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Top Poems from VoicesNet's Poetry Competition - Ordered by Score

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Poem TitleAuthorViewsLast Response
FIRE!Jack Trew, Zimbabwe25901/19/2019 12:22:40 AM
WILD WEST WODEOJeff Leslie, USA25031/20/2019 2:46:05 AM
STANZAS TO A.S.Gabriel Schivone, USA10891/10/2019 4:20:45 AM
THE BATTLE OF TOWTONJoseph Bednall, UK48251/19/2019 12:49:07 PM
FALLGeoffrey Hoffman, UK40341/18/2019 8:59:19 AM
SONG FOR MY DAUGHTERSCathy O'rourke grousset, France66121/19/2019 3:07:26 PM
SOME THOUGHTS ABOUT JESUSRangorath , India9831/14/2019 3:20:40 AM
MY HEAVENLY BLESSINGSJeff Leslie, USA10941/17/2019 4:45:43 AM
I CAN-BUT CANNOTNora Hetrick, USA26261/19/2019 3:40:35 PM
ABOUT LIFETracey Newson, Canada10911/12/2019 9:31:21 AM
RESTORE, PRESERVE AFRICAHilda Poo, South Africa20441/11/2019 9:27:12 AM
MY BODY IS A BATTLEFIELDRose andrea Milaor, Philippines20571/14/2019 4:33:56 PM
MOMCharles Jbeily, Lebanon31561/19/2019 6:00:30 AM
THE UNICORN AND THE TIGERJacqueline Piech, USA14701/13/2019 3:20:17 AM
TALESAbdul Ali, Singapore18361/16/2019 8:32:53 PM
THE STORY OF AN ETERNAL LOVE TRIANGLENeh Rathi, India20761/17/2019 8:35:46 PM
NURSEErin Ferri, USA14071/10/2019 9:33:05 AM
MY NEPAL, QUO VADIS? (SATIS SHROFF, FREIBURG)Satis Shroff, Germany25591/12/2019 10:26:03 PM
DEEP BLUE SEAAdrienne Jenkins, USA36611/18/2019 5:27:27 AM
...OF THE WORLD...Hilda Poo, South Africa26361/10/2019 4:20:49 AM
BORN TO ME THIS CHRISTMAS DAYChristine Wessels, USA8101/10/2019 5:24:54 PM
MOM,DON'T GOSubhronath Mukherjee, India12011/19/2019 5:48:10 PM
THE MANY FACES OF ALTHALIUS BLACKChristopher Greenwood, UK9881/16/2019 10:48:00 PM
THE LONG ROAD TO SUMMERGeoffrey Hoffman, UK14251/13/2019 4:49:53 AM
QUESTIONSGeoffrey Hoffman, UK11241/15/2019 5:12:55 PM
MY LIBRARYElaine Christie, UK12141/10/2019 4:20:51 AM
DROP THE WEAPONSShahida Latif, Pakistan10551/19/2019 6:49:11 AM
DIVORCE: WHAT MY MOTHER SAIDJohn Butler, Ireland9421/18/2019 11:55:19 AM
SUNSET BEAUTIFUL........BY CAROLYN DERVISHCarolyn Dervish, Australia32311/18/2019 10:47:39 PM
I HAVE MOVEDOlusola , Nigeria39251/19/2019 9:51:48 AM
THE LAWS OF NATURETimothy Lambert, Canada12711/19/2019 8:10:39 PM
THE CHISELJeff Leslie, USA13621/15/2019 9:10:22 PM
HIS LOSSNadia Lelutiu, USA8471/10/2019 4:20:54 AM
MEChris Jon, China10001/10/2019 4:20:54 AM
LOVE SPELLMazher Rasheed, Pakistan13211/20/2019 3:39:56 AM
ON A FULL MOONNadia Lelutiu, USA9161/17/2019 10:23:23 PM
CAROLINAConnie Stillinger, USA8131/10/2019 4:20:55 AM
EBB AND FLOWAndrew James, UK15241/20/2019 1:54:56 AM
NIGHTJoseph Gatt, Malta14701/18/2019 9:25:57 AM
