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Top Poems from VoicesNet's Poetry Competition - 1 STAR Finalists

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Poem TitleAuthorViewsLast Response
ADVERSE EVOLUTIONAbdullahi Abubakar, Nigeria3573/18/2019 6:08:44 AM
RAINSuccess Akpojotor, Nigeria5653/31/2017 3:36:30 AM
THE ABC OF A DISHONEST MANNoor Alhadi, UK4603/6/2019 3:54:03 AM
LIVE NOWRamesh Anand, India5703/7/2019 4:49:10 AM
RIVER'S EDGECynthia Baldwin, USA9473/12/2019 3:55:06 AM
PRAY AND LOVERiley Barker, USA4102/24/2019 3:14:16 AM
FORESTATIONUna Barlin, UK6423/10/2019 11:32:44 AM
WINDS AND TIDESSudeepta Baruah, India6903/18/2019 7:20:31 AM
ONLY THE HAND OF GODChastity Bates, USA8343/11/2019 12:05:27 PM
THE DAY WILL COMES Bhat, Denmark7823/14/2019 6:39:38 PM
LONELY CASTLEMaddie Bowen, USA4363/18/2019 1:04:04 PM
MEANINGFUL SKYJane Brown, UK5323/16/2019 12:19:11 AM
MAP TO EDEN.Eden Burakoff, USA4343/4/2019 5:20:16 AM
SILENT TEARSEmily Butler, USA7553/15/2019 5:26:03 AM
SAY IT TO MY FACEElisa Calleja, Malta4512/24/2019 3:14:59 AM
THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVECinda Carter, USA5633/6/2019 7:14:00 AM
SUFFOCATINGSean Cassidy, Ireland10733/16/2019 12:06:40 PM
THE LATENT FLOW OF LIFEArko Chakraborty, India8863/18/2019 3:20:13 AM
ESTRANGED EMOTIONSSrinjoy Chowdhury, India5482/25/2019 1:02:52 PM
MOEMoe Cody, USA5003/13/2019 9:37:39 AM
LETHARIOUSLee Cofax, UK4793/4/2019 7:21:46 AM
A SOLDIERS TALESteven Cooke, UK7733/14/2019 6:19:35 PM
EREDale Costello, Australia6602/27/2019 9:35:28 AM
TEARSOcheinu Darkboy, Nigeria3763/15/2019 1:04:31 AM
THE TAP DANCERPhilip Dean, USA9692/23/2019 9:47:29 PM
WHEN WILL YOU....Anup Deen, India7183/16/2019 6:29:56 AM
A WISHPrateesh Dhar, India4393/7/2019 3:10:13 AM
CALL OF THE POOR.Sandesh Dmello, India4372/24/2019 3:13:46 AM
LATE THE HARVESTMarie Duddle, South Africa5753/12/2019 4:56:53 AM
ANGERTemple Dumas, USA10873/15/2019 5:25:15 AM
HAIKU OF LIGHTAntonios Efthymiou, Greece7413/5/2019 3:47:54 AM
THE SILENCE OF LOVEGregory Espy, USA8223/13/2019 3:45:00 PM
NOT A THIRD WORLD COUNTRYKatelin Farnsworth, Australia20612/13/2013 1:24:20 AM
MY HEARTTaylor G, USA6393/10/2019 2:28:14 AM
FAREWELL NIGHTMaria Garcia Cuerva, Argentina6263/14/2019 6:22:21 AM
MY LEGACYCassie Garner, USA4233/9/2019 10:00:22 AM
UNFOLD (WHEN SURVIVAL IS DEATH)Moulshree Gaur, India6392/27/2019 9:35:08 AM
GYPSIES IN THE RAINAnjani George, India8493/15/2019 5:26:34 AM
JUST A FRIENDChris Gilmore, USA4393/17/2019 7:18:55 AM
SILENCEKyzer Gogi, India4663/18/2019 9:58:22 AM
