TO HIM I HUNG THE MOON, a poem by Angela Hoeflich, USA from



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TO HIM I HUNG THE MOON, a poem by Angela Hoeflich, USA


Grandparents, Grandmother, Grandfather Poems & Missing You Poetry

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Angela Hoeflich, USA



He stood and walked on ground my feet could never touch.
A dignity higher, integrity brighter--I loved him so much.
Successful he was in all that he endeavored.
From the simplest tasks to fighting for life, he weathered.

Standing tall as a soldier for our freedom he fought.
The horrors and agony he didn't suffer for naught.
Battle after battle with victory as a goal
With humbleness and honor, combatting for the whole.

None of this I knew until I was older
He was Grandpa to me--not a fighting soldier.
A picture of life sustained through struggling and surviving
To reach the destination of happiness and thriving.

Time in my youth was spent rushing to get grown.
Alone with my memories now, I wish I had known.
To enjoy and savor the minutes with him at my life's helm
Steering and guiding me, for now alone I'm overwhelmed.

He thought I could do anything--of this he was sure!
His belief in me was love: simple and pure.
We watched as we grew older and some things had to change.
He nurtured me at first, then we rearranged.

His life is a guideline and a path with footprints in my heart
To put forth every effort and finish what I start.
His smiling face and open arms I'll see one day soon.
I could never measure up, but to him I hung the moon.

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Responses from Visitors and Members about this Poem
FromComment about poem or authorResponse CountryResponse Added
rob hastingsWow! Very nice writing Miss Angela..p.s hurry up and get some more beautys on here like that one...Love Canada,eh...canada10/11/2012 6:39:21 PM
Kathy LawlerAbsolutely beautiful!!! My daughter found this poem to be perfect for her to read at her grandpa's funeral service as a tribute to him. You were both blessed with the same gift of a wonderful Grandpa. Thank you for the beautiful poem.USA8/29/2012 5:24:53 PM
Deppe BhattA really remarkable piece,very beautifully written and of course a great acculade to your grandfather....Congrats!India3/6/2011 2:00:41 AM
Shane Richardsi can see why this poem won, its a well written piece, cleary demonstrating your love and respect for your grandfather,whom you really looked up to. Well done, and congragulations.UK2/27/2011 5:54:39 PM
Hina FirdoseWonderful poem!! You've expressed your love and gratitude for your grandfather so beautifully. Congrats for the win!!India2/25/2011 3:43:45 PM
Jacinta RamayahA deserving win, Angela. Congrats! You must have felt cherished to have a wonderful man like him to be your grandfather.Malaysia2/23/2011 2:14:58 AM
John TrentThis is a beautiful tribute to your grandfather and an amazing poem. Congratulations on such a wonderful honor! JohnUSA2/22/2011 7:58:13 AM
Osunbote ChristopherI like the message conveyed; and the simplicity with which the words delivered.Nigeria2/21/2011 7:23:22 PM
Congratulations on a beautiful poem Angela. Keep the faith your grandfather had in you always! Lynne2/21/2011 11:29:46 AM
Thelma ZaracostasAngela congratulation on your beautiful tribute to your grandfather, a most deserving win! Australia2/21/2011 5:01:51 AM
Kristine TrudeauAngela: What a wonderful way to honor your grandfather - in this beautifully written and loving poem and as an award winner too! Congratulations! KrisUSA2/21/2011 12:59:19 AM
Gail KayCangratulations Angela on a beautifully written poem. You have introduced us to a wonderful man in your grandfather. It also brought me to realize that much of what you have said I can apply to mine. Thank you.Australia2/20/2011 8:09:57 PM
Nancy Ellen CrosslandCongratulations, Angela! Your tribute so lovingly written to your dear grandfather certainly is a winner. Your devotion and admiration sparkles in each line as your poem unfolds. What a wonderful legacy he has left. He is looking at you so proudly and lovingly. Thank you for sharing this wonderful memorial.USA2/20/2011 12:54:47 PM
Shirley Thurmanjohnsoncongratulations angela!! this was so beautifully and gracefully written...your love for your grandfather was clearly shown through your words in this poem...again, CONGRATULATIONS!USA2/20/2011 12:48:17 PM
Marcia SchechingerAngela congratulations on winning the January poetry contest on VoicesNet. A beautiful tribute to your grandfather as a soldier and a man. His strength, beauty and ability to love with all of his heart is wonderfully spoken in this heavenly poem of a man who was (and is) greatly revered. Through your words, the readers are privileged to know what characteristics a man should hold. Thank you and congratulation Angela. :)USA2/20/2011 12:04:31 PM
Maria Garcia cuervaCongratulations, Angela! A nice poem with the best memories of your grandpa.Argentina2/20/2011 9:40:34 AM
Amalie PeirisThis is a beautiful poem Angela, such a beautiful story and beautifully written. Congratulations! You completely deserve it. Sri Lanka2/20/2011 8:16:31 AM
Drsudarsan PrasadCongratulation Angela, Your adulation of your grandpa, is real and soulful. Beautiful rhyme and wonderful expression . The title is catchy and also fabulous. An award winner in every way !India2/19/2011 11:50:02 PM
Marvenea RainwaterCongratulations Angela!!! Very fine job. MarVenea R.2/19/2011 2:38:49 PM
Dwayne RankinCongratulations Angela on having the top poem this month with this tribute to your grandfather. USA2/19/2011 2:17:28 PM
VoicesNet NewsCongratulations!USA2/19/2011 2:03:16 PM
Chetan Sharmaexclusive and scintillating..India1/12/2011 1:53:31 AM


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