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Anderson, Kathy
USALong time poet on a journey of online venues and forums. Former moderator at 2 poetry forums on I've got a DeviantArt account under the name of Digitopian. I also go by my nick here on that site. 701191
Anderson, Robert
USARobert possess strong and attractive personalities. They fall into two principle types: one shy, sensitive, gentle and patient; the other exuberant, lively and exhibitionist, sometimes hiding the considerable depths of his character under a cloak of frivolity. His personality is the perfect symbol of an odd mix of frostiness, realism and unconventional volatility. He is full of shocks and surprises and will hardly let you know what his motives are. He doesn't trust people easily, not until he has scrutinized each and every aspect of their personality. However, once he trusts you and makes you his friend, nobody in this world can sway him against you.509274
Anwer, Yaseen
IndiaI personally feel that poem is and should be completely de-attached from the poet just like a mother giving birth to a child and after the birth the child is individual in its own right, although it will always reflect its former.3055975
Ashiedu, Jude
NigeriaAshiedu Jude is a poet, educator, film maker, philosopher, entrepreneur and writer. I love solving problems and making a difference wherever I pitch my tent. I working very hard to help schoolteachers with Edujetage a Educators Financial Empowerment EFE programme. I would rather provoke wonder in the hearts of men, than hold an empty pen. You can now call me the Ashieducator, that practices Ashieducation. #ashieducation Links to my online profile
Auffray, Regis
CanadaRegis Auffray is originally from Peace River, Alberta, Canada. His parents and all of his extended family are from Brittany, France. He is of Celtic descent. Bretons are not of "French" ancestry thus, as far as he is concerned, not French although at least one of his siblings disagrees. But he loves all nationalities and origins of people. He is convinced that "compassion" is the answer to all of this gem of a planet's problems. He admits that he just does not have a clue how to make it happen. His first language is French but he learned English when his family moved to a town 100 kilometers (60 miles) east of Vancouver, British Columbia. The first poem he can remember writing was in grade 9 in English class. It rhymed and had the proper rhythm. His English teacher thought it was good and encouraged him to continue to write. (Thank you, Mr. Stolee). Regis is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with an Education Degree majoring in French and English.19032775
Avers, Joseph
PhilippinesJoseph Avers Born in 1957 in Belgium. Real name: Jozef L. Faucompret. Caucasian. Publications (mostly under the pseudonym Joseph Avers): prose and poetry in literary magazines (Creare, Yang)and anthologies between 1977 and 1983; afterwards a long interval of non literary activity. In 2007 I moved permanently to the Philippines. From 2012 on again hundreds of publications of prose and poetry in various magazines, anthologies (19th & 20th Poetry Contest C.C. Boontje, Contemporary Poetry Digest) and literary websites in Belgium (,, Holland (, and USA (, Awards: 1st place in prose contest 2012 (, 3th place in a prose contest 2012 (, 89 awards (2013 -) in poetry contests on (8 x gold, 14 x silver, 15 x bronze, 52 honorable mentions).67020917
Ayers, Frances
USAI am a 55 year old poet and live in New York City.I started writing 12 years ago,in my early forties.My poetry has been published in a number of anthologies.I have also been published online,and in a journal entitled,FM.Over fifty of my poems are on this site,some of which have been two star finalists.My poem,"Of Winter Born",received three stars.I hope to someday publish a book of my poems and am starting to write short stories.Previously,I worked as a Social Worker with abused and neglected children and their families.In my spare time,I enjoy going to the movies,flea markets and eating out.100078138
Balam, Osmer
BelizeA good poem is a written thought that is able to capture you, to move you with its rhythm from the first word to the last, if it speaks to your soul, then that poem has been born.1380254497
Balunan, Lord
Philippinesa neutral and simple person who believes that "he that enjoys the necessaries of life, has nothing more to wish for."201231
bandyopadhyay, Sonali
India 18010266
Banerjee, Uddalak
India"Life begins and ends often together, naked were we or a bag of leather, school,college,masters all add feather, but all that remains is poetry for faceless leisure." I was born in the side of ganges of a bankers family but had no interest in ledger but forever in leisure. Got a 99%ile score to add a engineering feather with color of in Computer science derived from the trunk of NIT Raipur and another of PGDHRM feather in Human Resources from the trunk of XLRI Jamshedpur born out of leisure of securing 99%ile score in CAT and 96 odd percentile in XAT. You can find me in voices stored here and in literary lounges .The day i die it will remain forever for people with leisure searching for sound in the woods.14018773
Bano, Nikhat
IndiaDr. Nikhat Bano is an ESP (English for Specific Purposes) instructor and researcher. Apart from teaching and research, she loves to write poems based on the themes of love, romance and spiritualism. so far she has published a poetry book by the name of 'Sonorous Words'. Her second poetry book, which is a collection of quatrains and micro-poems, is in the last phase of compilation. She is also trying her hands in short story writing.1402263
