HOSTAGE, a poem by Abigail Sarah Hadley, UK from



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HOSTAGE, a poem by Abigail Sarah Hadley, UK


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Abigail Sarah Hadley, UK



I'm trapped inside a prison, and there's no way out
All the walls are sound-proofed, no-one hears me shout.
No crime has been committed, I'm not punished by the courts,
But every door is guarded by my own destructive thoughts.
My body is my prison, my mind's become my cell,
Self opinions are abusive, life's a living Hell.
The prison is disguised, with make-up and a smile,
I'm laughing and I'm joking, but I'm hurting all the while.
No time-out for "good behaviour", the sentence never ends,
I'm in solitary confinement, even with my friends.
There's no escape from mental prisons, the walls are built too high,
Pain and torture are reality, my time's spent asking "Why?"
Self-hatred leaves you captive, destroys you piece by piece,
Truth's the key to unlock the cell, and help the pain to cease.
But who can find the truth when you live a life of lies,
And everyday your self-respect fades...until it dies!

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Responses from Visitors and Members about this Poem
FromComment about poem or authorResponse CountryResponse Added
MelissaA well deserved win! An amazing write, and a great read. Keep writing! =)Australia9/6/2010 8:35:07 AM
James BassettperfectUSA9/5/2010 12:25:40 PM
Mudiaga UwojeyaThis poem is praiseworthy. I am in a similar situation but reading this poem gave me a relief. Thanks for sharing.Nigeria9/2/2010 7:01:53 AM
society mei like this...well done UK9/1/2010 2:48:58 PM
Kerry LarwillI love your poem and relate to it more than you know keep writing from your heart and you will be a big "Winner" After all you already are. :)Canada8/30/2010 8:11:54 PM
Anthony Dela torreCongratulations! I can totally put myself in it. Its very inspiring for me to read something that depicts my life. I look forward on reading more of your works! -Anthony PhilippinesPhilippines8/25/2010 10:38:49 PM
FirestoneSo true.. and so well written, congratulation! The Netherlands8/20/2010 4:19:55 AM
Elaine ChristieIt seemed this was my story when i read it, great poem, liked how this flows, it draws the reader in, well done!UK8/19/2010 1:56:08 PM
Gail KayI hope that in writing this wonderful poem you got some peace Abigail. It is a wonderful poem.Australia8/18/2010 9:14:48 PM
Lee EmmettCongratulations ... poetic metaphors used with great effect, and emotions conveyed powerfully in choice of words!Australia8/18/2010 8:56:08 AM
Abeera ShakeelYour poem touched my heart! It is an emotional and reality-based poem! You have written it beautifully!Pakistan8/18/2010 7:34:03 AM
kutlwano sonji nkwewhat a write!!!botswana8/18/2010 4:34:26 AM
Dowell ObaA powerful and extraordinary piece of poetry with great appeal to emotion. Congratulations dear poet! You have truly done an excellent job, Abigail, making us feel the excruciating pain of the mental sufferer with such wonderful rendition, rhythm and flow!Nigeria8/17/2010 10:02:33 AM
Roy Kneale.CONGRATULATIONS Abigail! Your well constructed and deeply moving verse is a worthy winner. I applaud your successful production of meter and rhyme. Keep writing like this. My best wishes to you. Sincerely. Roy.UK.8/17/2010 6:27:29 AM
Donna GibsonI can relate to this poem so much, and I can feel your words so deeply, amazing. Blessings DonnaEngland8/17/2010 2:34:44 AM
Dwayne RankinAbigail, a worthy winner by far.. with good thought and rhyme you have transported the reader into the mind to capture the thoughts and feelings of one who feels trapped by self doubt and loathing, who feels that in order to survive, they must put on a brave front, a wall of deception not realizing that in doing so there is no escape. congratulations on this winning poemUSA8/16/2010 10:58:53 PM
Marcia SchechingerAbigail Sarah a profound emotional poem of mental pain and existing in the world where behavioral is expected to be a certain way. You have given the readers, who have experience even a moment of such anguish, a release to express themselves before it effects their "self-respect". A talented verse that is not only well written, but is a form of therapy and self-discovery for all who read. Congratulations Abigail Sarah! :)USA8/16/2010 10:40:42 PM
Abigail HadleyThank You for your kind words, and if the poem gave only one person comfort it was worth the pain of writing it. XxUK7/15/2010 5:11:53 AM
Abigail, This poem is the story of my life but some how your words gave me some sort of comfort. Thanks7/14/2010 8:12:26 PM
This poem describes "self loathing"....and yet, the words reach out for doubt you are a "seeker" and will find the answers. Wishing you the best in your search!!!! MarVenea Rainwater7/12/2010 7:32:43 PM
Ashley HernandezThis Poem was VERY beautiful. It is so deep and depressing. U.S.A7/12/2010 3:16:41 PM


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