SENSELESSDeborah Gresham, USA4803/3/2019 12:29:15 PM
THEY SAY, YOU DOElizabeth Hachet, USA3813/14/2019 7:05:31 AM
REMORSE OF A RULERChristina Hamilton Cox, USA4933/15/2019 5:27:37 AM
OUT OF THE SLUMMarcin Hanuszkiewicz, Poland4222/21/2019 11:37:34 PM
REMEMBERRebekah Harrell, USA4073/17/2019 3:10:45 AM
MEETING YOUKerri Harris, USA4403/15/2019 6:27:55 PM
HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY CAYDENCarla Hayes, Australia6783/12/2019 4:44:54 PM
ENVYDarrell Hoover, USA3913/15/2019 5:27:09 AM
THE NOTHINGSamantha Hurst, USA4083/15/2019 3:24:13 AM
GOD IN THE FURNACEReginold Jacob, India11143/14/2019 9:57:39 AM
A SUMMER MEMORYEdwin Jepson, UK7253/16/2019 4:03:37 PM
IN YOUR DREAMSKelly Jonson, USA5452/22/2019 12:49:18 PM
FIRE AND ICEShams Joon, India6423/15/2019 6:34:29 PM
ALMOSTJoseph Jovenal, USA3822/27/2019 4:00:00 AM
PRELUDE TO FATHERAmanina Kamarulzaman, Singapore6866/17/2017 8:31:56 PM
AIRBORNEJessica Kandalaft, Lebanon4233/16/2019 2:42:03 AM
TIMEAnna Kennedy, UK3352/24/2019 3:14:46 AM
14.– (WITHIN THE LIGHT)Abdulaziz Khalil, Qatar3803/7/2019 8:43:23 AM
A CALLING HASTEMichael King, UK7243/18/2019 4:01:23 AM
ENOUGHDiandra Knoesen, South Africa4583/16/2019 8:31:16 PM
NATURE-OPTIMIZING BOOSTERJp Krish, India4383/14/2019 12:16:02 AM
UNTITLEDJessica Ladd, USA4132/24/2019 3:09:14 AM
MIRRORSStevi Lammers, USA3773/15/2019 5:16:03 PM
REALITY FRAUDChris Lane, USA8183/11/2019 6:00:22 PM
WORDS I SHOULD HAVE SPOKENJ Larsen, Australia4742/23/2019 9:09:59 PM
THE GAMES WE PLAY.......Jennifer Lingren, USA5483/2/2019 5:12:01 AM
DECREE ABSOLUTEDenny lisle Lisle, UK7803/4/2019 12:00:51 PM
BROKEN HEARTSRegan Loomis, USA3933/17/2019 10:24:11 AM
ADAM AND EVE…Bob Macchia, USA8353/14/2019 3:40:32 AM
ONLY TIME WILL TELLOlebogeng Maetso, South Africa5593/17/2019 12:34:43 PM
POVERTYKeshav Marda, India23133/17/2019 5:48:39 AM
ICECourtney Massony, USA3402/24/2019 3:13:07 AM
RAMMED INTO THE WEEDBEDTrevor Mcleod, Canada7183/16/2019 6:48:00 AM
A HOUSE OF CARDSMehran Mokhtarpour, Iran8933/16/2019 11:20:28 AM
CLOSETS OF OUR LIVESRichard Moriarty, USA5663/14/2019 10:08:26 PM
THE MOONFLOWERChristy Mueller, USA8293/7/2019 9:57:56 AM
MY GREEN COMMUNITYDaniel Mugamba, Uganda7583/16/2019 8:42:17 PM
THE ANGRY FRIENDS-LIGHTNING AND THUNDERKeethana Muhunthan, Sri Lanka5423/15/2019 10:47:18 PM
KEEP MEAshlin Munsamy, South Africa4972/24/2019 2:28:26 PM
FLEA MARKETInsha Muzafar, India7793/17/2019 1:26:44 AM
A MOMENT IN THE WOODSTeddy Ng'ondu, Kenya4413/11/2019 4:15:30 PM
LIVING TOMBSusan O'Reilly, Ireland5733/6/2019 6:14:17 AM