THE GARDENS OF OUR MINDDavid Bell, Canada17701/15/2019 5:07:44 AM
O'SWEET CHILD OF MINECathy Tocket, USA12661/19/2019 5:38:15 PM
MOUNTAIN DREAMDeanna Dilley, USA12801/18/2019 8:04:56 AM
HOMELANDJolanta Gradowicz, Poland30491/19/2019 10:22:50 AM
AN ADEQUATE VOCAL GESTUREChristine Wessels, USA10681/10/2019 4:20:57 AM
AUTUMNStacy Stiles, USA19141/19/2019 1:49:53 AM
GLORIFIED PERSONAStacy Stiles, USA8231/14/2019 9:33:08 AM
IT WAS YOUR GRACEJeff Leslie, USA9821/17/2019 7:45:51 AM
A GIRL THAT WON'T BE FORGOTTENHeather Phillips, USA14871/18/2019 8:34:55 AM
THE PHOENIXSania Zehra, India12051/10/2019 4:20:59 AM
ELSIEAmber Pierce, USA9691/10/2019 4:20:59 AM
... BUT NOT FORGEOTTENTanja Cilia, Malta17161/17/2019 8:56:32 AM
A TREE.Lyn Robinson, Australia9151/16/2019 7:43:56 PM
A KISS OF RAINVikrant Sharma, India26101/18/2019 8:11:07 PM
SOMETIMES THE WIND WHISPERSJean Stevens, USA14101/19/2019 10:47:16 PM
A GROWING BEAUTYBen "", USA8921/31/2012 6:52:41 PM
JUST LIFEDylan Bosman, South Africa14421/12/2019 8:37:36 PM
TOWARDS GREENER PASTURESIndra Srinivasan, India12131/10/2019 4:21:01 AM
RAINJasmine Aherne, UK8251/13/2019 6:34:20 AM
UNTITLEDCharles Jbeily, Lebanon29491/20/2019 3:23:03 AM
EVER KNOWINGBuddy Mcdonald, USA8821/18/2019 2:00:32 AM
BECAUSE OF YOUJohn Tucker, 20621/10/2019 4:21:02 AM
MOTHER'S DAYJean Samson, Canada24001/15/2019 1:00:17 PM
LAND OF CONTRASTSElre Van zyl, South Africa11341/16/2019 2:40:58 PM
“THE BROKEN VASE”JN Cerulean, Philippines27901/18/2019 11:25:14 AM
WOODLAWN CEMETERYJoe Frey, USA23891/10/2019 4:21:03 AM
A WORTHY GOALRobert Browne, USA15771/12/2019 8:08:59 PM
HAUNTEDMary Saxe, USA15821/19/2019 9:23:04 AM
MY PRAYERJennifer Mcconnell, USA7601/13/2019 3:53:14 AM
ADRIFTBaiju Thuruthel, India10151/18/2019 6:33:57 PM
SHIP OF FOOLSChristine Wessels, USA10371/20/2019 1:54:40 AM
AUTHORS’ ADVANTAGEOUS ALTERNATIVESSivakumary Ramanathupillai, Sri Lanka50401/14/2019 2:40:36 PM
THE ABSENT DADLisa Macmaster, Canada148331/19/2019 11:01:07 AM
I CRYJakquelynne Jackson, 13022/2/2012 4:40:19 AM
HADRIAN'S WALLRuthannah Wang, Singapore47181/10/2019 6:09:50 AM
A MOMENT IN TIMECaitlin Weeks, Australia10171/15/2019 11:41:53 AM
MYSTIC DESIRES: JINGLES OF HEARTSania Zehra, India13541/10/2019 4:21:07 AM
LOVE AGAINDonna Mullings, Jamaica17911/15/2019 11:20:35 PM
DEPTH OF THE HEARTCharlotte Hopkins, USA8921/10/2019 4:21:08 AM
REALITYChelsea Hoelz, USA9641/18/2019 9:03:27 AM
ON YOUR OWNLisa Macmaster, Canada12321/18/2019 8:58:31 PM
AGAIN I MEET MY FAILURERaghwendra Rai, India15091/19/2019 2:35:18 AM
THE NEPALESE REALITY (SATIS SHROFF, FREIBURG)Satis Shroff, Germany17421/19/2019 6:18:06 AM