Barrett, Marianna
USAWriting in my way to vent. I feel free through my words and I love the power that words have. If i impact just one person in my lifetime with a poem, I will be more than satisfied. 505139
Barter, Denis
CanadaLong retired from my landscape gardening business - over 30 years -, I have been composing mainly rhymed poetry as a hobby. This after a sabbatical of some forty years! A pleasure much enjoyed, when winter prevents me from working in my two acre garden, which is my primary love! Have my own web site - needs updating - which you are welcome to visit. It will tell you far more of me and the book of poetry I had published - Poetic Musings of an Older Mind - than I can post here. If interested? Check out Hope to see you around. Denis aka Rhymer. .85144260508
Baumann, Terri
USAI am Terri Baumann, I write poems and songs mainly of my life's journeys. I have been writing journals/poems/songs since I was as young as ten years old and continue all today. I find release in my soul and able to reflect growth in reviewing from time to time. Enjoy reading my paths as I share more of me with you.21034777
bee, waydy
South AfricaI consider myself right-brain dominant and enjoy doing anything creative like writing poems, short stories and plays. I also enjoy acting. I'm looking forward to being an actress/writer/director/producer/comedian. I'm also constantly trying to maintain a healthy level of insanity =) Follow me on twitter @waydybee502735
Beg, Maria
IndiaHi there! I am an amateur writer from a small town wanting to share some of her oeuvre. Constructive criticism is much appreciated.01398
Beldar, Tejesh
IndiaMr. Beldar Tejesh Dnyaneshwar is working as Assistant Professor in Late B R D Arts and Commerce Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nashik Road (MS, India). However, he has previously contributed as Project Coordinator for EDUSAT supported virtual learning programmes at Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik and as Coordinator for various UG and PG Programmes of North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon in Distance Mode. He possesses M.A. in English, B.Ed, M.Phil degrees and in all Nine Years of Experience in the field of Higher Education. He has also qualified UGC NET in English. He has contributed as a Course Writer and Sub-editor for the Self Learning Material (FYBA: Compulsory and Optional English) of North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. He has written several columns/articles for the Nashik Times (TOI) and Deshdoot Times. He likes to read and write on current issues in language and participating in literacy campaigns for underprivileged. He has designed and conducted courses.20618
Belk, Anthony
USAMy names Anthony, I've always loved writing poetry. Its always been an outlet of sorts for me, to vent my emotions and anger in a way where I don't end up in jail for assault and battery. I've been writing for about 11 years. I lost most of my collection somewhere along the road, and now I'm just starting over. I hope you enjoy my writing. Most of my poems (not all) are very dark, gloomy and macabre. I don't know how to write "happy" things, and don't really want too.702950
Bell, David
CanadaA Poet's Life A poet’s life is the paint box from which he chooses the basic colours of that experience and his perception becomes the palette upon which he blends together both the harshness and softness of that experience. His skilful pen becomes the brush that thoughtfully blends into a flowing portrayal of pastel and vivid colour, that emotion upon his waiting canvas. 13020098
Belt, Larry
USAI've been writing songs for thirty years, and poetry for only two. But once I started writing I got hooked. I just hope maybe something I write can lift someone's spirit when they're feeling down or brighten their day. Thanks to all those who have commented on my poetry it means more than you know.....Larry 3640162680
Berachester, Chadley
AustraliaHi everyone my name is Chad and I have been writing since I was 16. I have not had any real training or study in the field of poetry or literature for that matter. I love the natural world. I love words that are old. And what I mean by old, is words we would have used when we were cave men(obviously not in english): Bone and stone, snow and cold, ash and dust, tree and leaf, wolf and darkness, crow and feather... I am always adventuring out into nature, and I try to use poetry to capture meaningful moments I've experienced with wild animals, ancient areas and imagination constructs of what once was. I try to write poetry to some of my wildlife photography pieces. This is the link to my wildlife photography: One last note: the poems at the top are my old ones when I was younger. The new ones are at the bottom. 42145111
Berhane, Fasika
East Africa 000
Bisht, Rahul amateur poet.. poetry-not a hobby...tis nt alwaz tht i write poems bt if i feel lyk,i could even come up with a couple in just a day.. not a big thng in this poetry business..just a "lil kid" who just loves to write...for friends,for my gurl and if my head really forces me to!303156
Biswas, Mobani
IndiaA simple girl who likes to read novels & books, people can call me a nerd but that's my escape route. Writing poems is a hobby where the emotions that I feel can easily be penned.801432919
Black, Christopher
USAHello, the names Chris, i would love to become a famous writer, and i try really hard.7010369
Bonifacio, Mia
USA 10706
Boor, Jorn
South Africa
Brayton, Douglas
USADouglas R Brayton II American Writer Poet Satirist Empath Creator of CNN CHAOSNEWSNETWORK Satire Humor Sarcasm Ridicule Political satire Poetry and Wit40159