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Top Poems from VoicesNet's Poetry Competition - 1 STAR Finalists

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Poem TitleAuthorViewsLast Response
LOST LOVE. ., Zimbabwe5302/1/2015 3:56:25 PM
TRUE LOVEAleezeh Amir, UK7216/14/2019 10:04:56 AM
FRIENDSHIPNamratha Atluri, USA12076/13/2019 3:10:27 PM
THE GENIE WHO FORGOT HIS LAMPLauren Axford-rhodes, USA6616/16/2019 2:46:53 PM
GRIEF HAS NO HOLDFrances Ayers, USA16886/16/2019 2:14:59 AM
SEPTEMBERHagop Ayvazian, USA2834/21/2012 7:51:05 PM
WHISPERS OF THE NIGHTAnand B, India7776/11/2019 11:40:51 AM
FOREVER AMENAthena Balles, USA11795/27/2019 12:58:12 PM
GONE AS QUICKJames Bassett, USA6666/8/2019 12:04:04 PM
A SATIRE AGAINST THE WORLDJoseph Bowman, USA6006/1/2019 4:11:25 PM
THE WALLKasandra Brown, USA6116/9/2019 4:46:16 AM
WOULD YOU WALK WITH ME?Melissa Buckle, Australia9946/18/2019 5:27:31 PM
GRANDAD'S WAR 1914-1918H Bullough, UK6695/14/2019 3:00:42 PM
MELODIES ON HALLOWED GROUNDJose Caraballo, USA7376/13/2019 3:00:46 PM
NIGHT UNBOUNDCandi Cartwright, USA7826/24/2019 11:38:54 AM
OCTOBER SKIESJack Cassidy, UK8346/17/2019 10:20:48 PM
BROTHER SUN, SISTER MOONHelen Crutchett, Australia24306/15/2019 4:16:06 PM
WHO IS THIS WONDER?Igbor Emeka, Nigeria9776/5/2019 2:36:00 PM
SAY YESPenni Farrell, USA5596/9/2019 7:56:45 PM
THE CHOICEShannon Flavell, Australia5905/30/2019 3:17:37 PM
I SHOULD`VE SAID "NO".Ndzedzeni Fondzefe, Cameroon10926/19/2019 12:46:22 PM
SADNESS OF A MOTHERMaria Garcia Cuerva, Argentina12256/21/2019 7:43:23 PM
THE REVERSAL OF THOUGHTShankarshan Gautam, India8995/28/2019 4:30:33 AM
TE HI LLAKarla Georges, USA5475/18/2019 3:41:53 AM
A DAY IN THE PARKHaley Gilmore, USA6026/12/2019 6:00:10 AM
THREE THIRDS AWAYEmma Goshgarian, USA6055/17/2019 3:04:15 AM
CRUCIBLE DOCTRINESSteven Graham, Canada6305/21/2019 3:18:05 AM
BEAUTIFUL DEATHKaty Hall, UK8556/22/2019 9:44:25 AM
INUIT WANDERERSimon Hambrook, UK12265/16/2019 6:58:50 AM
MY PRAYERAndy Hawkins, Canada7816/15/2019 6:27:35 AM
CLIMATE CHANGEEmma Hill, UK6506/24/2019 2:04:45 PM
THE OLD FLAGMichael Hill, USA9275/6/2019 11:50:55 AM
THANK YOUValeria Iliadou, Greece7986/20/2019 3:01:31 PM
SUN CITY- NAIROBIHamad Ilkul, Kenya13656/22/2019 3:33:57 PM
LEFT HEAVEN FOR "LOVE" ON CHRISTMAS!Ruby John, India7346/23/2019 6:09:06 AM
LOST AND FOUND (THE PRICE OF PRIDE)Cornell Kariuki, Kenya8816/23/2019 3:45:55 PM
ARMS LIKE BROKEN TWIG TREE LIMBSMackenzie Keane, USA9575/5/2019 7:13:54 PM
NO MORESherral Koehler, USA5645/17/2019 1:49:27 PM
REDAnujaya Krishna, India6365/25/2019 8:13:06 PM
HOPE IN THE SUNKayleigh Lawson, USA8916/20/2019 1:48:49 AM
TWO SHADOWS DRIFTEDChristopher Lucka, USA5535/31/2019 2:30:49 AM
MY BROTHER ELDESTKeith Lumbard, UK25116/15/2019 3:39:08 AM
A ROSE WITH THORNSKaren Malbon, UK10465/6/2019 11:00:37 PM
RHYTHM TOO PRECISERija Mathew, India11595/30/2019 2:59:32 PM
SLEEPWALKER’S STARRY JOURNEY (FANTASY)Jelena Mijajlovic, Serbia15096/15/2019 4:55:23 PM
MY SON'S FIRST LOVEElizabeth Morgan, Wales7376/21/2019 4:41:22 PM
LOVELESSTristan Neumann, Australia8436/14/2019 8:10:04 PM
POETRY WITHOUT WORDSOnce No more, USA5926/8/2019 1:45:14 AM
AWAKENINGDowell Oba, Nigeria5526/5/2019 2:14:57 AM
THE VISITOlumba Obinna, Nigeria8386/16/2019 2:49:54 PM
OF SHADES AND LIGHTKaalan Pillay, South Africa9216/9/2019 11:17:00 PM
HISTORYDenise Pollock, New Zealand5986/22/2019 9:39:30 AM
EXPRESSION WITHOUT WORDSManuel Santos, USA5135/24/2019 5:29:40 AM
BE A LION KING!!!Chetan Sharma, India10006/21/2019 4:51:59 PM
LIGHT AS A FEATHERAshly Sharrar, USA10536/23/2019 4:22:13 AM
" MY MOTHER ! "Westly Shaw, USA58196/22/2019 8:29:18 PM
UP MY SPINEPattra Shuwaswat, Netherlands6606/24/2019 5:48:33 PM
BRISK PASSINGGurbir Singh, India7875/20/2019 1:37:28 AM
O' MY LOVE...Jigar Soni, India1220266/16/2019 6:06:59 PM
THE HEROSpencer Spaulding, USA5626/24/2019 9:16:17 PM
THE BEST DAY EVEREmileigh Stubelt, USA7146/8/2019 2:30:25 PM
GRANDMA'S HOUSEKrystelle Talbert, USA13935/5/2019 3:51:17 PM
LOVETebogo Tlharipe, South Africa6765/8/2019 9:32:58 PM
THE BENCHJohn Trent, USA17726/25/2019 10:35:58 AM
ALL ABOUT FALLDiana Tucker, USA6685/11/2019 2:24:27 PM
DUNE OF MEMORIESDevina V, India8246/10/2019 8:36:49 AM
A POET'S DREAMMark Vill, Philippines9286/3/2019 5:16:57 AM
FROM THE HEART OF ME.Bethan Walker, UK7476/18/2019 1:12:47 AM
BEYOND WORDSJohn Williams, Canada13286/18/2019 7:03:50 PM
THE QUESTPenelope Write, Philippines8796/25/2019 8:21:23 AM







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