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Top Poems from VoicesNet's Poetry Competition - 1 STAR Finalists

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Poem TitleAuthorViewsLast Response
"UNDEFINED LOVE"Junerich Abanes, Philippines12576/12/2019 1:13:01 PM
POVERTYBada Amoo, Nigeria9365/15/2019 12:21:10 AM
FROG LEGSJacqueline Applewhite, USA7536/9/2019 1:20:49 AM
COUNTRY SHEPHERDAyolola Ayodele, Nigeria5195/24/2019 11:47:51 AM
I AM COREMaylien Barrera, Philippines8726/14/2019 2:38:50 AM
LIAR IBSENAngeliki Batsou, Greece6946/9/2019 5:08:22 AM
SUBCONSCIOUS REALITYNathan Becker, USA5656/6/2019 5:00:42 AM
UNBROKENLarry Bone, Canada4005/15/2019 4:16:56 AM
CHARM BRACELETShelby Braden, USA7076/16/2019 5:14:06 PM
A POEM FOR OUR BEAUTIFUL MUM………Jane Brown, UK5545/19/2019 5:31:11 PM
WHAT IS HOME?Sanjana Butala, India14256/16/2019 7:31:18 PM
MY FATHERBethany Chipperfield, UK4715/17/2019 3:50:48 PM
THE MOUNTAINRowan Colver, UK8966/15/2019 8:03:37 PM
STREET CHILDDale Costello, Australia18056/16/2019 4:39:05 AM
SHE HAS A HEART AND IT HURTSTara Dahal, Nepal4985/17/2019 3:50:09 PM
WHERE EVERY 'BUSH' IS 'LADEN' WITH LOVE !Hansmukh Dholakia, India4145/14/2019 4:40:21 AM
EYEWARDRyan Dieumegarde, USA5886/2/2019 7:05:00 PM
DELIQUESCENCEJamie Drilling, USA4866/13/2019 11:15:09 PM
MIDNIGHT SILENCEMonojit Dutta, India6626/13/2019 6:48:45 AM
MELODYKhadijah Eatman, USA4775/22/2019 8:17:37 AM
MOMMY AND DADDYSvanna Eisen, USA6655/27/2019 7:11:17 AM
STREET SOLDIERJerry Gallagher, USA7346/8/2019 4:45:47 PM
PLANET DAYAditya Ganjoo, India4866/3/2019 12:49:12 PM
BETWEEN TWO CLOUDSMaria Garcia Cuerva, Argentina8706/16/2019 9:02:37 AM
I AMJaishree Garg, India8405/14/2019 2:10:36 PM
THE CARNIVAL OF THE DAMNEDDaniel Green, UK6076/8/2019 6:59:54 AM
BIOLOGY BLUESGrace Guenther, USA21115/17/2019 5:41:28 AM
I'M GOING HOMERoy Hall, USA14286/4/2019 3:21:57 PM
WHO TO CHOOSELauren Howie, UK4575/17/2019 6:15:07 AM
MOTHER NATURE'S MOODSWINGS.S.zaynub Kamoonpuri, Tanzania12886/16/2019 3:54:54 AM
A SONG OF EXQUISITE HEARTSMikela Kay, USA4336/4/2019 2:22:26 AM
WINTER WITHOUT SNOWPat Kelbaugh, USA5976/14/2019 5:04:52 PM
SON OVER DAUGHTERStephy Kennady, India10835/25/2019 4:24:24 AM
MY LOVE...O MY LOVEAmanullah Khan, India7456/7/2019 3:37:47 AM
THE BIG PICTUREIsaac Kitchen-smith, UK7296/16/2019 1:16:46 AM
HAD I KNOWNLarry Larkan, USA7266/5/2019 10:32:54 PM
I’M IN HEAVENGerry Legister, UK5496/7/2019 5:46:03 PM
THE GRAVEBrenna Li, Canada4815/18/2019 8:06:56 PM
THE NIGERIA OF MY DREEAMSEbunoluwa Lijadu, Nigeria12265/22/2019 7:12:46 AM
THE LIFE OF A SOLDIERAustin Luckhardt, USA5026/13/2019 8:14:10 AM
**CELESTIAL HIERARCHY**Keith Lumbard, UK6526/7/2019 6:41:33 PM
MY BELOVED TEACHERPrincess Danu M, India40276/12/2019 5:30:08 AM
40 LONG YEARS…Bob Macchia, USA5375/17/2019 1:19:41 PM
MISFITSHope Maddox, USA6506/4/2019 1:24:50 AM
PUMPKIN PIESAris Mardirossian, USA5226/9/2019 9:34:47 AM
