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VoicesNet Anthology

International Poetry Competition

Winners and Special Recognition Poems

Contest 9 - Submissions from March 1, 2004 to May 31, 2004


We would like to announce the Special Recognition Awards and the Top 3 Poems for the 9th VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition.

Congratulations to all of the worldwide poets who contributed to our Ninth"VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition".

The top 3 poets will receive $100, $50, and $25 and will also receive free complimentary Contest Anthologies. All of these poems will be denoted in the published books with special designations. Additionally, the top 3 poems will be displayed on our website and published to over 42,000 current VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal subscribers.

The Poems and Poets listed here were selected from 6234 total poems submitted.

There will be 1,317 Selected poems published in the 9th VoicesNet Anthology series. Of the 1,317 poems being published, 118 received Special Recognition and three were chosen for the top awards.

WinnerEmily Ticehurst19UKFOR THE LOVE OF A SOLDIER
2nd PlaceJack Trammell40USAIN THE SHADOW OF GIANTS
3rd PlaceTulika Lall13IndiaRENDEZVOUS WITH MYSELF
Special RecognitionMariam Abuhaideri20IndiaREALITY OF LIFE
Special RecognitionA. Adrian13N/AEVERYTHING
Special RecognitionGideon Awoonor30NigeriaTHE POLITICIAN
Special RecognitionMatthew Baibak16USASEASON'S DEATH
Special RecognitionDeri Bakker22South AfricaFREEDOM OF THE AIRFORCE
Special RecognitionMaegan Barrone3IrelandMOON KILL
Special RecognitionTracy Benjafield42UKFROM A FRIEND
Special RecognitionSally Benstead17UKMILESTONE
Special RecognitionJr Boonzaier21South AfricaLOVE STORY
Special RecognitionLarry Bowlsby36USATHE VISIT
Special RecognitionRachael Burbank17USAOUR SONG
Special RecognitionNatasha Choukkar15IndiaTHE WEAKLING
Special RecognitionAmanda Christenhusz17USASHE USED TO BE
Special RecognitionRoland Coggins70USAFROM A SWAMP IN CEDAR RAPIDS
Special RecognitionKimberly Cook16USALITTLE BROTHER
Special RecognitionGill Cooper54UKA LIFE IN DEATH
Special RecognitionRebecca Dodge13USATHERE WAS A GIRL
Special RecognitionNaomi Dunlap11USATHE DOOR
Special RecognitionCelia England12USASTRONG WOUNDED GIRL
Special RecognitionNatalie Gallagher13USAOH HOW THE SEASONS CHANGE!
Special RecognitionJoseph Gatt74MaltaHIS MOVIE
Special RecognitionKathryn Giroux12USALIFE'S DEVOTION
Special RecognitionShelly Glaizner12AustraliaTHE TALE OF ONE BAD MAN
Special RecognitionSavanna Glass10USAIN THE ELEVENTH HOUR
Special RecognitionPhyllis jean Green71USASILVER GOES PLATINUM
Special RecognitionLisa Greve21USALEAVING
Special RecognitionHui ying Hah16MalaysiaOF WORM AND FISH
Special RecognitionCortnee Hamner21USAYESTERDAY
Special RecognitionBetty Hebert73USASONG OF THE POLAR SEA
Special RecognitionLeighann Heil33USATHE SILK ROAD
Special RecognitionErna Hennessy82USA9/11/04
Special RecognitionCassandra Henry9USAOUR FUTURE
Special RecognitionHayden Hibbard17USANEW PARADIGM
Special RecognitionChristopher Hoagland18USAFLAME EVERLASTING
Special RecognitionElissa Hoffman15AustraliaTHE KEY
Special RecognitionWhitney Humphrey15USAWHY DOES THE WORLD STILL CRY?
Special RecognitionRobin Ibbott26N/AMY DREAMS ARE ROADKILL TO YOUR EGO
Special RecognitionAdelehin Ijasan18NigeriaA BEAUTIFUL SOUL
Special RecognitionIrene Imbrogno78USAA DAY IN WINTER
Special RecognitionNancy Ingram56USAROCKING IN A COLORLESS WORLD
Special RecognitionAshley Ingwerson14USAIS THIS LOVE
Special RecognitionArrey Ivo29CameroonTHE MISSION TO URANIA
Special RecognitionJamilya Jeenbaeva28RussiaPEACE
Special RecognitionSeleta Johnson48USAFADED PAPER DOLLS
Special RecognitionBrandon Joines18USAFOR HOPE
