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Top Poems from VoicesNet's Poetry Competition - 1 STAR Finalists

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Poem TitleAuthorViewsLast Response
OUT OF THE DARKOvidiu Ciprian Chereches *, Romania7931/18/2019 10:24:11 PM
ALZHEIMER'S25 26, USA4101/16/2019 4:21:03 PM
THE COUNTRYSIDERoy Amers, UK4021/10/2019 3:25:42 PM
SMALL BIRDVivek Anand, India3951/16/2019 8:05:27 AM
WHITEFIRETyren Arnold, USA8941/11/2019 10:28:42 AM
FRIENDS FOREVERVictor Babaniyi, Nigeria5991/12/2019 2:58:48 PM
PUSHINGTaylor Baker, USA11471/16/2019 7:31:03 AM
FLOWER OF LOVEUna Barlin, UK8891/10/2019 4:18:32 PM
BUTTERFLYApril Barragan, USA13341/10/2019 3:26:31 PM
LEFT ALONERubyjeanne Bell, USA4151/19/2019 9:38:37 AM
THE LASTChadley Berachester, Australia7261/18/2019 8:59:38 AM
COSMETICITYSamantak Bhadra, India6781/10/2019 3:24:52 PM
AN OPINION OF TRUE BEAUTYKatie Black, USA4091/12/2019 8:37:55 PM
WAYS OF THE DEFENDERWilliam Blackman, USA3381/10/2019 3:41:48 PM
MISTAKES WRITTEN BY KRISWARRIOR AND THE BROKEN HEARTSKriswarrior Broken hearts, USA7101/10/2019 3:23:27 PM
THE DEATH OF INNOCENCE.Sabryna Brooks, Canada7331/19/2019 6:13:05 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMKate Bruncati, USA5671/17/2019 7:22:24 AM
BECAUSE OF YOU BY LIN Z. BRUNOLinzy Bruno, USA15421/11/2019 9:04:32 PM
CHILDHOOD FRIENDSanjana Butala, India6971/10/2019 3:28:53 PM
SURE TO RETURN AGAINMichael Cahill, USA8201/17/2019 5:51:01 AM
'A PLACE TO BE'Mary Cecil, N. Ireland7881/13/2019 3:35:08 AM
THE BUTTERFLY ON WHEELMrittika Chatterjee, India6741/18/2019 10:12:46 AM
TURNING 25Shweta Chawla, India14191/18/2019 5:12:39 PM
DAFFODILS ON THE HILLThomas Chisholm, UK6761/19/2019 11:59:30 AM
DANCING TO AND FRO.Eugene Chun, USA4351/10/2019 3:24:06 PM
MAY DAYCentfie Chunge, Kenya7131/19/2019 9:23:13 PM
THE POETChristopher Cole, USA10171/7/2019 9:38:56 PM
MESSAGE FROM THE BOSSAdam Crawley, UK7771/13/2019 6:31:44 AM
FLOWERS SWAYJoan elizabeth Crowley, USA5551/13/2019 2:11:25 PM
MY SISTER CHLOEMegan Davidson, UK10761/19/2019 7:14:33 PM
BE WHO YOU ARECeilidh Devine, UK12901/17/2019 5:48:27 AM
OH WHAT A PLACE TO BEGerald Dionne, USA3701/15/2019 6:58:02 PM
IN THE FLOW OF TIMEBojosi Ditshwele, Botswana5501/10/2019 3:26:43 PM
A CANVAS AND PAINTBRUSHAllie Dolby, USA4031/20/2019 4:13:49 AM
THAT GIRLKylie Donohue, USA4051/15/2019 11:14:42 PM
LOSS LOVERebecca Dorman, USA4581/19/2019 5:11:39 PM
HE MADE ME WHOLEJason Drake, USA5241/17/2019 2:43:48 PM
1998Natalie Dunn, USA4241/10/2019 3:42:10 PM
THE MOON WHISPEREDGregory Espy, USA5511/18/2019 5:00:16 PM
GATHERED DREAMSDiipo Fagbolu, Nigeria4471/10/2019 3:42:03 PM
THE END IN DARKNESSJason Feltes, USA4131/10/2019 3:23:37 PM
YOU ARE FREECaroline Ferguson, UK4431/16/2019 5:12:42 AM
A HEART LEFT BROKENHeather Franco, USA6341/17/2019 4:55:57 AM
ICON OF THE MINDThara Ganesan, India4551/13/2019 9:12:30 PM
