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VoicesNet Youth Web Words

International Poetry Competition

Winners and Special Recognition Poems

Contest 1 - Submissions from Jan 1, 2004 to April 30, 2004


We would like to announce the Special Recognition Awards and the Top 3 Poems for the 1st VoicesNet Youth Web Words International Poetry Competition.

Congratulations to all of the worldwide youth poets who contributed to our Inaugural Competition.

The top 3 poets will receive free complimentary Contest Books. All of these poems will be denoted in the published books with special designations. Additionally the top 3 poems will be displayed on our website and published to over 38,000 current VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal subscribers.

The Poems and Poets listed here were selected from 3759 total poems submitted.

There will be 482 Selected poems published in the Book series. Of the 482 poems being published, 70 received Special Recognition and three of those were chosen for the top awards.

WinnerIsabelle Livingstone17BahamasIN MY LAND
2nd PlaceJesse Vogel11USAFOREVER FLYING
3rd PlaceDiana Kugel14USATHE DREAM SELLER
Special RecognitionCarrie Adams16USAFATHERLESS DAUGHTER
Special RecognitionA. Adrian13N/AEVERYTHING
Special RecognitionMelissa Alexander15FinlandIDLE TEARS
Special RecognitionAri Anonuevo13USAGET OFF MY MIND
Special RecognitionDana Batliner13USAFOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW
Special RecognitionKori Beilfuss17USALOVE IS...
Special RecognitionBrittanie Brough13USAIN THIS WORLD . . .
Special RecognitionAbigail Castle14JapanON THE INSIDE
Special RecognitionMegan Clemkey18AustraliaENDLESS DREAMING
Special RecognitionKimberly Cook16USASTART OF SUMMER
Special RecognitionAngela Cunliffe11AustraliaSUZIE WAS A SWIMMER
Special RecognitionMichelle Drains16USAEARTH BEAUTY
Special RecognitionJacyn Dunn14UkraineWHY YOU???
Special RecognitionRachel Elbin17USAUNTITLED
Special RecognitionKursha Elliott19USAMY LAST GOODBYE
Special RecognitionElisia Evans11CanadaI WONDER
Special RecognitionYuliya Feldman13USATHE TRUTH OF THE CLASSROOM
Special RecognitionDiptashree Ghosh14IndiaBE YOURSELF
Special RecognitionAlexandros Giannoulis11CanadaWHEN THE TIME COMES
Special RecognitionShelly Glaizner12AustraliaTHOSE BEAUTIFUL TOWERS
Special RecognitionKiran Gollakota11USATHE FOG OF WAR
Special RecognitionLatoya Griffin16USAI WRITE TO UNDERSTAND
Special RecognitionSamantha Hardy15CanadaTHANKS
Special RecognitionCrissy Harrington15USAUS
Special RecognitionPatrick Harris18USAIN SEARCH OF….
Special RecognitionV. G. Hawkins11AustraliaLIFE
Special RecognitionClaire Heslop14UKHOPE
Special RecognitionPhil Hirschy13USASOMETHING OF EVANGELISM
Special RecognitionVitalo Ilechie18NigeriaSLAVES IN THE SUN
Special RecognitionAlice Jiang13ChinaCHANGES AND CHOICES
Special RecognitionKate Johnstone15AustraliaUNDER MY BED...
Special RecognitionQuadre Jones12USAA MOTHER'S AND A FATHER'S LOVE
Special RecognitionBella Kalasho13USABRILLIANT FAIRY TALE
Special RecognitionGerry Kelly17IrelandASPIRE TO BE
Special RecognitionBoriana Kitzevska16BulgariaHOLLOW
Special RecognitionHelen Koelmans15UKETHICS AT THE TABLE
Special RecognitionJenny Kreierhoff20USATEARS OF SORROW
Special RecognitionIssi Kwasniewski11UKWOMAN OF THE WOODS
Special RecognitionTanmoy Lala15IndiaIN REPENTANCE…
Special RecognitionLillian Liu11CanadaSUNRISE
Special RecognitionKiersten Manifold14USAEVERLASTING RESPECT
Special RecognitionHannah Mcevoy15USAWINGS
Special RecognitionElliot Mercer16USARAILWAY STATION
Special RecognitionJoe Miller14USAFROZEN TEARS
Special RecognitionKojo Minta16USAXENOPHON
Special RecognitionKrista Munsters15CanadaANCIENT YOUTH
Special Recognitionno no0USAHOLDING
Special RecognitionLindsay O'mara14USAFANTASY AS REALITY
Special RecognitionVicki Peng12USATURNING OF AGES
Special RecognitionBrittany Roden14USATHE REAL WORLD
Special RecognitionNursah Sak18TurkeyQUESTIONS OF MYSTERY
Special RecognitionBrittney Shumaker9USAA LOVE GONE
Special RecognitionFlora Stavri16UKMETAMORPHOSIS
Special RecognitionKeely Tafoya18USAI SEE YOU THERE
Special RecognitionGinni Tamez13USAHURTING PEOPLE
Special RecognitionAnisa Tariq9UKHENRY VIII
Special RecognitionShu-lin Teh14ChinaLIFE'S JOURNEY
Special RecognitionAna Tomcic17CroatiaIF YOU WERE DEAD
Special RecognitionMike Tumbarello14USAHE JUST WENT AWAY TO HIDE
Special RecognitionGabrielle Van hinsbergen18South AfricaSENSELESS
Special RecognitionCourtney Warren12USALEAVING
Special RecognitionAaron Webb13USANOW I KNOW
Special RecognitionAlana Wells18USAMATH
Special RecognitionCharlotte Whitmore11USARIPPLES OF THE GIRL
Special RecognitionRebecca Wilson14USAI SLOWLY WALKED
Special RecognitionAfton Woodson15USASOCIETY
Special RecognitionJeffrey Young12USAUNFORTUNATE ONE



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