STILL...Robert Parker, South Africa8791/10/2019 4:21:07 AM
CHECKBrian O'Neill, N. Ireland19201/19/2019 11:54:14 PM
MISUNDERSTANDINGNatasha Shepherd, Canada36851/17/2019 8:58:48 AM
ANGEL OF DARKNESSTyler Bohne, USA20301/11/2019 7:39:39 PM
YONDER VALLEYDaniel Larson, Barbados13841/14/2019 1:50:02 PM
LEAVESLee Emmett, Australia117701/17/2019 5:45:29 AM
FULL CIRCLETasveer Maharaj, South Africa13781/19/2019 6:25:09 PM
JONATHAN MATTHEW KUENTZNora Hetrick, USA15051/19/2019 10:28:48 AM
FALLING OUT OF LOVERose Freeman, South Africa10261/10/2019 4:21:13 AM
A TRAFFIC BALLETEllen Androshuk, USA12631/13/2019 3:47:31 AM
HEARTS ENTWINEDJames Gowan, Canada23131/16/2019 8:53:35 AM
THE DIETER'S LAMENTMyrna Lambert, USA64421/19/2019 7:06:17 PM
DESERTEDNESS GROANSShahida Latif, Pakistan8021/17/2019 2:22:04 AM
MUSINGSTasveer Maharaj, South Africa10801/18/2019 4:27:26 AM
OLD TIMES GONEDaniel Larson, Barbados18501/19/2019 9:04:46 AM
SPRAWLPeter Fernbach, USA9691/10/2019 4:21:15 AM
PERFECT MANDianna Toomey, USA24001/14/2019 7:08:40 AM
SLIPPING AWAYOnai Zvandinoona, Zimbabwe12531/13/2019 2:20:06 PM
TURN TO GREYAlec Phillips, USA10121/15/2019 5:30:27 AM
SOFT SIDE OF MEJames Barry, USA14271/10/2019 4:21:16 AM
ETHEREAL RAINWendy Li, USA8131/17/2019 8:32:07 PM
MAVERICK FLETCHERMikal Colton, Canada7081/18/2019 3:42:35 AM
THE MUSIC CONCERTHimanshu Singla, India8401/19/2019 4:52:14 PM
PERMANENT PLACEMENTSivakumary Ramanathupillai, Sri Lanka47701/10/2019 7:29:54 AM
NOW WHEN YOU ARE NOWHERE NEARRama Vedula, India11301/18/2019 4:04:40 PM
STRANGER IN MY BEDStacy Stiles, USA15361/10/2019 4:21:19 AM
MY REFLECTIONDonna Volz, USA10741/11/2019 9:05:08 PM
THE WORLDS GIFTAllen Steble, Australia8371/17/2019 11:07:02 AM
AN EMPTY ROOMArya Yuyutsu, India41411/17/2019 9:32:42 PM
THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOUMary ann Miranda, Philippines8241/11/2019 8:55:33 AM
IF EVERYTIME...Robert Horton, Canada8841/10/2019 8:25:37 PM
LOSTPushpalata Venugopalan, India17071/11/2019 9:10:17 AM
MY HEART WILL ALWAYS STAYLisa Macmaster, Canada21061/18/2019 8:58:29 PM
TONIGHTBrian Kamara, Kenya12111/16/2019 1:50:43 AM
LOVERS AND FRIENDSCleora Comer, 10241/19/2019 1:23:27 AM
THE ENCOURAGERKristine Trudeau, USA27961/20/2019 4:36:02 AM
MINNESOTATomislav Nurnberger, Croatia10271/20/2019 4:54:52 AM
MOTHER EARTHEllen Lima, USA21041/14/2019 12:03:34 AM
TOUCHHelen Zarocostas, Australia14531/18/2019 9:01:15 AM
MICHAELStacy Stiles, USA14261/12/2019 7:35:03 PM
THE SILKEN LADY DRESSAlyssa Bell, USA8071/20/2019 5:15:26 AM
DEAD CRIMESMorgan Hautala, USA9801/15/2019 6:40:48 AM
UPPER BOUNDARYPetya Ivanova, Bulgaria12001/19/2019 8:56:47 PM
