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Contact Us!

You can contact us using the form below if your question isn't answered by the material on this page - just scroll down.

You can also contact us via mail at: VoicesNet, PO Box 936, Powell, Ohio 43065.

Additionally, we take phone orders at 740-881-6182 from Tuesday through Thursday from 3pm to 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

We do not use emails for inquiries any more because of the proliferation of spam on the Internet.

Here are some very frequently asked questions. If you do not find your answers here, then please scroll down and you can submit an inquiry to a customer service representative through this webpage. We only accept inquiries through this webpage.


Order Hotline Phone Number: 740-881-6182 (US)

Open Tue, Wed & Thu from 3pm to 5pm US Eastern Standard Time

This phone number is only for placing credit card orders for our contest books. All other inquiries should be via the form below.

If you choose to order a copy of the VoicesNet Anthology Poetry books by credit card you can go to If you choose to order a copy of the VoicesNet Youth Web Words Poetry books by credit card you can go to

To order a book by mail, a copy of the order form can be found at (order form only) and also at (order form and permission slip combined).

Additional Ordering Information can be found at No money for an order is required if your poem is selected for publication; only your signed permission slip mailed back to us is required. If your poem is selected and you want to order your own copy of the contest book with your poem in it, then you can do so at any time prior to or after publication. We do not sell our contest books through bookstores at this time.

Once your order has been received, if the book is already in print, then you will receive your book in 2-4 weeks.


Poem submissions can be made at


Awards for VoicesNet Anthology Contest: $100, $50, and $25 plus a free complimentary book copy for Top 3 Poems and Special Recognition for usually about a hundred other poets per contest quarter. There is no Awards Conference.

Awards for Youth Web Words includes Special Recognition Awards for the Top Poets which includes special recognition in print in the published contest books, on the website, and to the Visions Literary Journal. There is no Awards Conference.

The Awards Dates for our contests are:

VA 7 Awards Date - February 20, 2004

VA 8 Awards Date - May 20, 2004

VA 9 Awards Date - August 20, 2004

VA 10 Awards Date - November 20, 2004

Youth Web Words 1 Awards Date - June 20, 2004

Youth Web Words 2 Awards Date - October 20, 2004

Youth Web Words 3 Awards Date - February 20, 2005

Go to the website at


The Initial Book Publication dates for each contest follow. These are the dates that we produce and mail out the initial books published:

VA 7 Publish Date - June 1, 2004

VA 8 Publish Date - September 1, 2004

VA 9 Publish Date - December 1, 2004

VA 10 Publish Date - March 1, 2005

Youth Web Words 1 - August 1, 2004

Youth Web Words 2 - December 1, 2004

Youth Web Words 3 - April 1, 2005


In addition to being included at the end of the Poem Selection Emails, you can find a permission slip online that you can print at We also accept hand-copied permission slips and book orders for those of you without printer capabilities. We do not accept permission slips via email or fax at this time.

The Permission Slip Deadlines for our contests are:

VA 7 Permission Date - January 15, 2004

VA 8 Permission Date - April 15, 2004

VA 9 Permission Date - July 15, 2004

VA 10 Permission Date - October 15, 2004

Youth Web Words 1 Permission Date - June 15, 2004

Youth Web Words 2 Permission Date- October 15, 2004

Youth Web Words 3 Permission Date - February 15, 2005

E-mail notification sent once permission slip is received.

Permission Slips must be mailed to us and will not be accepted via email or fax. Envelopes must be postmarked by the permission slip deadlines. Your permission to publish is required. If you miss the deadline, you must resubmit to the next contest.

Only poems with permission slips received go on to the Final Awards Round of judging.


The Submission Deadlines for our contests are:

VA 8 Submission Deadline Date - March 1, 2004

VA 9 Submission Deadline Date - June 1, 2004

VA 10 Submission Deadline Date - September 1, 2004

Youth Web Words 1 Submission Deadline Date - May 1, 2004

Youth Web Words 2 Submission Deadline Date - September 1, 2004

Youth Web Words 3 Submission Deadline Date - January 1, 2005

You will receive e-mail notification once judged.


Each contest has a small window of time where poets can review their poem content just prior to being published to the contest books. The poets can review their name, age, title, country and poem content.

Here are the proofs available dates for each of our contests:

VA 7 Proofs Available Date – May 4, 2004

VA 8 Proofs Available Date - May 31, 2004

VA 9 Proofs Available Date - August 20, 2004

VA 10 Proofs Available Date - November 20, 2004

Youth Web Words 1 Proofs Available Date - June 20, 2004

Youth Web Words 2 Proofs Available Date - October 20, 2004

Youth Web Words 3 Proofs Available Date - February 20, 2005


The age limit for the Youth Web Words competition requires that a poet be 18 or under at any time prior to the submission deadline for the contest. The submission deadlines are previously listed. The VoicesNet Anthology is an all-age contest.


To look up your poems if they are published to the VoicesNet Websites, go to:

Enter your last name followed by a comma and a space and then your first name and then click the Search link button.

If your poems are published then you will see your name at or near the top of the list of authors names displayed.

You can click any author's name in the list to look at the poem collection of the selected author (you in this case).


The Authors retain individual copyright for their poems. VoicesNet retains copyright for the full Anthology and Web Words publications.


Yes, we do have trained editorial judges who we pay actual money to for them to read every poem submission and decide if each poem should be published in our Contest Anthologies.


Approximately 1 of 6 to 1 of 8 poems submitted will make it to our published contest books.


We allow one selection per contest cycle. If you have been selected for a publication, no other poems can be accepted for the same publication. For any contest, you can make one submission at a time and if declined, you can continue to submit another poem and continue this process until one is accepted. You can make selections for VoicesNet Anthology and WebWords at the same time. RULES PROHIBIT ENTERING MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS UNDER DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESSES.


You can register at our website to post your poems and participate in the poetry workshops by going to


* * * * * * * * * *

Thank you for being a part of the VoicesNet community! - The Voices Network