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Top Poems from VoicesNet's Poetry Competition - 1 STAR Finalists

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Poem TitleAuthorViewsLast Response
ORPHANPl jaison -, India6643/21/2019 1:03:54 PM
THE WALLKashif Abbas, Pakistan5673/20/2019 3:13:42 AM
THE MOST PAINFUL WORDOwais Ahmad, India24033/7/2019 8:48:21 AM
GOODBYE, I LOVE YOUDallas Aiken, USA3783/19/2019 9:24:08 AM
OLYMPIAIbrahim Alonge, Nigeria8103/10/2019 2:33:08 AM
CHAINED FOR GODSerina Alonzo, USA4453/21/2019 7:31:46 AM
JUDAS KISSTaylor Andrews, USA4213/21/2019 7:37:50 PM
AN END TO INNOCENCERazan Badawi, USA4983/18/2019 11:44:37 PM
REPENTANCEBen-hur Bariuan, Philippines4923/8/2019 8:56:41 PM
WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO FEARShameka Beaugard, USA4093/2/2019 11:23:44 PM
PERFECT LOVE (READ THIS! )Skyter Beet, USA4822/25/2019 7:20:48 AM
BROKENLarry Belt, USA14313/11/2019 8:05:06 PM
LOST& FOUND BY LOVEMckenzie Berry, USA3273/16/2019 9:55:43 PM
THE INDIFFERENT SUNS Bhat, Denmark7733/16/2019 1:47:38 PM
HOPE FAITH LOVETaylor Burk, USA15373/20/2019 4:24:53 PM
RAINBOWEmily Butler, USA6523/20/2019 7:50:23 AM
HOPE IS NEARNief Carroll, UK4423/19/2019 8:48:48 AM
SWEET MEMORIESArko Chakraborty, India7263/15/2019 4:22:22 AM
TASTE OF LIFERicha Chauhan, India5163/18/2019 3:51:05 PM
PEACE.....Sanjana Chawla, India7983/20/2019 5:27:15 PM
AN INSANE SOULJanay Clark, USA4343/14/2019 2:51:04 PM
REMEMBERING HIS BIRTHSarah Connelly, USA3833/21/2019 6:57:47 PM
THE CASUALTYSteven Cooke, UK12653/20/2019 3:57:17 PM
BYE BYE BENNYAndy Cooper, Scotland5943/21/2019 8:37:57 AM
DON'T DESPAIRDavid Cooper, Mexico7072/28/2019 2:38:50 PM
LIFE IS FULL OF POSSIBILITIESCrystal Cox, USA4373/15/2019 2:32:48 AM
LIFE ON THE STREETKathrynn Craig, USA3923/17/2019 1:55:39 AM
MY COUNTRYMichelle D'costa, Bahrain11668/2/2015 9:17:58 AM
A PERSON TO REVEREDhruvajyoti Das, India3383/20/2019 3:09:12 PM
THE SHADOWRohit Das, India6613/15/2019 1:29:20 AM
A SHORT LINE OF LIFEAli asghar Davari, Iran5363/21/2019 1:03:55 PM
LET US WALK TOGETHERBojosi Ditshwele, Botswana6723/7/2019 10:21:38 PM
BROKEN WINGSChristian Egba, Nigeria7063/21/2019 2:20:57 PM
A TRUE FRIEND, YES A TRUE FRIEND.Osaruese Egharevba, UK4243/20/2019 2:15:14 AM
RAINING HONESTYAriel Epstein, USA10863/12/2019 6:45:15 PM
AND YOU LOVE MEGregory Espy, USA5603/21/2019 11:30:36 PM
LIKE MOVING CLOUDSMark Fahmy, Egypt5283/18/2019 1:06:24 PM
MY BUTTERFLY BLUECaroline Ferguson, UK5542/22/2019 3:05:46 AM
LATE NIGHT FIRE.Melanie Figures, UK6113/16/2019 5:30:18 PM
MEMORIESFapohunda Foluso, UK8103/14/2019 9:56:37 PM
SPARROWKaitlyn Fultz, USA3903/17/2019 7:04:21 AM
MY HEARTTaylor G, USA5383/12/2019 3:36:21 PM
THE DUSK OF A SOLDIERMegha Gandhi, India3573/21/2019 7:37:51 PM
THE FAWNNorma Gauld, Canada6003/14/2019 9:55:35 AM