DAY BY DAYSammi Martin, Australia4786/14/2019 1:39:35 AM
SUNRISEDaniel Mcadams, USA4136/14/2019 7:34:34 AM
IT WAS YOU.Victoria Mills, UK9306/10/2019 2:23:45 AM
RAIN: AGAINNiharika Mishra, India4336/8/2019 5:49:38 PM
RETROSPECTGabriel Moreno, Gibraltar4175/31/2019 2:40:55 PM
MORNING MIST AND SUMMER RAINRichard Moriarty, USA15216/1/2019 2:37:09 AM
IN PURSUIT OF LOST THINGSLizzie Morley, UK5265/30/2019 7:44:50 AM
THE BATTLE OF SALAMISAju Mukhopadhyay, India14306/13/2019 8:18:49 AM
ON DAY, THAT DAY, TODAYSusan Nikitenko, USA5105/28/2019 11:11:08 PM
HERS OR HISCiara O riordan, Ireland4926/8/2019 7:08:08 AM
THE LAME DUCKOlumba Obinna, Nigeria6255/17/2019 1:19:42 PM
DOUBTERHadrean Ocampo, Philippines3925/15/2019 1:19:10 PM
MAN IN THE MIRRORAbdulwarrith Olawale, Nigeria6065/13/2019 8:02:29 AM
STEREOTYPEJacqueline Pan, USA5255/17/2019 7:55:45 PM
FLOC·CI·NAU·CI·NI·HIL·I·PIL·I·FI·CA·TIONMalik Peterson, Qatar5135/14/2019 4:21:01 AM
CRUSADE,THE STORY OF A CRUSADERSam Polley, India4496/16/2019 11:27:33 AM
HOIST THE MANPerugu Ramakrishna, India6976/8/2019 9:55:15 PM
DYING LOVE, DYING HATEEdliz jeneina Ramos, Philippines7356/14/2019 10:48:01 PM
INTRODUCTION TO POETRYTony Renaldo, USA6176/17/2019 4:05:03 PM
MY HOPE FOR THE WORLDShane Richards, UK9276/8/2019 10:53:22 PM
DAUGHTER NATURESusanne Rowell, Germany9286/15/2019 11:04:11 AM
AND THEN....THE END!Krishti Sadhukhan, India4176/16/2019 7:25:37 AM
A MUSICAL SONNETAustin Savage, USA5496/13/2019 1:29:34 PM
LOVE ON DIFFERENT SIDES OF THE WORLDFiona Shamon, Australia6176/14/2019 8:27:35 PM
A HEART BROKEN INTO PIECES....Ashay Shanbhag, India10286/17/2019 1:14:13 AM
THE SOLDIER'S LAST LETTER TO HIS MOTHERNan Shanbhag, India5275/17/2019 5:05:43 PM
DARK LOVEKanav Sharma, India4306/11/2019 8:42:44 PM
EVERYDAY RUDENESSJoseph Shuey, USA4345/14/2019 4:19:28 AM
COMPLETEPattra Shuwaswat, Netherlands11346/8/2019 11:52:07 AM
FACE OF LOVESanjayan Sivaraman, India4296/16/2019 12:16:30 PM
THE POETKatherine Smith, USA4285/15/2019 4:16:21 AM
THE MAN FROM ABOVE.Levi Sobczuk-gaul, USA4046/8/2019 12:29:33 AM
BENEATH THE RUBBLEShelby Spear, USA5226/11/2019 8:45:48 PM
ONE WORLDRajesh Srivastava, India7055/17/2019 12:39:41 AM
THAT KIDS EYESDamarrio Taylor, USA6955/14/2019 7:11:06 AM
LINESShari Tewa, USA5065/22/2019 4:41:19 AM
ODE TO THE PEBBLE UNDERNEATH YOUR FOOTAlan Thorimbert, Canada5065/17/2019 12:39:39 AM
BUBBLEGUM PIGS FOR FARMER FRIGGSDanielle Tiphine Fortosky, Canada8666/12/2019 4:56:07 PM
YOUR'S FOREVERRicha Tripathi, India1893/4/2013 1:45:51 AM
DON'T YOU SEE?Unknown Unknown, USA34112/31/2017 11:16:40 PM
MY NAME IS PROPHETScott Utley, USA5636/16/2019 1:18:53 AM
THE STRINGSHarriet Uwineza mimi, Uganda7746/17/2019 4:36:58 PM
DARKNESSMonica Watson, Australia4556/11/2019 7:24:45 AM
MYSTERIOS ONETony White, South Africa4306/13/2019 6:12:26 AM







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