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Top Poems from VoicesNet's Poetry Competition - 1 STAR Finalists

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Poem TitleAuthorViewsLast Response
STRANGERS IN THIS WORLD!Adetunji Adegoroye, Nigeria12573/16/2019 11:11:51 AM
WHO COMES DOWN THE CHIMNEY?Jessie Biagioni, UK17293/15/2019 1:00:01 AM
OLD GRANNY BUNTYJane Brown, UK9122/26/2019 5:55:18 AM
HE NEVER LEAVES USArko Chakraborty, India12703/16/2019 1:00:28 PM
TIME FOR CHANGELiam Coyle, Scotland7963/17/2019 5:09:47 AM
99Jean-pierre Craucamp, South Africa5913/12/2019 1:19:54 AM
THEY ARE THE DROPLETSKaty Crenshaw, USA6852/24/2019 7:05:54 AM
EVERYDAYMichelle Danker, USA6373/3/2019 7:41:03 AM
EARTH, MOON, WATER AND SUNSourav Datta, India14813/21/2019 10:12:56 PM
RENDITION TO THE STARSGrant Delport, South Africa8213/19/2019 11:36:11 PM
DISCO DANCINGWilliam Dodd, UK35793/22/2019 12:30:40 PM
THROUGH HELLJennifer Edwards, UK5963/20/2019 2:59:24 AM
SUFFERINGFaisal El-jamal, USA8513/17/2019 9:46:31 PM
THE GIRL IN THE MIRRORLonda English, USA18032/24/2019 7:05:31 AM
NO MORE I LOVE YOUSGregory Espy, USA10933/18/2019 12:32:27 AM
THE CIRCUSEmily Freeman, UK18573/19/2019 7:13:14 AM
RAYSA G, Finland7673/13/2019 11:06:14 AM
PEACE WAS IN SIGHTMaria Garcia Cuerva, Argentina13833/20/2019 12:40:44 PM
IN THE HOME I CALL HEAVENAshley Gatchell, USA11963/11/2019 6:21:47 AM
AIRLESS BREATHJarren Gordon, South Africa10003/6/2019 7:15:21 PM
TAINTED IN SIN IIAli Hamzah, Lebanon6853/16/2019 2:17:05 PM
THERE HAVE BEEN MOMENTSEmily Hart, USA5642/24/2019 7:05:14 AM
LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNELSandra Hodgson, UK12962/24/2019 7:05:12 AM
BLUES SKY OF AUTUMNLavinia Ionescu, Romania6873/1/2019 5:26:56 AM
ISN'T IT HAPPINESS ?Nataliq Ivanova, Bulgaria6223/9/2019 3:31:49 PM
RONIN 100Ryan Kelly, USA10222/24/2019 7:05:01 AM
MY "MASTERPIECE"William Kleist, USA7543/5/2019 8:58:52 PM
CHEER UP!Srividhya Krishnamurthy, India24983/16/2019 4:35:21 PM
PANIC ATTACKDj Lawrence, USA18873/11/2019 12:57:34 PM
TEARSZoe Layhe, UK5763/8/2019 11:33:00 PM
ALWAYS AND FOREVERJolene Layters, South Africa6122/24/2019 7:19:13 AM
I WISH I COULD DRAWMicah Longmire, USA6793/1/2019 2:48:55 PM
INSPIRATION OF GODDaunte Loper, USA9013/5/2019 4:53:15 AM
CELESTIAL HIERARCHYKeith Lumbard, UK10192/24/2019 7:19:14 AM
THE GAME IN THE LOFTTrena M., USA9133/14/2019 10:39:25 AM
MVT. II, ALLEGRETTORachel Major, USA5643/21/2019 8:10:33 PM
I AM NOT LOSTNikita Mandhani, India9873/17/2019 4:39:45 AM
WINDOWSKatherine Mcauly, USA4053/1/2019 11:23:08 PM
MOTHER NATURENomzamo Moyo, South Africa25113/17/2019 5:05:36 PM