PRIMARY COLORAndrea Gilbert, USA6882/27/2019 10:02:15 PM
ANOTHER DAY OF MONOTONYMbeh Gilbert, Cameroon6153/10/2019 8:07:33 AM
NEIGHBORSDonald Goodside, USA859/2/2012 2:59:56 PM
HEAVEN SOLDIERMariah Gregory, USA3453/11/2019 6:37:26 AM
LOVING EACH OTHERGabriella Gutierrez, USA3902/22/2019 3:06:01 AM
I'M GLAD IT'S OVERMeg Hagee, USA4933/21/2019 2:44:48 PM
OTHER SIDE OF LIFENazreen Haider, India6009/3/2017 10:13:58 PM
OCEAN INFLUENEKristin Hawking-call, USA6763/22/2019 7:06:26 AM
SEASONS OF MY HEARTCarla Hayes, Australia4303/9/2019 11:03:12 AM
EXCUSE ME, YOU DON'T KOW METaronda Hayes, USA3913/21/2019 10:29:40 PM
BUTTERFLYJames Henry, USA9513/18/2019 6:00:45 AM
THE STEEPLEJohn Hewitt, Canada10713/3/2019 4:23:32 AM
DEBATING REALITYJames Hilder-achurch, Australia4293/17/2019 1:23:22 PM
DREAMBeth Hough, USA6003/21/2019 10:57:41 AM
THE RUINS OF MARBLE ANGELSHolly Hunter, USA7793/14/2019 8:20:07 PM
I'M ONLY HUMANChibuzor Ikemenogo, Nigeria15753/22/2019 6:49:47 AM
"BULLETPROOF SKY"Kavon Jones, USA4312/24/2019 3:26:46 AM
CAPTURE THE DIVINELindsay Jorgensen, USA18710/23/2012 2:12:09 PM
PERHAPSKamalika K, India4583/20/2019 8:22:56 PM
PLEADINGNehal Kalnad, India8083/4/2019 12:13:31 PM
EPIC EGGSJunsoo Kim, New Zealand3523/20/2019 3:55:27 AM
BULLYBrian Kohler, USA4763/20/2019 2:50:06 AM
HELL OF DESERT AND HEAVEN OF DREAMSJishi Ks, India4073/15/2019 1:47:35 PM
VOLCANOZoe Lamoureux, USA4093/21/2019 12:48:09 PM
LOVE IS A SHOTGUNChris Lane, USA6523/16/2019 4:54:05 AM
MOTHER'S RESTNestor Lara, USA4563/7/2019 2:17:56 AM
REMEMBER MECarlos Ledee, USA3933/10/2019 4:55:06 AM
THE CONFESSION OF A MAN WEARIEDCarissa Ma, Hong Kong4223/5/2019 2:03:01 AM
MEMORIESVinod Madyalkar, India5043/16/2019 2:07:45 PM
LOVE IN MY DEEPEST OCEANOlebogeng Maetso, South Africa7163/9/2019 3:12:23 AM
WHY?Antonio Manya, Kenya7123/21/2019 4:38:04 PM
ABOVE TOWERSVictor Masango, South Africa3903/13/2019 6:35:37 PM
PRIDE AND PREJUDICESarah Mawed, Lebanon8743/17/2019 10:27:50 PM
WHEN I LOOK IN THE MIRRORJessica Mccaskill, USA8543/18/2019 10:02:50 PM
DRUNKENTrevor Mcleod, Canada4702/23/2019 9:04:29 PM
ODE TO LIFESabreen Miah, USA4923/1/2019 10:17:03 AM
BEHOLD THE LIGHTJoshua Mimana, Zimbabwe6243/8/2019 10:13:37 AM
TO THATHA, WITH LOVEPraneeta Moorthy, India7903/18/2019 8:38:30 PM
ANYBODY UP THERE?Imaculate Mosha, Tanzania5413/19/2019 9:30:20 PM
PARTINGMichelle Mui, Hong Kong6883/2/2019 3:11:20 PM
A SHARK TALEChase Musson, USA12833/20/2019 3:55:25 AM
PAINFULL WALKAWAYDaxton Mwangi, Kenya14210/28/2014 9:26:59 AM
I DIED IN 2012...Nyruby Neya, Canada4413/4/2019 7:52:04 PM
A FRIEND.......Teddy Ng'ondu, Kenya3693/9/2019 9:22:10 AM
LOOK, O MIDNIGHT HOW SHE WAKESWilliam Night, USA3823/18/2019 7:48:43 PM
EARTH CONQUERS MANUchenna Obianyimuo, USA4303/21/2019 1:03:55 PM