ON MY DREAMAnthony Mabuza, South Africa11571/19/2019 3:15:19 PM
ODE TO A POETVeena Khurana, India23031/17/2019 9:44:59 PM
MOURNING.Terry Collett, UK9241/15/2019 4:51:55 PM
BEAUTY UNVEILEDDanni Hines, USA9881/16/2019 7:22:05 PM
THE LAST KISSMary Shovlin, Scotland17201/15/2019 1:33:01 PM
JESSE'S CRYJennifer Mcconnell, USA7301/19/2019 4:39:45 AM
THE FINAL BEATDavid Bell, Canada13181/15/2019 5:07:48 AM
THE KICTHENLia Parisyan, N/A28631/20/2019 12:28:04 AM
A MEDAL OF VALORMyrna Lambert, USA36061/19/2019 7:06:27 PM
TELL ME MY LOVEJarmila Gajdová, Czech Republic21541/19/2019 4:15:55 AM
NATURECoral Sawatzky, Canada11191/10/2019 4:21:26 AM
LOOK AT MECathy Money, USA22591/19/2019 1:58:01 AM
MY OTHER LIFEBeatrice Boyle, USA17641/11/2019 5:30:20 PM
GRANDPARENTS ARE SPECIALNora Hetrick, USA54191/17/2019 5:39:53 PM
FOREVER CHANGING ( PANTOUM POEM )Nora Hetrick, USA21951/19/2019 10:28:46 AM
ZENITH OF TRUTHRadcliffe Rock, Canada8141/10/2019 4:21:27 AM
WANDERING HEARTAlina dora Toma, 14221/19/2019 8:27:42 PM
FALLING LOVEDianna Toomey, USA12821/10/2019 4:21:28 AM
NIGHTLY ESCAPE.Lyn Robinson, Australia7801/19/2019 7:47:38 AM
I AMMiss Kay, India12611/14/2019 9:14:57 AM
MY PUZZLEAshley Campos, USA8661/19/2019 11:04:26 AM
BRING THE RAINSean Howland, USA9841/18/2019 6:01:14 AM
A SOLITARY FATEMonique Vaughan, USA9211/13/2019 6:22:59 AM
MY LOVE ONLY FOR YOUStanley Mungai, Kenya10641/10/2019 4:21:29 AM
TRUSTING IN HIMLisa Nelson, USA7441/19/2019 7:19:24 AM
IS THERE ANYTHING MORE PRECIOUSCarrie Flewelling, Canada11091/17/2019 1:02:59 PM
UNTITLEDNiharika Singh, India8141/10/2019 4:21:29 AM
FRIENDSHIPLisa Macmaster, Canada14491/18/2019 8:58:25 PM
TURNING 21Lisa Macmaster, Canada536621/19/2019 10:55:21 PM
THE SOLDIERS ONCEJessica Coles, 5051/28/2012 4:41:56 AM
MOTHERJames Loggins, USA12611/16/2019 12:33:39 AM
THE TEACHERErin Monaghan, USA32771/10/2019 4:21:31 AM
MY ROSEMari Clere, USA11211/19/2019 11:50:19 AM
TODAY I WALKEDSuzanne Uzzell, USA9061/19/2019 6:24:34 AM
PRE-DRAWN SKETCHMadeleine Thornton-smith, Australia9751/19/2019 9:16:49 AM
A CHRISTIAN PAINTERJessica Hendel, USA10031/12/2019 4:37:26 AM
UNFADED MEMORYAbiola Adubi, Nigeria9821/10/2019 4:21:33 AM
IN SEARCH OF LIVINGBurraq , Canada8251/10/2019 4:21:32 AM
APIS MELLIFERAJoshua Macneal-young, USA16221/10/2019 4:21:33 AM
A FINAL SAVIOURAmy Griffin, UK8781/19/2019 4:11:27 PM
RAW GRACEMarissa Vaysman, USA11751/10/2019 4:21:33 AM
YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONEVijay Raman, India300331/13/2019 9:04:07 AM
BIG BROWN EYESStacy Stiles, USA35691/19/2019 1:50:01 AM
STUDENT DAYS LONG GONE BUT FONDLY REMEMBEREDLaura Cavanagh, Ireland14841/14/2019 2:16:13 PM
