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Poem Audio Clips:

Send us your favorite poem in an audio file and we will make it available here for all site visitors to listen to.

We charge a "per poem" fee of $ 24.00 per year which is merely $2.00 per month.

You can pay via (1) credit card online using PayPal, (2) credit card via fax, (3) credit card via mail, (4) check or money order via mail.


Poet Name Poem Title Click Arrows to Play
Catherine "Desert Rose" Money
Nature's Baubles




Send us an audio clip of your favorite poem and we will make it available on this page for all of our visitors to listen too.

The main thing that we have that writers get enjoyment from is other people being affected by their poetry. Previously on our site, one could only affect others through the eyes ... but now that has changed ... now you can actually read your poetry to people from all around the world who come to our site.


If you have any additional questions about this service, please send an email to VoicesNet Poem Audio Clips