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Top Poems from VoicesNet's Poetry Competition - 1 STAR Finalists

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Poem TitleAuthorViewsLast Response
ALIVE ONCE AGAINDavid Abebrese, USA1171/28/2012 6:12:52 PM
WHERE THE HEAVEN STANDSKapil Acharya, India7673/14/2019 12:26:37 PM
KEEP GLOWINGMyra Ahmad, Pakistan13863/21/2019 3:27:36 PM
I WANT TO BE POORImeh Akpe, Nigeria4433/16/2019 8:56:30 PM
"C" SHAPEDLeleji Akpewe, Nigeria6563/21/2019 7:57:08 PM
A SHADOWY LIFEAnna Allan, Australia6673/5/2019 2:58:32 PM
HELIUMSophy Aston, UK9003/18/2019 6:49:17 AM
DISTORTINGKatie Ausenbaugh, USA7102/28/2019 9:37:53 PM
AN ANGEL BETRAYEDDolapo Ayoola, Nigeria5103/20/2019 5:39:51 AM
TEAR OF THE CLOUDAnand B, India7153/19/2019 11:41:33 PM
I LEARNEDCarla Baquet_justice, USA8023/16/2019 5:45:59 PM
THE CARNIVAL OF SOULS: SUMMERAyesha Beg, India8163/11/2019 11:01:39 PM
DANCE OF EMOTIONSLarry Belt, USA10173/8/2019 10:33:40 PM
A SOLDIERS BATTLEJane Brown, UK8702/27/2019 10:44:52 AM
DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEARRobin Brown, USA7983/17/2019 4:10:58 PM
THE MAN AT THE CHURCHCortinna Butler, USA5222/24/2019 8:14:45 AM
I MISS THE DRAGONFLIESDakota Bybee, USA5863/12/2019 5:54:18 PM
DIRTY-FACED ANGELSPhil Cerasoli, USA14863/14/2019 3:28:18 AM
BEAUTIFUL HEARTMaria Clowes, USA19043/21/2019 11:20:23 PM
DOCTOR OCTOPUSRowan Colver, UK12793/15/2019 7:01:44 PM
GLORY DAYSJoshua Cross, USA12053/21/2019 10:02:23 PM
UNAWARERagesh Damodaran, India6623/20/2019 6:16:28 AM
A PIECE OF GOOD NEWSKalyan Datta, India12333/16/2019 8:16:17 PM
MEDITERRANEATimothy DeChenne, USA10573/16/2019 9:19:25 PM
THE JOURNEYZelam Dharkar, India9413/15/2019 10:52:40 PM
MY SWEET IVORIEDenny Dingbat, USA6473/18/2019 4:08:32 PM
MY BLACK HEARTNicholas Dongell, USA10642/22/2019 11:04:01 PM
HOW ABOUT ME?Marvellous Ebiringa, Nigeria5573/13/2019 7:43:57 AM
DEAR LIFEKimberlee Ellington, USA7403/16/2019 3:37:40 AM
PATHAudrey Freleir, USA4272/22/2019 11:05:36 PM
MOTHER EARTH ROCKED CHRISTCHURCHHeather Garrett, New Zealand8932/26/2019 1:13:50 AM
DON'T MISS YOU NOWKaylyn Groth, USA5982/24/2019 8:08:19 AM
VILLARSGeoffrey Hoffman, UK6623/21/2019 2:45:00 AM
GLOWMelissa Hofmann, USA6123/16/2019 1:35:51 AM
FAMILY IS IMPORTANTCharlotte Hudspeth, UK6303/20/2019 5:16:09 AM
LOST IN FORESTSiddhant Jain, India7693/11/2019 5:03:01 PM
FIVE IN THE MORNINGEdwin Jepson, UK23993/14/2019 9:33:40 AM
I, THE OCEANDestiny Johnaon, USA5023/21/2019 4:52:41 AM
THROUGH THE DARKNESSRobert Johnstone-ayliffe, UK16113/17/2019 11:39:11 AM
CASINOPat Kelbaugh, USA8283/4/2019 11:35:29 AM
THE DAFFODILGabriela Kupryjanczuk, USA5063/20/2019 7:33:36 AM
THE UNFORGOTTEN LOVEKaitlin Loya, USA7393/15/2019 5:54:22 PM
FUNNY KITTYMarvin Luckeydoo jr., USA6603/2/2019 4:10:58 AM
THE CUPConor M, Ireland2092/2/2012 3:48:57 AM