FEARJacqueline Thomas, USA12481/18/2019 4:50:36 AM
AN ADVENTUREMelanie Pering, USA21641/20/2019 3:15:45 AM
HELL BY ANY NAMEJoseph Bednall, UK24241/18/2019 2:48:24 AM
I USED TODanny Gardner, USA18791/12/2019 10:49:24 AM
DEADBORNRoheet Rao, India12331/19/2019 4:18:36 AM
YOUR ANGELKayleigh Taylor, UK15641/19/2019 6:19:28 PM
THE MOON AND THE COYOTEKristi Wilson, USA7131/14/2019 10:41:20 PM
LOST AT SEA.Rowland , UK7461/17/2019 6:19:32 AM
SUMMER SHOWERBeatrice Boyle, USA447551/16/2019 3:33:59 AM
LIFETasveer Maharaj, South Africa21751/12/2019 8:22:14 AM
BLINKCathy Money, USA11121/16/2019 7:13:35 AM
HELLO AGAINCathy Money, USA9001/10/2019 4:21:37 AM
THE ECHO OF YOUBrenda Garacci, USA14231/14/2019 8:44:56 AM
LOST KISS.Terry Collett, UK8181/10/2019 4:21:38 AM
THE YOU CAMEDylan Bosman, South Africa8961/14/2019 10:51:05 PM
LOSTSinead Tynan, Ireland9201/15/2019 5:08:01 AM
THE LAST WORDS SPOKENJohn Cornwall, UK8131/10/2019 9:03:34 AM
THE PASTNoel Foster, USA8131/10/2019 4:21:41 AM
TWO BECOMES ONEChikwendu Chidinma, Nigeria8751/18/2019 1:41:07 PM
CHANGEAlison Bryett, Australia8671/10/2019 4:21:41 AM
WHAT MAKES A MAN?David Bell, Canada45061/18/2019 2:36:13 AM
THE LIGHTEllen Androshuk, USA33131/19/2019 4:11:29 PM
CYCLE OF LOVEJennifer Mcconnell, USA8921/19/2019 5:46:35 PM
SHE SITS IN THE RAINGideon Cecil, Guyana34641/19/2019 9:27:45 PM
WAITING FOR MY MUSEMichael Donnelly, USA9791/18/2019 12:23:22 AM
THE VOWChikwendu Chidinma, Nigeria8691/19/2019 5:26:07 PM
THE GREATEST OF ALLMatthew Salami, Nigeria10651/11/2019 3:03:46 PM
TEASING TESTING TORMENTSue Percival, UK12841/10/2019 9:51:45 PM
LOVESONGSinead Tynan, Ireland9511/15/2019 5:07:59 AM
THE RAPTURELeonard Darling, USA19791/11/2019 4:02:27 PM
HEADLINESBrenda Garacci, USA14321/18/2019 8:21:04 PM
JOYCE WEDS MORRISMorris Kimuli, Kenya17741/19/2019 2:03:17 PM
MAZE OF LIFECatherine Ward, USA12241/18/2019 3:39:29 AM
REFLECTIONLeandra Ezell, USA11381/17/2019 8:27:08 AM
TRUST AND DECEITRoderick Jones, USA11231/20/2019 4:13:28 AM
INNOCENCEKrissi Amicarella, USA11511/18/2019 3:33:51 AM
GLORIOUS YOUTHJoseph Bednall, UK15241/18/2019 4:30:17 PM
STREETS OF INSANITYRobert Miller, USA9501/17/2019 5:09:58 PM
DESPITE MY HATREDCharles Jbeily, Lebanon19341/18/2019 1:56:07 AM
OR..Muhammad Nasir, Pakistan11041/15/2019 10:29:14 PM
SUMMER DOWNUNDERDaniel Larson, Barbados14441/18/2019 3:00:48 PM
REMEDIES OF DECEITStacy Stiles, USA11041/14/2019 5:07:27 AM
HEROStacy Stiles, USA10161/15/2019 12:27:32 PM
JUDASRichard Johnson, USA20541/8/2019 5:49:36 AM
SUNDAY CHRISTIANSCelia Bellamy, UK11611/14/2019 1:03:29 PM
ECHO'S OF THE WORLDSharon Rowat, Canada7691/8/2019 7:33:00 AM
DIGITAL LETTERNirmal Augastaya, India8711/17/2019 9:11:32 PM
