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Top Poems from VoicesNet's Poetry Competition - 1 STAR Finalists

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Poem TitleAuthorViewsLast Response
A TASTE OF JOBLESSNESSLinus Abba, Nigeria15691/20/2019 3:52:13 AM
GOD HEARS.Idiyatu Akande, USA11301/10/2019 4:09:18 AM
LATE AUTUMNRamesh Anand, India14601/16/2019 1:00:00 AM
KINDLING ROMANTICISMVishwas Anand, India4991/16/2019 3:45:12 PM
FRIEND SHIPTahir Ansari, India7281/17/2019 5:22:27 PM
ALL MY FRIENDS GONE :'(Zeeshan Awan, Pakistan12531/19/2019 6:05:10 PM
THE LONELY SPIDEREric Babcock, USA3565/5/2013 9:29:44 PM
ACKNOWLEDGED OLD RETENTIONCherryl Bachinela, Philippines4821/16/2019 4:25:55 PM
SPEAKCynthia Baldwin, USA111031/21/2019 5:55:09 AM
THE PAGE LAY EMPTYAsha Bartlett, Australia7291/10/2019 4:09:20 AM
NUPTIALSAbiodun Bello, Nigeria6221/10/2019 4:09:21 AM
AS IF..Deepti Bhatt, India6021/11/2019 8:26:31 PM
THE WORLD IS WAKINGShae Bloem, South Africa11781/17/2019 10:33:38 AM
REMEBERElaine Borman, South Africa10631/20/2019 10:52:15 AM
THE ONEEke Chibueze, Nigeria11691/19/2019 11:01:15 AM
TO MY GRANDCHILDRENYvonne Cloete, South Africa44671/21/2019 5:12:40 AM
GRANDAD'S GARDENLynne Colgrave, UK35841/21/2019 5:11:46 AM
ALONE IN THE NIGHTKeith Counihan, Ireland9091/15/2019 4:15:04 PM
STOP FEMALE INFANTICIDEJulie Das, India78511/20/2019 8:18:52 AM
THE BALANCEMandie Davis, France15091/21/2019 5:24:01 AM
THE PRODIGALLauren Denny, USA7681/20/2019 2:05:51 PM
ETERNALDhanya Dharmapalan, India6761/18/2019 9:33:26 AM
CHANGING MOMENTJodi Farr, USA5891/21/2019 1:35:04 PM
SPRINGTIMEZak Fick, USA9341/18/2019 10:23:34 AM
DYEA G, Finland5981/11/2019 4:42:57 PM
NIGHTBATTLE IN A COLD NIGHTOsman Gani, Bangladesh20161/21/2019 1:51:44 PM
DREAMINGMaria Garcia Cuerva, Argentina11871/17/2019 12:05:43 PM
THE STORMSierra Goodine, USA7071/17/2019 10:54:05 AM
THE MOONAziza Greene, USA3731/10/2019 4:09:25 AM
THE ONE WITHOUT TEARSAli Hamzah, Lebanon7121/12/2019 2:34:50 PM
GRANT ME I BESEECH THEEFarah Haroon, USA10049/7/2013 7:25:46 PM
REALIZING A POEMMo Heon, Nepal4151/10/2019 4:09:26 AM
YOURE GONETarryn Hull, South Africa7431/10/2019 6:29:57 PM
DAWNChibuzor Ikemenogo, Nigeria13871/19/2019 7:48:11 AM
MY OLD ROCKING CHAIREdwin Jepson, UK25761/19/2019 11:32:51 PM
BRANCHESCharleasea Joloza, USA4591/21/2019 8:59:00 AM
SYMPHONY OF SOUL...Kelleyana Junique, France11011/15/2019 7:39:46 PM
TOGETHER TILL ETERNITYArjun Karath, India7751/16/2019 7:16:12 AM
THE LESSONPat Kelbaugh, USA16141/19/2019 12:38:36 PM
LIFE PLANJamie Kenney, USA8331/13/2019 11:27:48 AM
LET US MEET IN WINTERIrfan Khan, Hong Kong7861/17/2019 12:13:34 AM
PAPERPaul Killey, UK3274/25/2012 12:23:36 AM
SORROWElysia Kinsella, USA4891/19/2019 5:06:46 PM
A FRIEND IN METim Kitchen, UK14021/20/2019 11:34:39 AM
THE CONVERSATIONRevati Krishna, India4791/17/2019 8:53:51 AM
DIALOGUEGirish Kute, India8731/18/2019 10:41:22 PM
MUSIC AND THOUGHTJean Charles Laws, UK14031/17/2019 12:20:23 AM
THE STRANGERJoe Lay, UK4661/11/2019 2:33:55 AM
