WHEN NIGHTFALL COMES UPON, a poem by Kenneth Heiar, USA from VoicesNet.com



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WHEN NIGHTFALL COMES UPON, a poem by Kenneth Heiar, USA


Nature Poems & Rhyming Poetry

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Kenneth Heiar, USA



In the distance the sun sets low.
The hurried winds begin to slow.
The swallows perch all in a row.
And evening stars commence their glow,
When nightfall comes upon.

Before the sun withdraws from sight
it casts a golden veil of light,
a pleasant and mellow delight,
that ushers in the coming night.
When nightfall comes upon.

While graceful nighthawks roam the sky
a screech owl lands softly nearby.
The whip-poor-will repeats its cry,
and crickets chirp their lullaby.
When nightfall comes upon.

Listen ... as the sounds provide
an essential nocturnal guide.
For darkness, like a rising tide,
shares only what it cannot hide.
When nightfall comes upon.

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Responses from Visitors and Members about this Poem
FromComment about poem or authorResponse CountryResponse Added
Joseph OsitaYou really pictured evening in this work.congratulations!Nigeria11/25/2010 2:20:03 PM
ibrahimlovely and well written refrained yet romanticnigeria10/8/2010 3:30:51 PM
Melissa BuckleThis is fantastic! You should definitely be proud of such an amazing accomplishment! Keep writing! =)Australia10/5/2010 5:04:04 AM
ashleyWOW this poems fab keep it up england9/26/2010 10:51:44 AM
Rajaram RamachandranA beautiful poem worth million dollars Juhu, Mumbai, India9/24/2010 11:28:02 PM
Kenneth HeiarThank you all for the kind responses to my poem. This honor was certainly unexpected. A special thank you goes to the judges at VoicesNet for the wonderful service you perform for those of us who spend countless minutes deep in thought while staring into space with pen in hand.USA9/18/2010 11:06:42 AM
Dowell ObaWow!!! Permit me to call this poetry extraordinaire! It's a poem that's highly enjoyed with the accompaniment of music. Congratulations men! A truly stunner of a read!Nigeria9/17/2010 11:48:44 AM
drsudarsan prasadA superb nature poem and every inch a winner Kenneth, congratulations! The last stanza is not only admirably crafted , but also is very deep in philosophical insight !india9/17/2010 4:11:59 AM
Nancy CrosslandKenneth, a well deserved 3 Star Finalist! Evoking all the mystery and charm of the evening sounds, the reader is taken through a beautiful image filled journey. USA9/17/2010 1:15:22 AM
thelmaCongratulations Kenneth on your three stars finalist, such a beautifull poem about the sounds of nature at night!australia9/17/2010 12:34:39 AM
JJAwesome stuff!USA9/17/2010 12:21:39 AM
Lilly KlasI love the night..your poem so romantic and descriptive..Very beautiful..sincerly LillyUSA9/16/2010 6:10:45 PM
Brume JabsThere's only one way to react to this: Standing Ovation!!!Nigeria9/16/2010 3:32:06 PM
Marcia SchechingerKenneth again I say beautiful images, it is a fine 'tap on the shoulder' to remind us of the simple pleasures and the sounds of evening. Congratulations on the win!! :)USA9/16/2010 9:46:11 AM
Gail KayCongratulations Kenneth. Beautiful poem.Australia9/16/2010 12:21:21 AM
Dwayne Rankincongratulations on winning this month Kenneth.. I am not surprised at all after reading your poem the first time.. way to goUSA9/15/2010 9:47:51 PM
Dwayne RankinKenneth a wonderful nature poem filled with the sounds of the night... giving all a clear insight to the wonders the ev'ning night. and a three star finalist too.. congratulations Kenneth. USA8/8/2010 9:27:55 PM
Kenneth HeiarMarcia, thank you for the kind words. At times nature is so subtle that we miss the beauty of a common experience. This poem is a tap on the reader's shoulder as a reminder to be alert.USA8/8/2010 8:09:04 PM
Marcia SchechingerKenneth with talented rhythm, rhyme and refrain you have given the readers beautiful images of evening sights and sounds. Just lovely :)USA8/6/2010 11:07:31 AM


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