UPLIFTINGPatrinica Davis, Bahamas11711/19/2019 10:51:36 AM
INTERNETHimanshu Singla, India9821/8/2019 5:52:40 AM
BEAUTY ROBED IN ROYALTYChika Okoronkwo, Nigeria9041/8/2019 5:52:48 AM
LABORATORYViktar Licvinau, USA7931/12/2019 4:01:50 PM
TOUCHEDDavid Gilbert, Australia10731/12/2019 8:31:19 AM
IT IS WHAT IT ISCasey Evans, USA8111/15/2019 4:32:28 AM
BECUASE OF YOUTony Lundstrom, USA7261/9/2019 3:06:48 AM
I LOOKED IN YOUR EYESAndrew Lynch, UK13401/15/2019 2:44:57 AM
FOLDKayla Gilbert, USA8301/19/2019 9:04:58 AM
TO BE HEARDCassandra Campbell, USA17831/18/2019 6:32:21 PM
FORGOTTEN FRIENDSHIPMaya Nikolova, Bulgaria19021/8/2019 5:56:02 AM
IN THE BLINK OF AN EYEBeverly Meadows, USA20041/19/2019 10:37:39 AM
ASH'LEE MARIE 4 THIS IS MEAsh,lee Callbrease, USA8181/20/2019 3:15:03 AM
MY FRIEND HERMITTim Baker, USA10381/8/2019 5:56:18 AM
I'M FREEMary Hayes, USA15131/8/2019 5:59:31 AM
THE LETTERHelen Hickey, UK10941/18/2019 1:50:08 PM
THE TRUMPET OF ANGELSAngela Wilson, USA9851/16/2019 12:48:22 PM
RENEW ME...Carrie Leverett, USA13121/11/2019 12:58:21 AM
A TRIBUTE TO WARKanan Rathi, India10981/13/2019 5:01:35 PM
MY BOYSCasey Kenny, USA13321/12/2019 10:42:34 PM
BACCHANAL DANCING DAYSKris Banushi, USA7891/18/2019 8:53:33 AM
MY QUEENChijioke Ubani, Nigeria10441/8/2019 6:02:01 AM
HAND TO HAND 2001Terri Baumann, USA11501/10/2019 11:34:49 AM
THE ONLY THING I CAN DO IS WRITE THIS………Marinela Reka, UK119611/19/2019 3:24:28 PM
TEARSMadeleine Thornton-smith, Australia17681/13/2019 1:15:27 PM
THE AWAKENINGAbduljalal Abubakar, Nigeria8081/8/2019 6:05:10 AM
THE OLD MAN'S GARDENMichelle Spond, USA17081/19/2019 3:19:36 PM
THE FAITHFULC.r.jacob , India7841/10/2019 11:27:28 AM
MY FIRST SHAVEKatyayan Pandey, India27301/14/2019 7:00:51 PM
SAXON THE WONDER DOGWendy Lane, UK14411/20/2019 12:32:02 AM
PENNicole Morin, Canada13231/16/2019 7:46:00 AM
THAT MYSTERIOUS POWERHimanshu Singla, India8021/8/2019 5:52:36 AM
NONE AT ALLDaron Rodriguez, USA10171/17/2019 12:30:58 PM
COINCIDENTAL FRIENDSHIPStacy Stiles, USA14391/19/2019 1:49:50 AM
LATE NIGHTSean Howland, USA8461/8/2019 5:47:46 AM
GENERAL STORERebecca Moyers, USA35551/20/2019 2:12:50 AM
WHERE'S MY DADDYLinda Chew, USA37891/18/2019 6:20:35 AM
LETS TALK ABOUT SCHOO VIOLENCEMary Hayes, USA10521/18/2019 7:06:45 AM
CATCHING SHINERSMaralee Gerke, USA13121/15/2019 8:09:58 PM
BENEATH THE SNOWJonathan Bellmann, USA7361/16/2019 3:08:53 PM
TIMELESS MOMENTFalon Harris, South Africa12641/12/2019 2:10:16 AM
WITHOUT YOU..Fatima Malek, 46381/14/2019 5:35:23 AM
BOHEMIAN NIGHTWilliam Milligan, UK10361/17/2019 8:07:04 PM
NIGHTRuzica Matic, Serbia8931/14/2019 9:25:09 AM
