WHERE STREAMS OF ICE AND SNOW DOTH FLOW, a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA from VoicesNet.com



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Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA



In that place where cold winds blow,
Where streams of ice and snow doth flow,
Lies a land of frozen seas
That forms a blowing, freezing breeze.

And in that trackless waste seen white,
Where winds that blow and burn and bite;
In that evening skies unbound,
Is beauty seen in lights there found.

Vast against that dark lit sky,
Those lights bring forth a shimmering sigh.
Colors move and wave and flow,
Above those streams of ice and snow.

With shifting lights and freezing winds,
In this place where cold begins.
Silence there across doth sweep,
Upon this icescape found so deep.

A place where laughter’s rarely heard,
As well the sound of spoken word.
Just the cold winds bitter cry,
As those freezing winds blow by.

And from that endless depth of cold,
True peace and silence doth enfold.
Found there in that solitude,
From silence formed, is peace accrued.

With beauty found in nature’s fold,
Within that land of icy cold.
’Tis this peace that flows on through,
In silence molds each day anew,

Far up in the farthest north,
Up where all those lights shine forth,
Is that place where cold winds blow,
Where streams of ice and snow doth flow.

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Responses from Visitors and Members about this Poem
FromComment about poem or authorResponse CountryResponse Added
Dwayne Rankinthank you very much.. just posted a poem today.USA8/19/2013 10:48:57 PM
Dwayne RankinThank you Eddie, :DUSA8/3/2013 3:14:45 PM
EDWIN JEPSONHI Dwayne, One of your best poems, great read, Congratulations , Stay Well my friend, EDDIE,UK8/2/2013 3:50:23 PM
Dwayne RankinThank you very much Delysia, I have to say I was surprised but smiling anyway.. glad you like this one.USA6/2/2012 5:32:58 PM
delysia hendricksA winning write for sure, Dwayne. A cracker line: "From silence formed is peace accrued." Congratulations on a well-deserved win. DelysiaSouth Africa6/2/2012 3:04:36 PM
Dwayne RankinThank you Satyendra, Appreciate it. USA5/12/2012 12:02:14 PM
Satyendra SinghGood poemIndia5/12/2012 11:10:22 AM
Dwayne RankinThank you Linda. Am still kind of stunned at placing first. Was thinking that a different poem would win.USA5/5/2012 12:37:27 PM
linda terrellHello Dwayne, this is an exceptional poem. Congratulations! United States5/5/2012 11:58:09 AM
Dwayne RankinThanks Kristine, me neither, not a winter fan but can see the physical beauty that can and does abound in places like this. USA5/5/2012 10:39:59 AM
Kristine TrudeauI'm a little late getting around to catch up on winners over the past couple of months. Looks like a big CONGRATULATIONS! is due you, Dwayne. Great poem and a well deserved win. The tone of the poem even sounds cold and lonely, but you've added beauty with the Northern Lights. Love it, but wouldn't want to "be" there, except to briefly witness the lights up close. KrisUSA5/5/2012 10:06:24 AM
Dwayne RankinThank you very much Hina, there were a LOT of excellent poems in there and any one of them could have won. I feel honored that mine was chosenUSA4/30/2012 6:15:33 PM
Hina FirdoseCongratulations, Dwayne, on a much deserved win!!India4/30/2012 2:59:57 PM
Dwayne RankinThank you MonojUSA4/30/2012 7:15:19 AM
Monoj PandayCongrats Dwayne,India4/30/2012 6:48:24 AM
Dwayne RankinThank you Sanjana, From the perspective of the Arctic, I don't know that there is any other season but Winter.. sigh.. USA4/27/2012 7:34:29 AM
sanjana butalaHi Dwayne, Congrats! Your poem is indeed wonderful. You have described the winter season excellently and is very inspiring. Keep it up! India4/27/2012 12:25:13 AM
Dwayne RankinThanks Eddie, This is one that I will read again when it is sooo hot this summer :-D USA4/26/2012 7:16:49 PM
EDWIN JEPSONHI Dwayne,read this one again, brilliant my friend, you deserve 3 stars finalist, Best Wishes Eddie,UK4/26/2012 1:52:00 PM
Dwayne RankinThank you Gail. I have been to the site where all the past winners are listed with their poems. I like going there once in a while to read some of those wonderful poems. USA4/26/2012 7:19:20 AM
Gail KayA well deserved win Dwayne. You are a VERY good poet never doubt it. All past winners can be found through the voices.org connection on the left hand side of the home page. COngrats again.Australia4/26/2012 2:31:14 AM
Dwayne RankinJacinta, Thank you so much, I've never been there but have seen it through the magic the nature shows on Television. I have always wanted to see the Northern lights in display and in person. but I can imagine what they may be like. Thanks you so much again. I do appreciate your words .. USA4/25/2012 7:29:55 AM
Jacinta RamayahThey say, a picture paints a thousand words but your poetry, Dwayne fills the imagination with more than a thousand scenes. Without ever being there, I can 'see' the beauty of the Arctic. You're a worthy winner, Congrats! Malaysia4/24/2012 10:55:31 PM
Dwayne RankinThank you Nishu, We use Fahrenheit here, its about 65-70 degrees which is nice warm weather.. Glad you like this one, It would be nice to visit the North sometime but not to stay long and only if I have a nice warm place to get into after seeing those magical northern lights. Not a big fan of winter any more ha.. go figure I'd write about one of the coldest spots on earth. HA!! Thanks for your comments.USA4/24/2012 2:02:22 PM
Nishu Mathur Beautiful poem Dwayne ...loved it. Lovely images, perfect rhythm and rhyme, beautiful indeed. Close to 40 degrees c here so it's actually like a breath of cold air. Warmest wishes, Nishu and congratulations. India4/24/2012 8:38:34 AM
