ANOTHER WINTER, a poem by Geoffrey -. Hoffman, UK from



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ANOTHER WINTER, a poem by Geoffrey -. Hoffman, UK


Nature Poems & Winter Poetry

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Geoffrey -. Hoffman, UK



And now two seasons play at dice,
And now grey winter’s iron hand
With a twisting of the wrist
Throws the six that autumn missed,
And takes the trophy of the land.
Winter, if it had its way,
Would win the universe at play,
And build a prison out of ice.

But underneath earth’s frozen rind
The tiny lives that will not die
Snuggle together to survive.
A robin on a leafless tree
Flutters and chatters cheerfully -
A touch of red in a world of snow,
With tiny, curious eyes aglow,
Warm, undefeated, and alive.
And as the robins, so live we
Though under human roofs we lie,
Safe from the white death in the sky.

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Responses from Visitors and Members about this Poem
FromComment about poem or authorResponse CountryResponse Added
Malay SrivastavaHoly Crow, its d best poem written in years....It ROCKS...!!!!India1/27/2011 9:57:37 AM
Mukeshkumar RavalGeoff, wonderful imagery and exceptional way to present it throughout the poem .only last two lines make it a bit didactic but wonderful......thanks for sharing it.... India7/21/2010 12:47:49 PM
Roy KnealeHello Geoffrey, A good analogous poem and oh so English a view of winter. An enjoyable read. Well done. Kind wishes. Roy.UK5/21/2010 4:46:51 AM
Westly Shaw I like what you wrote about winter and so true. Look forward to reading more of your poems.USA2/16/2010 11:09:43 PM
Janet PsailaGeoff - you have talent - I'm enjoying reading your workAustralia1/24/2010 12:55:01 AM
Pooja Elangbameven though i have never been to england, i can see how an english winter must be like.....spendid work!India1/16/2010 1:32:49 AM
linda terrell Lovely poem. Great imagaination of winter,,, Congrats Geoffreyusa10/11/2009 9:54:59 AM
Jacinta RamayahThis poem is a beauty. Vivid descriptions. 'White death' - apt words to describe snow and ice. Congratulations on being the winner.Malaysia10/9/2009 2:21:05 PM
Pat WinterLove the imagery, Geoffrey. One could draw a picture. Hope you write a lot more. Can see why you won the contest...USA10/8/2009 3:03:12 PM
Congratulations, Geoffrey, for winning first place in the August Poetry Contest. This is also an excellent poem you have written which bears many beautiful images to bring in the general image of winter. Keep on posting. I look forward to reading more your entries.10/2/2009 6:14:58 AM
Ana R Sanchezthe images that you create are marvelousUS9/25/2009 4:20:05 PM
Mudiaga MoodyIt's a nice poem. I'm sure winter would love it if you show it to it next winter.Nigeria9/24/2009 7:05:15 PM
mark wakehambeautiful imagery, Geoffrey, a deserved winner.UK9/21/2009 5:49:13 PM
DelmareCongrats! This is truly a winner.South Africa9/21/2009 3:36:51 AM
Marcia SchechingerBeautiful verse Geoffrey depicting winters majesty. The dice image adds a bit of spice to make a perfect poem. :)USA9/20/2009 8:45:47 PM
Gail KayBeautiful poem Geoffrey you really captured the spirit of winter.Australia9/18/2009 5:13:28 AM
Lee EmmettCongratulations! Wonderful writing with spectacular expression of imagery ... great style ...Australia9/17/2009 8:50:13 AM
Lee Emmettlove the bright flash of life against the stark white background ... lovely writing!Australia9/17/2009 8:19:00 AM
Nancy CrosslandExceptional imagery and expression in this lovely nature poem. Wonderful, Geoffrey!USA9/16/2009 10:55:24 PM


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