recognition Poems

Contest 11 - Submissions from September 1, 2004 to November 30, 2004


We would like to announce the Special Recognition Awards and the Top 3 Poems for the 11th VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition.

Congratulations to all of the worldwide poets who contributed to our Eleventh "VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition".

The top 3 poets will receive $100, $50, and $25 and will also receive free complimentary Contest Anthologies. All of these poems will be denoted in the published books with special designations. Additionally, the top 3 poems will be displayed on our website and published to over 50,000 current VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal subscribers.

The Poems and Poets listed here were selected from 7347 total poems submitted.

There will be 1,251 Selected poems published in the 11th VoicesNet Anthology series. Of the 1,251 poems being published, 122 received Special Recognition and three were chosen for the top awards.

2nd PlaceHeather Montgomery17CanadaAUTUMN STORMS
3rd PlaceMyrna Lambert72USASERENADE TO YOUTH
3rd PlaceThembinkosi Ngwenya30South AfricaNEVER GIVE UP
Special RecognitionDennis Ambrose0N/ALEAVING SOME FRIENDS BEHIND
Special RecognitionRacho Anna Lynn21PhilippinesINTO HIS EYES
Special RecognitionPepper Atkins20USAA PERFECT ROSE
Special RecognitionAnnalee Ayer19USAUNREQUITTED LOVE
Special RecognitionAndrew Ball15USAA FRIEND'S DEATH
Special RecognitionSarah Bates19USAMY FAIRY TALE ENDING
Special RecognitionFrancis Bedford63UKMORNING
Special RecognitionAnshu Beeharee14N/ACOLUMBAI SPACE SHUTTLE- A TRIBUTE
Special RecognitionSarah Bernardo8USATHE MIRROR OF LIFE
Special RecognitionPenelope Bieber20AustraliaUNTITLED
Special RecognitionWhitney Boyle43USABEAUTY SLEEP
Special RecognitionSonja Broderick32IrelandA POEM OF AUTUMN
Special RecognitionAngela Brooks28USASHE CRIES
Special RecognitionKylie Burdett23AustraliaAN INNOCENT PASSING
Special RecognitionRuth Calder murphy29UKCONSOLIDATION
Special RecognitionMaurice Cardwell41UKSOMEONE CRYING IN THE DISTANCE
Special RecognitionIndira Chaudhry38IndiaTHE SUNSET
Special RecognitionJude Chuks30NigeriaSOLITUDE
Special RecognitionAmanda Collins28AustraliaMY OWN HANDS
Special RecognitionJustin Compton21USAMY SWEET VALENTINE
Special RecognitionLucinda Cooper50UKFROM CRADLE TO GRAVE
Special RecognitionDan Craggs16UKYOU WIN
Special RecognitionTerrance Davison21USAEPIPHANY
Special RecognitionVyonka Denis16USAMY DREAM
Special RecognitionDanny Doran28AustraliaPIG BOYS POEM
Special RecognitionJeanne Duvinage49USALILLA
Special RecognitionSmart Ebelebe25NigeriaSEPTEMBER ELEVEN
Special RecognitionPatricia Eichler62USACOME WALK WITH ME
Special RecognitionMonica Engeler42USAJUST ONE MORE TIME
Special RecognitionDelmare Esterhuyse23South AfricaHEAD ON A SHOULDER
Special RecognitionShaundre Fortuin23South AfricaTHE SUN PEEKS
Special RecognitionJenny Gane23USATHE WAR OF 1812
Special RecognitionMaria Garcia Cuerva51ArgentinaSUNSET IN THE LAGOON
Special RecognitionClyde Goel27IndiaMARY AND THE SPARROW
Special RecognitionAbbas Goudarzi28IranTHE LEAF AND THE WIND
Special RecognitionPournami Gouthaman18IndiaMY BEST FRIEND
Special RecognitionDenise Guin33USADADDY'S SHOULDER
Special RecognitionMichaela Hajkova37CanadaFOR:YOU MY LOVE
Special RecognitionChristopher Hard13USANATURE'S ALARM CLOCK
Special RecognitionMonica Harhas19RomaniaAM I TO BE
Special RecognitionSummer Harris19USABROTHER TRUE...WHAT YOU MEAN TO ME
Special RecognitionCassandra Henry9USAODE TO MY SON
Special RecognitionRobert Hinshaw73USAAUTUMN STROLL
Special RecognitionSusan Humphrey16CanadaBLACK AND WHITE
Special RecognitionChizobam Iroemeh32NigeriaSOMETHING BEAUTIFUL
Special RecognitionArslan Jalal16PakistanTHE WORLD
Special RecognitionMonica Jani25India"OPEN"
Special RecognitionJoslyn Johnson36USAAS I LOOK AT YOU EVERYDAY
Special RecognitionMargaret Johnson29USATO MY MOTHER