RAIN DROPSChibuzor Ogamba, Nigeria9383/20/2019 7:50:08 AM
BEAUTY MUST BE A BIRDAbdulwarrith Olawale, Nigeria3902/22/2019 12:29:23 AM
WATER WORLDKayode Orogbemi, Nigeria4073/15/2019 5:34:53 AM
GOD IS THE ANSWERJacinter Ouma, Kenya4713/19/2019 2:01:09 AM
I HAD TO GOHarry Page, UK4692/24/2019 12:57:30 AM
ETERNITY IN A KISSWilliam Palmer, Canada4193/1/2019 8:37:32 AM
WANNABEABEELiz Paul, UK3653/10/2019 7:37:57 AM
LION CITYNatalie Phang, Singapore6963/21/2019 10:09:02 AM
THERE IS A LIFTINGIhuoma Prisca, Nigeria6183/12/2019 5:31:30 PM
THE MEANING OF LIFEDeemah Pulak, USA11823/21/2019 10:09:01 AM
LOSING A FRIENDRajashree Ramaswamy, India3713/18/2019 5:00:32 AM
THE FALLKaren Redmond, UK5073/8/2019 2:30:34 PM
STOP FIGHTING MOM & DADAdriana Resto, USA8683/19/2019 4:04:16 PM
MUSIC IS LIFE ..Kendrick Romas, USA3663/1/2019 5:16:35 AM
CIVIL WAR: ME AGAINST MEJay Rosenthal, USA6922/25/2019 10:39:44 PM
FREEDOMRanjan Routray, India10793/18/2019 12:39:27 AM
LORD HEAR MY CALLRoxanne Rowe, USA5733/21/2019 10:10:38 AM
GOOD-BYELauren Sanchez, USA7693/9/2019 11:38:34 AM
IN A MAN'S WORLDDalal Sarnou, France7873/20/2019 9:11:48 AM
LET ME SHOW YOUJoe Savarese Jr., USA2454/30/2013 7:47:08 PM
SUNRISERihonna Scoggins, USA4013/14/2019 9:55:36 AM
A GRADUAL LEAPArshiya Shamim, India3883/18/2019 4:47:41 PM
THE GOLDEN GATE, MY CREATIONWestly Shaw, USA85753/21/2019 3:30:32 AM
BENEATH THE STARRY SKIESAditya Shetty, India7293/20/2019 7:42:12 PM
IT BECAME AND JUST KEPT GROWINGPattra Shuwaswat, Netherlands7013/18/2019 8:38:31 PM
THE BEATGrace Sibanda, South Africa4063/20/2019 3:56:04 AM
THE VARMINT HUNTCharles Sides, USA4793/16/2019 12:53:27 PM
WELCOMERam krishna Singh, India5353/2/2019 9:19:47 PM
ODE TO THE BEESMatthew Sotak, USA14313/12/2019 11:56:25 PM
THE GREATEST LOVEBonnie Steimer, USA4143/17/2019 10:29:54 AM
MY PAINFUL CRYMeghan Swanson, USA3803/21/2019 5:18:12 AM
GIRL IN THE MIRRORAshley Tetz, USA4682/22/2019 12:28:29 AM
THE MOST BLESSED NIGER DELTA.Jude Ud anthony, Nigeria4303/18/2019 2:04:50 AM
REBEL WITHINNiyatee Viswanathan, India4333/21/2019 9:58:25 PM
SPARROW'S SONGHeidi Voigt, USA3542/27/2019 11:58:08 AM
CHARADEGloria Watts, UK4753/18/2019 7:43:22 AM
STOP JUST STOPMike Whaley, Wales3973/15/2019 4:13:14 AM
ODE TO CRIMEJon Whitehead, UK4973/12/2019 1:59:07 PM
THE SINNER LAMENTSAnthony Wickham, Ireland558/21/2012 3:05:53 PM
IT STARTS WITH MERichard Wilcox, USA21112/2/2014 1:59:04 PM
THE LOVE OF GODHanna Williams, Canada4023/11/2019 11:46:14 AM
MID NIGHTAlfreda Williamson, USA4023/9/2019 2:39:05 AM
THOSE.Russell Wilson, USA3833/20/2019 12:20:53 PM
WHY?Samantha Wilson, USA3873/21/2019 4:57:34 AM
SAILSAndria Wu, USA3583/21/2019 9:09:58 PM
FLOODS OF THOUGHTSMarinus Yong, Nigeria6053/20/2019 11:31:56 PM







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