Dwayne RankinThank you Zay, and Drsudarsan, It sure is a pleasure to hear from both of you on this poem. I appreciate it so much that you took the time to respond and am glad that you found enjoyment in its reading. Hope that you both have a great day this day.USA4/24/2012 7:29:40 AM
Congrats sir! The far North sure is a place of cold peace. Loved d flow n subtle rhythm of this. Took my mind 2 Antartica , d north pole n where not. Warm despite the cold. Cheers, zay.4/24/2012 3:16:43 AM
Drsudarsan PrasadLovely nature poem and beautiful imagery. Congrats Dwayne , a sure and certain award winner all the way!India4/24/2012 12:32:24 AM
Dwayne RankinThank you Elizabeth, your words are kind indeed. I know I have placed in the top 3 several times and each time I am still surprised. There are so many really great poems out there that I find it difficult to believe that I can compete with others here on VN. I really appreciate your comments as I do all the comments made here on my work. Still smiling here in Cashmere, DwayneUSA4/23/2012 6:20:10 PM
Elizabeth Padillo OlesenDear Dwayne, first congratulations on the win! And I think you will keep on winning. I cannot count anymore how many times you have won in the contest here. You have mastered your language and the flow, the message and the full rhythm. You don't have to labor hard finding the right words. The words are naturally flowing in your own tongue, ready to form a new and wonderful creation.Keep on posting. Denmark 4/23/2012 2:46:43 PM
Dwayne RankinSir Dike, thanks so much. was I surprised when I read that I won this contest. I never expect to win. I like to enter because I can get more readers that way. Winning is an added extra bonus for sure. I appreciate your response.USA4/23/2012 2:21:37 PM
Dwayne RankinMarcia, thanks so much for your comments. I am most appreciative of them from you as well as from every one. I am over whelmed to say the least that I won March's contest. I didn't expect that at all. Thanks so much again.USA4/23/2012 2:19:29 PM
Dwayne RankinThank you so much Thelma, For a guy that doesn't like the cold winters all that much, this one came out pretty good. But I didn't expect this for sure. I do appreciate your comments and hope that this spring and summer are loooong ones along with Autumn.. let winter take a while to get here again HA!! USA4/23/2012 2:17:56 PM
Dike Williams.This is poetry Sir Dwayne...a big congratulations to you! More of it sir.Nigeria4/23/2012 2:08:19 PM
Marcia SchechingerDwayne, I can't believe I almost missed this one, perfect in every way. Descriptive, rhythmic one can feel the cold, quiet beauty of such a place. Congratulations on 1st Place!!!USA4/23/2012 12:06:05 PM
Thelma ZaracostasDwayne such overwhelming beauty told in your words here in your poem of WHERE STREAMS OF ICE AND SNOW DOTH FLOW, fantastic. Congratulation on your win in the competitionAustralia4/23/2012 7:11:29 AM
Dwayne RankinThank you Linda, absolutely did not expect to win this month... way to many really great poems out there. Appreciate your comments and so glad you like this one. This is the one to read while its up in the high 90's into the triple digits this summer here.. will cool a person off for sure. :-D USA4/22/2012 4:50:05 PM
Dwayne Rankinheee Marlene, Glad you like this one.. USA4/22/2012 4:48:00 PM
RBYES YES YES...PERFECT POEM and place to live....and by the way I read the response you left before.....2x4......4/22/2012 3:35:01 PM
Linda LeeAbsolutely a 3 stars finalist DWAYNE! A gorgeous poem. Such a pleasure to read, taking me to a magical icy wilderness. Congratulations!! Friendly greetings, Linda.Spain4/22/2012 3:25:21 PM
Dwayne RankinOh my goodness, I can't believe it.. Thanks so much for letting me know. USA4/22/2012 3:23:11 PM
VoicesNet NewsCongratulations again!!!!!!USA4/22/2012 1:15:26 PM
Dwayne RankinThank you Edwin, Yes a COOOOOLD one for sure.. been wanting to write one of the arctic north for about a year and after this winter here and then writing one on the soft warm days of spring and summer, I decided to go ahead.. Glad you like this one. USA3/29/2012 5:11:09 PM
Edwin Jepson,HI Dwayne, a brilliant poem, sounds peaceful there, but very very cold, a master piece of poetry, really enjoyed it , Congratulations on your 3 stars, Eddie, UK3/29/2012 2:08:16 PM
Dwayne RankinThank you Jannine, appreciate your reading and responding . There certainly is a lot of peace there in the farthest north. Not much to make a lot of noise, except for that wind of course and maybe the occasional chunk of ice breaking off. Glad you like this one. USA3/19/2012 7:42:24 AM
Hi Dwayne, loved the rythem throughout this one.... had a sense of peace as I read it. Good luck with the contest Jannine3/19/2012 1:53:20 AM
Dwayne RankinThanks SusanUSA3/3/2012 1:22:53 PM
susan Burns|Hi Dwayne just getting a jumper wonderful poem good luck all the best Susan xIreland3/3/2012 1:03:04 PM
Dwayne RankinThank you Bill, almost had to keep my winter coat on while writing this one. Its been a long wet winter here and even though I am in desperate need of some Springtime warmth, I felt this one coming on to me. Been wanting to write one of the Northern Lights for a while and was able to accomplish that with this one. Glad you like this. Stay warm now ya Hear? USA3/3/2012 9:23:24 AM
Dwayne RankinThank you Hina, so glad I could help cool you off from that hot Indian summer heat.. Just getting over winter here and I am so in need of some warm weather so it was hard for me to believe that I was writing a poem about the cold Arctic. Glad you like this one and hope you have a wonderfully cool day this coming dayUSA3/3/2012 9:21:23 AM


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