ODE TO HIGH SCHOOLAngela Mucica, USA36733/20/2019 10:23:40 AM
EGYPT'S FREEDOMRobyn Nelson, South Africa7253/18/2019 12:31:16 AM
MOVING TRAINBhanu Nepal, India9903/1/2019 6:54:07 AM
TRIGGERS OF PAINRachael Nielsen, Australia7153/10/2019 3:52:55 AM
A SIGN OF WINTERBibhu Padhi, India11153/14/2019 2:29:10 PM
MY LIFE WITH HERSuresh Palani, India5417/13/2018 1:28:10 AM
LONELINESSWilliam Palmer, Canada12883/15/2019 9:27:46 PM
INCANDESCENT MIRRORJoe Pontilla, USA11533/15/2019 2:43:32 PM
MURALS IN THE DARK.Remya Raj, India6363/21/2019 10:54:23 AM
ALONG LIFE'S WEARY WAYDwayne Rankin, USA8393/12/2019 10:41:47 AM
SILENT SYMPHONIESRik Ray, India7503/20/2019 12:56:50 PM
WHEN A LOVED ONE DIESShane Richards, UK21843/18/2019 9:47:22 PM
JOKE IS MY PASSIONRoche Rosos, Philippines18103/21/2019 6:57:45 PM
SACRIFICE FOR FREEDOMMercedes Rothwell, USA49553/21/2019 6:55:24 AM
HOUR OF DELIVERANCESusanne Rowell, Germany13843/10/2019 8:24:31 PM
I KNOW?Kaisha Rufus-isaacs, UK5463/17/2019 12:46:59 PM
TRUE REFLECTIONKayode Sadiq, UK14393/19/2019 12:43:45 AM
THE DIVINE LIGHTRaj Saran, India22083/18/2019 5:45:41 AM
RED POPPIES, YELLOW DAISIES.Vasiliki Savvidou-mihalarea, Greece11893/11/2019 1:23:39 PM
VALENTINESStephanie Schuler, USA6152/24/2019 7:19:24 AM
CONTRAST OF LIFE’S DEVOTIONNataly Scott, USA10843/18/2019 8:24:27 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEMORIES TO MY DAUGHTERShelley Seiderer, South Africa46512/16/2015 6:30:27 PM
THE PARTYKrupa Shah, India5652/27/2019 3:42:44 AM
NINE METRES TO CENTIMETERS: EVOLUTION OF SARIPurandhya Sharma, India6873/16/2019 1:15:47 AM
GROWING UPWestly Shaw, USA34903/21/2019 3:22:05 PM
SCHOOL DAZEKristen Shelton, USA8163/15/2019 6:09:16 AM
LORD, I AM STILL A PART OF YOUApoorva Singh, India14513/17/2019 1:53:06 AM
I REALIZED!Surabhi Singh, India20333/16/2019 3:34:23 PM
IN MY GARDENDezarae Starnes, USA2167/24/2012 9:27:45 AM
REMINISCING A POSSIBILITY.Rhay Taniu, Malaysia5893/19/2019 4:20:12 AM
THE GIRL IN THE CLOSETEd Thompson, USA5733/14/2019 4:06:58 PM
A ROYAL INVITATIONJames Thompson, UK8493/21/2019 11:44:42 PM
COFFEE SHOPJohn Trent, USA19993/6/2019 1:00:47 PM
MY VALENTINE'S DAY POEM FOR YOUBinoy Varakil, India22473/22/2019 4:30:21 AM
PLAYING THE FOOLChelsea Vaughan, USA5762/28/2019 8:19:13 AM
PHILOSSkyler Vipond, USA9793/17/2019 4:57:48 PM
TIME FORGETSMelody Wicker, USA8013/9/2019 7:13:26 PM
WHEN SHALL IJohn Williams, Canada7073/22/2019 12:25:58 PM
ROY'S RHYME-A SMALL LUMP OF CLAY (WITH A TRANSCIENT NAME)William Willis, Scotland14693/21/2019 2:30:11 AM







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