LYDIA ( DEDICATED TO MY SECOND YOUNGEST)Paulette Stewart, New Zealand11821/18/2019 11:52:20 AM
TIME TO BUTTON UPCathy Money, USA8701/19/2019 4:12:25 PM
A NEW LIFECoral Sawatzky, Canada8631/17/2019 3:19:42 AM
HAMELNEwan Lawrie, Spain14821/13/2019 6:01:28 AM
AT EVENGLOWNoel Foster, USA9641/19/2019 3:22:24 AM
REINCARNATION OF UNCLE MOSIEMyrna Lambert, USA23451/19/2019 7:05:55 PM
WOLVESDawn Buckendahl, USA11061/13/2019 11:48:41 PM
WINTER'S SYMPHONYRegis Auffray, Canada32841/18/2019 8:37:12 PM
I WAS MADE AFRICANNdukwe Ogba, Nigeria9761/15/2019 2:50:40 PM
HALLOWED BE THY NAMEDarryn Murphy, New Zealand18741/20/2019 6:37:22 AM
THE LAST SONG OF CLEOPATRAGerardo Genio, Philippines10036/16/2013 7:15:36 PM
AFTERSHOCKLia Parisyan, N/A22011/8/2019 5:52:06 AM
THE MORE POWERFULGerardo Genio, Philippines9236/18/2013 3:04:22 AM
TODAY I LIT A CANDLEMary Saxe, USA10311/19/2019 5:02:08 PM
PLANT A FLOWER FOR MEMary Saxe, USA8371/20/2019 3:24:37 AM
CONNECTEDMary Saxe, USA9501/19/2019 5:16:07 PM
TODAYCatherine Susla, USA8611/13/2019 3:45:48 PM
MY ONLY LOVE, VERONICAGennadiy Faybyshenko, USA69341/19/2019 5:37:30 AM
A HEART CAN'T LET GOKathleen Galajda, USA8641/8/2019 6:01:58 AM
THE OLD MAN IN THE CANYONMuhammad Shanazar, Pakistan14921/16/2019 7:06:27 AM
A THOUSAND YEARS OF HISTORYDavid Bell, Canada11991/18/2019 12:06:36 AM
GRAY EYESKelly Weber, USA14471/18/2019 10:57:22 PM
MORNING IN NEW YORKDan Danila, Germany11791/8/2019 5:43:44 AM
WEBJacqueline Piech, USA9981/18/2019 4:52:23 AM
LITTLE DEVOTIONSCathy Money, USA10531/20/2019 1:20:52 AM
THE SECRET KISSSonila Reka, UK177851/14/2019 2:47:55 PM
SHADES OF DOUBTBrenda Garacci, USA16191/8/2019 5:46:21 AM
LIFE A MIRACLEZile Batool, Pakistan11591/8/2019 5:47:12 AM
EVERYWHERELee Emmett, Australia11521/8/2019 6:05:16 AM
LOOK AT ME...Carol Olejnik, USA13861/20/2019 5:39:32 AM
THE CAN'T MISS KIDMark Rumsey, USA99571/20/2019 2:25:26 AM
MOTHERKen Fitzgibbons, USA35531/17/2019 9:44:30 PM
MY LAST WISH!!!Saravana S, India13841/17/2019 8:46:00 AM
FOREVER A FLAMEPaulette Lanasse, USA9381/8/2019 5:56:05 AM
FLAME OF LIFEChristine Wessels, USA8521/17/2019 6:54:21 AM
A ROSEWilliam Lacewell, USA15651/15/2019 11:44:30 PM
TOMORROWCatherine Grainger, USA10531/8/2019 6:03:58 AM
THE DRINKCarla Cox, USA8261/12/2019 9:03:55 PM
SONG OF SUCCESPriyankita Kar, India11291/8/2019 6:07:31 AM
"THOUGHTS OF YOU"Robert Paul, Canada8571/13/2019 6:13:33 PM
LIFE'S JOURNEYCelia Bellamy, UK11541/18/2019 8:45:28 AM
ASHESJonathon Richter, USA94421/19/2019 4:25:21 PM
LOOK AGAINDestiny Privott, USA8591/18/2019 4:10:26 AM
A WHOLE NEW MAGICLindsey England, UK7851/20/2019 3:36:15 AM
TWO HEARTS BEATINGMichelle Guza, USA15941/20/2019 6:27:41 AM