FOUNTAINSCatalina Geornoiu, USA10621/19/2019 12:07:39 PM
SPRING CLEANINGChris Gilmore, USA6841/10/2019 3:26:13 PM
FADECourtney Goodman, USA6331/19/2019 4:01:25 AM
ABORTIONTony Goodner, USA3821/10/2019 3:26:19 PM
ALWAYS REMEMBERChristine Graham, USA4911/13/2019 1:29:25 AM
WHEN CAN I SEE YOUDevannay Greer, USA4291/17/2019 11:53:32 PM
I WONDER...................Sharika Hafeez, Sri Lanka10161/14/2019 5:34:28 AM
BUTTERFLIESDiamond Harris, USA4381/10/2019 3:23:35 PM
OCEANS OF DREAMSRob Hastings, Canada9781/17/2019 5:51:04 AM
AN INTANGIBLE REALITYJames Hilder-achurch, Australia5171/10/2019 3:21:50 PM
CHIA PETEvelyn Hudson, USA5761/18/2019 4:32:07 AM
SLAVE TO MEMORYVan Jackson, Jamaica5741/19/2019 9:56:43 PM
PERSISTENCEReginold Jacob, India16601/20/2019 6:45:37 AM
RAIN WIND AND MISTY GREYEdwin Jepson, UK13061/19/2019 3:30:29 PM
ANATOMY OF A POEMSunnyJay Johnson, USA5921/20/2019 12:01:37 AM
HIGH SCHOOL CRUSHTida Kaysavang, USA5121/20/2019 4:24:03 AM
LOVE ATHLETEShannon Keirce, USA4031/17/2019 6:32:59 PM
SILLY ALPHABET ZOOPat Kelbaugh, USA7761/19/2019 7:33:59 PM
DEAR MOTHER.Pius Khisa, Kenya9581/10/2019 3:42:06 PM
MY SONG FOR YOUGaky Kodi, Sri Lanka3841/10/2019 3:29:58 PM
RAHUL DRAVID-"THE WALL"Nikhil Krishna, India10931/14/2019 9:03:28 AM
"HYPOCRITICAL LAND"Daniel Kulesa, USA7981/20/2019 6:49:46 AM
THE NIGHT IS DARKJijith Kuttan, Canada6021/17/2019 8:17:20 AM
GRANDPANatalie Larkin, USA4521/10/2019 3:42:48 PM
NOW SHE'S NO LONGER THEREJean Charles Laws, UK3781/10/2019 3:26:38 PM
EMPTINESSEfren Leuterio, Philippines4381/12/2019 8:22:01 PM
ARE WEMahayla Lewis, USA3841/10/2019 3:25:36 PM
WORLD OF DREAMSPrincess Danu M, India9231/10/2019 3:22:06 PM
INNOCENT EYES...Bob Macchia, USA7851/13/2019 4:57:11 AM
THE FIRE INSIDEAdam Maguire, Ireland3771/17/2019 3:00:35 PM
WHEN THE SKY CRIES WITH MEClaire Marshall, USA6001/13/2019 1:16:47 PM
WANEJeremy Martin, USA5191/10/2019 3:25:28 PM
VICTIM OF TEMPTATONSavannah Mclendon, USA3661/15/2019 4:10:07 AM
CHILD ABUSE..Maddiee Merillo, Australia6591/14/2019 5:53:30 PM
ODE TO THE SOLDIERS AT NORMANDYMike Meyer, USA3861/10/2019 3:25:20 PM
FOR THE BOY IN A NAVY-BLUE JACKETAmy Milligan, USA5011/13/2019 9:00:43 PM
FRIENDSHIPMaya Mladenova, Bulgaria4271/10/2019 3:29:35 PM
THE LOVING TRUTHNima Mohammadi, USA4441/10/2019 3:21:44 PM
IN THE DEEP BLUEChristina Montestrucq, USA5921/13/2019 9:54:25 PM
SEASONS OF POETRYTaurai Mutoti, Zimbabwe4157/28/2015 12:12:45 PM
WOLVESWalter Muzembi, Kenya8401/19/2019 9:17:33 PM
ENLIGHTENMENTTeddy Ng'ondu, Kenya4941/17/2019 8:18:58 AM
A STRANGER IN MY OWN WORLDGideon Ngonga, South Africa5361/14/2019 2:44:01 AM
GROWING OLDGary Nichols, USA4471/15/2019 9:05:55 PM
A TEMPESTCasmir Nwachukwu, Nigeria4771/17/2019 6:03:37 AM
THE RISE AND FALL OF NOTESSusan O'Reilly, Ireland7051/19/2019 7:47:38 PM
NATURE'S SONGAbdulwarrith Olawale, Nigeria4421/17/2019 7:34:39 AM