Special RecognitionElizabeth Jones14IndonesiaA SOLDIER'S PRAYER
Special RecognitionPatricia joan Jones44USAIN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ANGELS
Special RecognitionMs. suverchala Kashyap38GujaratMIRRORED REFLECTIONS
Special RecognitionMaureen Kellar51CanadaTEN MILES SOUTH OF NEW ORLEANS
Special RecognitionAnna Keller15CanadaRACE FOR THE TRUTH
Special RecognitionChristopher Kendalls29N/ADROWNING
Special RecognitionDanielle Kite14USALOVE KNOWS NO AGE
Special RecognitionYosra Koura15EgyptNOSTALGIA
Special RecognitionJessica Kronemann14CanadaMy Thoughts
Special RecognitionBernard Kyle79New ZealandCARPE DIEM
Special RecognitionBetsy Lampson12USANOT KNOWING WHY
Special RecognitionVida Langdon-Calender30USAMY DEAREST FATHER AND FRIEND
Special RecognitionPatricia Lewis67UKMOTHER OF THE BRIDE
Special RecognitionStephanie Loh11SingaporeMY LOVE IS IN YOU.
Special RecognitionBethwyn Lovell45AustraliaWORLD AROUND YOU
Special RecognitionVeronica Maldonado14Puerto RicoJUNE
Special RecognitionMegan Malfi10USANO ONE
Special RecognitionBlakely Marcinkowski16USAGLASGOW
Special RecognitionGordon Mcdougall63USASANTA CLAUS
Special RecognitionRichard Mcvay36USATHE FUTURE IS UP TO YOU
Special RecognitionJennell Melancon19USATRIAL AND ERROR
Special RecognitionGeorge Moore60UKMEMORIES OF OLD
Special RecognitionAsh Morgan13USASTORYTELLING
Special RecognitionNathan Morgan-Hammer9AustraliaOFF INTO THE MOUNTIANS
Special RecognitionN. j. Morris35USAMIDNIGHT SIGH
Special RecognitionKrista Munsters15CanadaJERUSALEM
Special RecognitionCindee Naylor51USAQUID PRO QUO
Special RecognitionMary-clare Newsham12UKA POEM TO MAKE YOU FEEL HAPPY!
Special RecognitionOkwudili Nwankwo29NigeriaJUST A LITTLE KINDNESS
Special RecognitionJosephine O'sullivan14AustraliaSATURDAY SUMMER SKIES
Special RecognitionAsiyanbi Olabode22USAWISHES
Special RecognitionSalvador Oria63ArgentinaIMPRESSIONS AT LOVEDAYS' MILL, APRIL 1995.
Special RecognitionAnnmarie Patton40USASUMMER DAYS
Special RecognitionK Pena28USAPLEASE COME TO TEXAS
Special RecognitionGanesh Raja41IndiaSMILE
Special RecognitionKevin Reese32USAFIELDS OF ANTIETAM
Special RecognitionDavid Reid80AustraliaWORLD WAR TWO, OUR FINEST HOUR
Special RecognitionBrittany Richardson14USALIFE
Special RecognitionCharlotte Scott16USATHE PRINCE OF DARKNESS
Special RecognitionHeather Scott13USATHE REC ROOM
Special RecognitionWendell Scott13USATHE FLAME THAT KEEPS ON BURNING
Special RecognitionJon Scoular46UKA BRIGHTER TIME
Special RecognitionSamik Sen19IndiaA WRITER'S PRAYER
Special RecognitionLinda Sensabaugh52N/ATHE STAINED GLASS WINDOW
Special RecognitionMuhammad Shanazar50PakistanTHE MOBILE ROSES
Special RecognitionSherri Sikora40USAAGING UNGRACEFULLY
Special RecognitionKanika Singhal19IndiaYEARNING
Special RecognitionSharon Slayton65USATHE GIFT
Special RecognitionCecil Stoops0N/ASTONE BY STONE
Special RecognitionDesirea Stowe15USASIX YEARS AGO
Special RecognitionGayle Street28USATHE WRITTEN AUTHOR
Special RecognitionSara Stuart13USAUNTITLED
Special RecognitionPilar Sumalpong27USAON THIS DAY AND ON LATER DAYS
Special RecognitionJames Thompson58UKNO DELAY
Special RecognitionCercie Usher32USADESENSITIZED
Special RecognitionHarry Vaile56USAMUSINGS
Special RecognitionPradeep Vengala22IndiaGO GET THEM SOON
Special RecognitionNitin Venkateswaran17IndiaMIXED UP EMOTIONS
Special RecognitionValerie Wallace60AustraliaSALMON, THE HOUSEWIVES SAVIOUR
Special RecognitionYicheng Wang12USALONG LOST FRIEND
Special RecognitionCharlotte Whitmore11USATOMORROW'S ANOTHER DAY
Special RecognitionLisa Wilkinson43USATHE QUEEN OF NOTHING
Special RecognitionKatherine Wishart57CanadaWHEN I WAS TWENTY
Special RecognitionAmanda Wood15CanadaTHE GREATEST DIFFERENCE



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