HEARTSIDERajaram Madkaikar, India6883/1/2019 5:36:04 AM
A LAMENTSheryl Marcotte, USA9413/11/2019 5:57:44 PM
OURSKaren Mazzu, USA6563/10/2019 7:23:39 PM
SETTLED.Jilian Mclendon, USA4452/24/2019 8:18:37 AM
JESUS UTTERSTrishgun Miglani, India5153/7/2019 3:33:51 AM
WHEN I LEARN TO TALKBronté Miles, South Africa6843/15/2019 5:19:20 PM
THE WINDOWRichard Moriarty, USA6273/18/2019 3:40:01 PM
BOUNTY FOR SHETaurai Mutoti, Zimbabwe3208/1/2015 3:31:54 PM
ANCESTRAL SOUNDSDowell Oba, Nigeria10373/12/2019 3:33:18 AM
THE ROCKPOOLWisdom Ohia, UK10813/20/2019 6:57:59 PM
QUESTIONS FOR YOUAbdulwarrith Olawale, Nigeria6742/22/2019 11:03:31 PM
WHEN I'M WITH YOUAmy Paluch, USA11963/10/2019 1:48:23 AM
THE SILENT LOVEArun Pandey, India11173/17/2019 8:00:43 AM
GRAPEVINETyler Pargiter, UK7452/25/2019 9:49:18 AM
FORK IN THE ROADScott Payling, UK6672/22/2019 11:03:56 PM
PLEA OF A FOETUSArpita Ramachandra, India12693/18/2019 5:32:14 AM
A SUMMER TO REMEMBERZuvilla Ramirez, USA14343/18/2019 12:31:19 AM
MANALIAN MONSOONSThe Ranger, India9383/8/2019 9:59:28 AM
WHEN LOVE FIRST COMESDwayne Rankin, USA11023/12/2019 6:41:12 AM
SEASONSJoyeeta Rao, United Arab Emirates5283/21/2019 12:49:14 AM
RIPPLES FROM THE HANDChloe Ren, Australia9253/19/2019 9:38:42 AM
RAIN/TEAR DROPSAnastasia Roos, South Africa6453/21/2019 1:43:03 AM
THE OCEAN'S SONGMercedes Rothwell, USA9633/14/2019 8:39:20 AM
THE MYSTERIOUS FINDSusanne Rowell, Germany9823/22/2019 5:05:54 AM
FEELINGS THAT ARE BORN IN LIFEGargi Saha, India11363/21/2019 12:14:47 AM
"SPECIALITY OF THE SPECIAL DAY"Ashay Shanbhag, India17943/20/2019 5:15:23 AM
WHO BUILDS THE PLANTS??Chetan Sharma, India8253/13/2019 9:59:51 AM
FEELING THER RAINTanya Sharma, India4993/21/2019 7:32:36 PM
BUBBLE BATH AT MALLWestly Shaw, USA34293/19/2019 2:50:52 PM
ANGEL EYESDale Shepherd, USA11143/21/2019 12:20:20 AM
TIME PASSINGJamie Sibert, USA7313/14/2019 7:02:54 AM
THE LOST MOMENTSVyshnavi SK, India7043/13/2019 11:23:55 AM
MAMMA DEERAnnette Smith, USA5553/7/2019 5:16:48 PM
LUCIFER IN HELLPeterson Sserungaya, Uganda8763/21/2019 4:01:06 PM
I THOUGHT I WAS INVINCIBLE (FALLEN WALLS)Johnathan Stokes, USA4533/21/2019 7:37:34 AM
DESIRESahana Sundar, India7302/27/2019 11:25:53 AM
BROKEN CASTLESyeda Tasnim, USA27610/1/2012 3:29:47 AM
I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOUJohn Trent, USA24173/16/2019 12:35:54 AM
POEMNoel Vallejos, Philippines7923/19/2019 11:40:03 PM
MY DESTINYMonica Warnes, USA6213/19/2019 7:20:41 AM
LOVELY SNOWTze siang Wee, Singapore12543/18/2019 6:21:03 PM
IN THE SILENCE OF MY HEARTJohn Williams, Canada23623/21/2019 3:49:36 AM
SOMALIA (AND IN OUR WORLD OF PLENTY)William Willis, Scotland13693/13/2019 8:59:57 AM
REFLIECTION OF A BLACK WOMENRenee Wilson, USA9523/18/2019 12:31:54 AM
FREESkylar Wolfe, USA6203/16/2019 5:13:38 AM







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