Special RecognitionKehinde Jolaosho19NigeriaGENERATION BY GENERATION
Special RecognitionSarah Kalny12USAWANDERING
Special RecognitionHossein Kassaei24IranFROM DUSK TILL DAWN
Special RecognitionCaitlin Kelley17USAMLK
Special RecognitionEdward Kett77USAA BED OF DREAMS
Special RecognitionWilliam Killian52USALET ME COUNT FOR SOMETHING
Special RecognitionAmy Kistler16USAMUSIC OF THE SOUL
Special RecognitionIrina Kovalenko30CanadaFALL
Special RecognitionJoan Kukosky43USAONCE UPON A TIME
Special RecognitionBernard Kyle79New ZealandTHE HAND
Special RecognitionJoshua Lee19USAAWAY IN YOUR HEART
Special RecognitionChristine Leech37USATHE WOMAN WITH NO NAME
Special RecognitionSandra Legg22South AfricaIN THE END
Special RecognitionStephanie Lin13USADAYDREAMING
Special RecognitionVera Long79USAIT'S SPRING
Special RecognitionYuwei Lu12CanadaI AM FROM...?
Special RecognitionRacheal Lynn17USATHIS THING
Special RecognitionAnthony Mabuza23South Africa'I HAD A FUNNY DREAM LAST NIGHT'
Special RecognitionTracey Machher24UKTHAT UNFRIENDLY KIND
Special RecognitionBhagwati Prasad Maheshwari23IndiaIS THIS LIFE ?
Special RecognitionArjun Malik26IndiaTOMORROW'S MORNING
Special RecognitionTamara Malkki16AustraliaSEEING IS BELIEVING
Special RecognitionJennifer Mangon17USATHROUGH EYES
Special RecognitionStella Mann92UKTHOUGHTS OF A VERY OLD LADY
Special RecognitionSelina McCale14USAMY EUPHORIA
Special RecognitionCaitlyn Mccarthy16USAAN OLD MAN'S TALES
Special RecognitionRamon Claro Mendez48PhilippinesPICTURES
Special RecognitionChristopher Meyer11USAWALKING IN A GRAVEYARD
Special RecognitionScott Miller30USATHE REASON
Special RecognitionSudip Mitra37IndiaINTRODUCTION
Special RecognitionSheila Moore62USAFLAKES OF FLINT ABOVE THE STREAM
Special RecognitionVictoria Myrand15USAA CHANGING SHORE
Special RecognitionAfsheen Najwani17PakistanO TEACHERS...
Special RecognitionMohamed Nazim62N/ACHILD
Special RecognitionSuzy Nelson48USAHE LOVES ME NOT
Special RecognitionRioilinia Nongrum38IndiaFRIENDSHIP LOST, FRIENDSHIP REGAINED
Special RecognitionBarbara O'Neal56USADOES ANYBODY CARE?
Special RecognitionAiko Ogaya18PhilippinesTHE GHOST
Special RecognitionMaela Ohana15IndiaVASE
Special RecognitionAndrew Pell47AustraliaTHE GARDEN OF PEACE
Special RecognitionLucy Perea12USAOOPS
Special RecognitionDorothy Perkins63USATHANKSGIVING PAST
Special RecognitionFrederick Perkins49CanadaLOVED AND LEARNED
Special RecognitionRameesha Perry27USAI WAS BORN
Special RecognitionRachelle Piggott55AustraliaA NEW HEART
Special RecognitionJoseph Prussing50USATHE ACHING TOOTH
Special RecognitionApoorva Rao11MalaysiaTHE RED BEAUTY
Special RecognitionDavid Reid80AustraliaODE TO A WEARY HEART
Special RecognitionAludu Richard29NigeriaMY AFRICAN QUEEN
Special RecognitionCheryl Ring31CanadaGOD'S PRECIOUS GIFT
Special RecognitionTerry Ross48CanadaFREEDOM
Special RecognitionJeanette Sharp32USALOST CONVERSATIONS
Special RecognitionJulie Sharp39USACANVAS OF TIME
Special RecognitionDorothy Shaw45USAA SISTER'S LOVE
Special RecognitionPeter Shaw23UKTHE FARMYARD
Special RecognitionJustin Stark30USABALANCE
Special RecognitionSasha Stewart22USAMY LOVE STORY
Special RecognitionCharles Stone46USAWHAT IS LOVE
Special RecognitionJordan Takes13USAIOWA
Special RecognitionAnisa Tariq9UKBULLY- AS YOU SOW SO YOU SHALL REAP!
Special RecognitionDarlene Tiffany34USADREAM BEYOND A RAINBOW
Special RecognitionTawnya Tolton0N/AMANIFEST
Special RecognitionElizabeth Tsung13USAAGAINST ALL REASONS
Special RecognitionEmmanuel Ugwu19Nigeria9\11
Special RecognitionChukwujekwu Umeanyaegbuna27NigeriaPROFESSOR OF PROFESSORS
Special RecognitionManjula Vinjamuri40IndiaA PALETTE OF COLOURS (A PANTOUM)
Special RecognitionMichaela Von seydlitz15NamibiaLET ME BE
Special RecognitionPeter Wilkins58CanadaZIMBABWE
Special RecognitionKatherine Wishart57CanadaLETTER TO MY HUSBAND
Special RecognitionRachael Wolf20USAMORNING
Special RecognitionLauren Wulf16USAPOLISHED PLASTIC PEARLS




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