MY INNOCENCE!Leandra Le-hanie, South Africa9011/18/2019 6:24:35 AM
CONFUSED CORENazly Loughran-gordon, South Africa6311/21/2019 8:49:22 AM
THIS AMERICACeleste Lozano, USA5341/10/2019 4:09:31 AM
I LONG FOR YOU MUM.Mlungisi Maguba, South Africa14881/14/2019 10:10:17 PM
LIFE IS BUT A DREAMMaryann Mannas, Australia11051/19/2019 11:50:44 PM
GREEN YIN YANGPenny Martin, USA7261/18/2019 12:44:32 PM
END OF A JOURNEYMaria Masood, India12931/17/2019 12:00:21 AM
MUSIC IS MY FREEDOMMadi Mccarthy, Australia6071/21/2019 9:49:29 AM
CONSTELLATION CONSPIRACYJelena Mijajlovic, Serbia9901/20/2019 11:22:18 PM
JOURNEY OF LOVEShantanu Mukherjee, India5931/16/2019 10:22:48 AM
PROPHET OF ELEVATED THOUGHT (POET)Valentine Muradzikwa, South Africa8181/21/2019 5:47:01 AM
I WISH...Tanmaya Murthy, India2797/13/2012 8:07:29 AM
A MOTHERS LOVEAmtul Nasir, UK5801/19/2019 8:23:25 PM
OUTSIDE LOOKING INCourtnie Niederbrach, USA7911/20/2019 2:13:04 AM
CONNLA'S WELLEochaidh O' Conghaile, Ireland9331/20/2019 11:34:10 AM
OBSCURE EYES ( A LESSON FOR US )Hadrean Ocampo, Philippines6821/21/2019 12:02:41 AM
PRAYER ( FOR JAPAN )Hadrean ralph Ocampo, Philippines9001/17/2019 5:54:36 AM
INSPIRATIONOmiwole Olugbenga, Nigeria9691/15/2019 5:47:10 PM
THAT WONDROUS THINGCintamani Phang, Trinidad5251/18/2019 10:15:19 AM
MEMORIES OF HAPPIEST MOMENTSGrisy Princy, India8151/11/2019 11:31:50 PM
SMILESana Pujani, India6961/15/2019 10:04:40 PM
WINTER'S ENDDwayne Rankin, USA40041/21/2019 3:10:37 AM
THE URGEVibhuti Rastogi, India8431/20/2019 9:49:15 PM
THE ELEGANCE OF THE NIGHTNeil Rego, India7001/15/2019 7:45:36 PM
TODAYMary Ricketts, UK7281/19/2019 6:05:14 AM
IF OUR WORLD ENDSJulieann Rouse, USA15041/18/2019 4:37:47 AM
GARDEN PATHSusanne Rowell, Germany13771/19/2019 2:32:11 AM
SECRET SIGHSVivek Rumba, India12291/10/2019 4:09:39 AM
TOO GOOD TO BE TRUEMichael Samayoa, USA4121/11/2019 11:02:45 PM
EVENINGJanani Sampath, India5371/10/2019 4:09:40 AM
THE LOST SOULRaj Saran, India6271/18/2019 7:27:24 PM
SILENT FORESTMuhammad Shanazar, Pakistan17421/18/2019 9:45:25 PM
THE BRIDEChetan Sharma, India10821/21/2019 6:41:58 AM
COME FLY A KITE WITH ME !Westly Shaw, USA61741/21/2019 10:18:05 AM
JASMINE FLOWERSK.r. Surendran, India18981/15/2019 9:16:10 PM
UNSPOKEN WORDSKatherine Symthe, USA5991/14/2019 5:13:05 PM
THEY CALL ME MUSICJamie Taylor, USA4351/17/2019 1:41:24 AM
HOW DOES A ROSE COMPARE?Gregory Thomas, USA11901/21/2019 1:25:09 PM
SOLITUDE'S MOONJohn Trent, USA9101/19/2019 4:15:04 PM
ONE WORTH FRIENDRicha Tripathi, India4743/1/2013 3:32:19 AM
WHAT'S IN A ROSE?Lauren Van schijndel, USA8781/10/2019 4:09:43 AM
UNDESERVING LOVETana Vermaak, Canada20571/15/2019 1:44:54 PM
THE WORLD IS CRYINGWan husna Wan ghaffar, Malaysia15781/10/2019 4:09:44 AM
FINDING PEACEChristine Wilson, Canada10971/19/2019 9:12:41 AM
THE TOUCHJon Wisbey, UK7531/19/2019 10:27:24 AM
HEAVEN AWAITSTawnya Woods, USA4591/13/2019 12:45:19 PM
THE GARDENS OF STONESteven Woodside, USA7941/20/2019 1:10:35 AM
GO AWAYNeelum Zehra, Pakistan7761/21/2019 1:00:33 AM







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