MISTAKESAbigail Ong, Philippines11081/13/2019 2:58:55 PM
HAPPINESS (ACROSTIC)Suresh Palani, India21067/28/2018 10:28:31 PM
DON'T SAYMonoj Panday, India13031/19/2019 8:52:50 PM
WILDFIREReghan Payer, USA4201/10/2019 3:22:39 PM
TWO MOONS OVER VENICEThomas Pender, Ireland8321/18/2019 6:45:19 AM
A MENDING HEARTKarin Perisic, Canada6291/20/2019 7:39:28 AM
FRIENDSHIPEdward Phillips, UK4441/12/2019 9:33:35 PM
UNLOVABLELacey Phillips, Canada4351/18/2019 10:19:32 AM
'YOU' TURNSteven Phyffer, South Africa8111/16/2012 2:16:48 AM
A SYMPHONY OF COLOURMaggie Pollock, Scotland5091/20/2019 7:02:59 AM
WILL YOU WEEP?Brandon Riehl, USA3511/10/2019 3:29:50 PM
"YES, MY FÜHRER"Natasha Rigby, Australia6531/14/2019 2:40:01 AM
HAPPINESS CAN SURROUND THE PLANETLouise Robello, USA7401/20/2019 3:30:31 AM
THE TRACK OF HONOURGiavonna Rossi, Canada5841/14/2019 8:18:56 AM
APRIL RAINMark Ruddle, Ireland4391/16/2019 9:53:31 AM
A WISH.Geetanjali Saini, India5571/15/2019 5:56:34 AM
THE UNREAD BEAUTY OF LOVEFiona Shamon, Australia5671/17/2019 9:02:16 AM
A TRANSITION INTO THE DAWN....Ashay Shanbhag, India7451/13/2019 10:33:40 AM
NEW LIFEAditi Sharma, India4061/19/2019 8:48:07 AM
SEASONSKanav Sharma, India4161/19/2019 4:00:52 PM
GIFT OF LOVE ( A TRUE POEM )Westly Shaw, USA34321/10/2019 3:41:14 PM
A WISHRebecca Sheldon, Israel4591/11/2019 4:16:37 PM
I LOVED HER ONCEDale Shepherd, USA7251/20/2019 6:50:10 AM
DELIVERANCEAditya Shetty, India7161/19/2019 11:59:28 AM
YOUNGRene Sieracki, USA4171/16/2019 7:46:39 PM
PEARLS OF LIFEElza Smal, South Africa3891/16/2019 10:11:43 PM
MY GODAnne Smith, USA3841/15/2019 12:46:30 PM
BEYOND OUR WINDOW!Laraine Smith, USA7301/16/2019 7:56:21 PM
GLOBAL WARMING..Rosalind Smith/alexander, UK374/30/2012 10:37:18 AM
LOST HOPESHarshita Srivastava, India13851/10/2019 3:22:10 PM
THE SEASON OF SPRINGRavish Suresh, India7531/13/2019 10:17:01 PM
BLUBBER GLUBBER'S DAYCynthia Tchuisse, USA5451/10/2019 3:26:22 PM
TIMELESSJeralyn Tolliver, USA14611/16/2019 1:19:55 PM
MY DAUGHTERSJonathan Tranchita, USA10841/10/2019 3:30:13 PM
I WISH...Meghna Uikey, India4421/18/2019 3:32:48 AM
AMERICAN DREAMDave Varnom, UK5201/17/2019 10:09:46 PM
ON A DIETRachel Villwock, USA3941/10/2019 3:22:47 PM
DOPPELGANGERDouglas Walters, USA10121/19/2019 10:58:30 AM
LIFE AND DEATHFaith Webber, Canada7361/10/2019 3:24:38 PM
TOO LIGHTLY ON LIFE’S SCALES, COMPASSION WEIGHS.Jannine Weeratunga, South Africa4821/18/2019 6:38:54 AM
I WILL FORGET YOUElizabeth Wesley, Canada5001/20/2019 3:29:35 AM
BROKEN PROMISESElijah Williams, USA5511/16/2019 2:24:29 PM
RIVER OF LOVEJohn Williams, Canada6731/10/2019 3:41:35 PM
THE DOMINO EFFECTGwynevere Willis, USA4491/17/2019 5:11:19 PM
THE END OF A GREAT MANJoseph Yeboah, Ghana5761/10/2019 3:20:21 PM
WITHOUT YOUSaara Zabeen, Bangladesh4811/13/2019 10:14:36 AM







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