PLANET EARTH IS OUR GARDENAbdulwarrith Olawale, Nigeria3973/12/2019 9:29:00 PM
A DASHAnthony Ominiabohs, Nigeria5063/9/2019 10:50:24 AM
AS YOU TRAVELVarsha Padhy, India4813/3/2019 5:16:24 AM
COMMON AS MUCKHarry Page, UK4133/12/2019 5:56:08 AM
WE WATCH AS WE CRUMBLETanner Paladino, USA3903/9/2019 11:09:58 PM
TO HEATHAmalie Peiris, Sri Lanka7063/16/2019 8:07:55 PM
THE LAST.Natalie Phang, Singapore7953/10/2019 3:17:03 PM
ONLY I CAN KEEP MY HAPPYNisha Pillai, India7833/17/2019 11:36:40 PM
TOMORROW WILL COMEDonna Pye, Canada3553/17/2019 10:57:31 PM
A BAG OF CHIPSAbby Reetz, USA6953/12/2019 2:54:25 AM
A FRIEND.. A LOVERKarl marxcuz Reyes, Philippines9343/2/2019 7:58:22 PM
HER REALITYSydney Riggs, USA4973/7/2019 4:05:41 PM
THE GIRL BEHIND THE MOUNDVanessa Roach, USA4133/13/2019 3:29:13 PM
LAST KICK OF THE GAMEStephen Roche, Ireland4502/24/2019 3:10:07 AM
WILLOW BROOKBailey Rogers, Canada4173/15/2019 12:12:44 AM
REVERSED FALLAndrew Ross, USA4233/6/2019 4:19:30 AM
INVISIBLELauren Sanchez, USA6693/14/2019 7:06:13 AM
AN IDLE MINDJoe Savarese Jr., USA2515/10/2013 12:58:59 AM
BROKEN ENDINGNicole Schmitt, USA7663/13/2019 10:10:57 PM
FAMILYNikita Shah, USA3603/16/2019 2:15:07 PM
REMINISCENCE…Syeda Shahnaz, India5343/6/2019 5:39:00 PM
MY HEART DANCESChetan Sharma, India7563/16/2019 7:41:56 PM
DEATH AMONG THE ROSESWestly Shaw, USA79433/15/2019 6:42:07 AM
DREAM,HOPETabitha Shawn, USA4162/24/2019 3:09:23 AM
THE BOARD GAME - FATHER’S DAY TRIBUTE FROM A SON.Rita Singh, India10342/23/2019 9:43:16 PM
SEEMINGLY STUDIOUSAngus Smith, UK4243/3/2019 11:09:23 AM
FOR-EVERDana Smith, USA5492/23/2019 9:46:09 PM
THE HEARTJessica Spoonamore, USA4893/2/2019 9:32:59 PM
I WILLTalor Stevens, USA3463/13/2019 7:07:37 AM
TO FLYTyler Terry, USA4043/6/2019 5:40:30 PM
LOVEChris Thomas, USA7973/14/2019 8:09:28 AM
GRANDDAUGHTERSWendy Tombs, Canada4003/2/2019 8:55:13 AM
THE TIME HAS COME TO PUT YOUR ARMOR ONMatessa Turner, USA3913/1/2019 8:31:12 PM
THE GLANCENicole Twinam, UK4443/17/2019 12:33:46 PM
TOMMYDave Varnom, UK5022/22/2019 2:43:15 PM
THE WARBrooke Vecchi, USA5443/1/2019 5:11:36 PM
ONCEHeidi Voigt, USA4032/27/2019 11:58:06 AM
SOMEDAYKristin Weller, USA3792/24/2019 5:07:49 AM
PORKYJon Whitehead, UK4263/15/2019 6:34:46 PM
NIGHT WATCHINGAnthony Wickham, Ireland1028/18/2012 7:13:17 AM
WHISPERING WAVESJohn Williams, Canada6543/18/2019 12:59:57 PM
MOTHER ASKED JESUSDorothy Williamson, USA6422/24/2019 3:07:27 AM
THE DEFENDANTSMichelle Witcher, USA21853/15/2019 4:45:01 PM
STAINED RAINAndria Wu, USA5583/17/2019 11:46:10 PM







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