WHAT'S LOVELauren Bennett, Australia9041/8/2019 5:52:56 AM
I DON'T HAVE A TOPICConnor Hopkins, USA8951/18/2019 3:58:29 AM
DARIANRobin Weese, USA12361/12/2019 7:34:31 PM
SPRINGAbigail Mullis, USA11491/18/2019 6:55:58 AM
MYSTICAL GARDENCheryl Mcfadyen, Canada11211/18/2019 6:10:56 PM
NOLLE BELLUMAdegboyega Ogunwale, Nigeria8941/19/2019 6:24:09 AM
THE KISS THAT GOT AWAYKourtney Shaw, USA11411/15/2019 8:25:26 AM
THE TRINITYDeepak Pillai, UK12371/13/2019 10:07:23 AM
BELIEVE MEBrian Kamara, Kenya17601/15/2019 11:31:33 PM
WED Braddock, USA8331/8/2019 6:00:44 AM
COME RAIN!Pushpalata Venugopalan, India17791/15/2019 10:19:25 PM
UNNAMEDAram Stefanian, Netherlands11201/16/2019 1:54:58 PM
ODE TO THE LAST POEM I WROTEPeter Alston, UK8531/8/2019 6:05:18 AM
A FATHER’S CRYRandall jr. Spivey, USA9781/18/2019 1:09:16 AM
LAS VEGAS LOVEPaul Ainsworth, UK14931/14/2019 2:34:32 AM
MYSTICAL GARDENCheryl Mcfadyen, Canada11211/18/2019 6:10:56 PM
BLACK TEARSRachel Buckner, USA22491/10/2019 12:16:58 PM
ETERNAL LIGHTNicola Wimsett, UK30671/20/2019 4:47:41 AM
POETRYMysore ramarao Satish, India11941/19/2019 11:57:00 AM
REALIZATIONShilpa Reddy, India7951/14/2019 8:43:15 AM
WHILE IT LASTEDSangeetha Narayan, India38781/18/2019 5:03:46 PM
SECRET OF THE NIGHTShienna Alcantara, Philippines7591/9/2019 1:54:49 PM
WE SPEND OUR LIVESBriana O'connor, USA9661/13/2019 6:55:23 AM
I AM THE PACIFICAbhishek Bundela, India19191/20/2019 12:13:03 AM
THIS BLEEDING ROSEAshley Achauer-tift, USA8331/13/2019 6:27:34 AM
MY ADORABLE ROSE - OGECHI AHAOMEChijioke Ubani, Nigeria6521/13/2019 4:02:08 PM
AN UNCONTESTABLE BEAUTYDowell Oba, Nigeria13841/16/2019 8:07:21 PM
THE ARMAGEDDONStanley Dugah, Ghana8821/9/2019 4:00:25 AM
MY OCEANStephan Kielas, USA6251/14/2019 6:53:16 AM
GARAGE SAILINGJudith Poe, USA7491/16/2019 11:04:39 PM
THE WALK OF LIFEStacy Stiles, USA9331/15/2019 10:28:50 AM
A CASKET BURIED UNDER A TREEMartin Brits, South Africa8001/13/2019 4:30:48 AM
VIRTUOUS WOMANCassandra Chandler, USA28771/19/2019 5:28:19 PM
THE MISTRESS OF WOLVESSumedh Shanbhag, India5181/20/2019 5:12:39 AM
THE SAVIORBenjamin Howen, USA3371/19/2019 7:28:36 AM
IMAGINERobert Lisiecki, USA6461/8/2019 6:05:58 AM
A VALLEY OF DREAMSMartin Brits, South Africa6531/8/2019 6:06:01 AM
SUMMER OF LOVEBaury Brown, USA12821/17/2019 11:18:51 AM
THE UNBREAKABLE SILENCE!Aarcha Mahendran, India8621/16/2019 8:53:16 AM
THE PARTYMadeleine Thornton-smith, Australia5811/19/2019 12:51:42 AM
BROKEN WISDOMTasmia Tahmeed, India11271/16/2019 12:17:53 PM
GOD BLESS MY CHILDRENDonna Mullings, Jamaica16511/19/2019 3:30:05 PM







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