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Top Poems from VoicesNet's Poetry Competition - 1 STAR Finalists

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Poem TitleAuthorViewsLast Response
MY HEART BEATS THIS WAYZahra A, Pakistan1243/2/2012 12:53:03 PM
SOMALIA IS HERO, ZERO TO TERROR BY AHMED KASSIMAhmed Abdi, Kenya18911/20/2019 1:12:34 PM
VICTIMS OF TSUNAMIAymen Ahmed, Pakistan6402/13/2017 5:34:50 AM
AWARENESSSatya Arikutharam, India9701/13/2019 4:01:08 PM
NATURE'S GIFT MAN'S FISTAnusha Arumugam, India12531/11/2019 7:30:37 AM
THE BEAUTIFUL SIGHTS OF CREATIONMalinda Baker, USA4211/11/2019 7:31:53 AM
OCEAN OF SECRETSSonali bandyopadhyay, India7591/21/2019 8:59:56 AM
MOTHER'S LOVEBen-hur Bariuan, Philippines9101/11/2019 7:30:23 AM
CAFFEINE DREAMRiki Benton, Australia7061/15/2019 6:49:01 AM
MIRRORVictoria Benza, USA8501/20/2019 12:28:28 PM
THE PEARL OF LIFEPranjit Bhattacharya, India15621/19/2019 10:08:22 AM
THE PROMISE OF A RAINBOWBlue Blax, Nigeria1395/31/2012 11:33:26 PM
A RUMBLE & SHAKE - ANOTHER EARTHQUAKEJane Brown, UK6751/16/2019 4:04:55 AM
UNITETony Burton, USA4981/19/2019 6:58:35 PM
THE EDGAR ALAN POKER GAMEPhil Cerasoli, USA8081/19/2019 8:47:24 AM
FALLEN SOLDIERRosie Colthorpe, UK9351/17/2019 1:18:24 AM
THE SHADOWSRemo Corvino, Australia8981/10/2019 12:45:57 PM
INTO THE QUIETDale Costello, Australia12991/20/2019 5:51:37 PM
GONE IN AN INSTANTAidan Darragh, USA17761/18/2019 5:38:48 AM
THE GREAT HIMALAYASKalyan Datta, India8921/19/2019 2:21:28 PM
NEW BEGINNINGShauna Davis, USA4271/14/2019 8:07:22 PM
POETRYAlex Egan, USA5121/15/2019 7:11:05 PM
INTIMACYNichole Fisher, USA6271/19/2019 11:53:23 AM
BROKEN DOWN SHOESWilliam Foos, USA6351/15/2019 12:29:56 PM
OUT-WRITTENTerry Gibbar, USA3851/18/2019 9:06:26 AM
WHISPERED TEARSRichard Gildea, UK12551/20/2019 8:57:17 PM
SHE CALLS...Nigel Goodwin, UK6701/18/2019 7:18:31 PM
SUNSET QUAY.Katy Hall, UK4981/18/2019 9:38:15 AM
MY HEART CRIESSJeetesh Hasijani, India3961/17/2019 6:30:21 PM
EMBRACING DEATHNatalie Heald, USA10981/18/2019 9:40:52 AM
LOST IN THOUGHTSsoulful heart, India5981/17/2019 4:54:33 PM
THE PHANTOM SOLDIERSPhillip Hussey, UK6681/19/2019 12:44:47 PM
SHOULD WE CRITICIZE WITHOUT HELPING?Mani Jack, Malaysia3861/20/2019 7:15:50 AM
A 'COMA' IN LIFE.Rashmi Jayakrishnan, India5571/18/2019 10:04:20 AM
SING A SONG OF TAJMAHALS.zaynub Kamoonpuri, Tanzania15421/18/2019 11:47:53 AM
FUTUREMuhammad Kamran, Australia9981/21/2019 12:38:22 PM
A GOOD HUMAN BEINGStephy Kennady, India12151/20/2019 10:09:46 PM
CHILDREN OF OUR TIMETim Kitchen, UK6591/21/2019 8:55:09 AM
YOU'RE ALL SORTS OF BEAUTIFULStacey Krzych, USA8061/17/2019 1:17:20 PM
THE CHORD OF LIFEDiana Love, USA3751/11/2019 7:30:09 AM
30Emma Malapo, Philippines10921/18/2019 10:57:14 AM
A GLIMPSEShubhendu Mishra, India9871/11/2019 7:29:42 AM
GIRLSuhasini Mitra, India8711/16/2019 12:02:16 PM
TRAVELLER OF SHADEDhruv Mohapatra, India4341/19/2019 7:45:39 PM
LOOK UPON ME KINDLYNadezhda Montik, USA4731/19/2019 10:10:18 PM
THE KING'S FATEStephanie Morgan, USA4031/18/2019 1:33:52 AM
FLOODED LIFE 2Nthuseni Munyai, South Africa4451/11/2019 7:30:41 AM
PATIENCETeddy Ng'ondu, Kenya5751/18/2019 2:27:43 PM
COURAGE TO DREAM AGAINSusan Nikitenko, USA5331/17/2019 10:34:48 AM
MY SADNESS AND HAPPINESSLaurence Nortcote, UK11751/12/2019 8:53:15 PM
AN AGING OF LOVEPatrick O'loughlin, Australia11411/21/2019 6:55:56 AM
HIS MYSTERYSusan O'Reilly, Ireland10441/21/2019 1:54:58 PM
SONNET 10: IN A FARAWAY COUNTRYHadrean Ocampo, Philippines4601/15/2019 10:37:56 AM
THE INVERTED PYRAMIDSAbdulwarrith Olawale, Nigeria4871/13/2019 11:46:15 AM
A VERY PARTICULAR PERSONLee Olsen, Israel5111/14/2019 10:42:58 PM
MERRY LITTLE SHADOWSSarah Orlan, Vietnam7061/11/2019 7:31:07 AM
YOU TAUGHT MEAthira Palangat, India6381/20/2019 7:49:24 AM
LONGINGS OF LONELINESSSuresh Palani, India8377/26/2018 12:15:13 PM
MAY YE ALWAYS BE NEARKimberly Pinili, Philippines6741/17/2019 11:27:45 PM
THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHINGJones Profit, Nigeria11071/11/2019 7:30:54 AM
WHY QUESTION A GOOD THING?Ashley Renzi, USA5071/11/2019 7:30:47 AM
RELIEFShane Richards, UK5121/11/2019 7:30:57 AM
STANDING ALONEThomas Robertson, USA9001/14/2019 5:15:47 PM
COSMOSRanjan Routray, India6411/13/2019 8:14:30 AM
GIFT OR CURSEKaushik Sanyal, India7331/18/2019 11:58:59 AM
THE TREASURE BOX OF JOYAshay Shanbhag, India11221/21/2019 6:55:59 AM
HOW MUCH DOES A FLOWER COST?Chetan Sharma, India6581/21/2019 4:16:14 AM
A TINKERKanav Sharma, India4441/19/2019 10:09:25 PM
ELUSIVE....Monali Sharma, India993/22/2012 8:44:59 AM
OVER ITSurabhi Shouche, India10601/18/2019 5:33:27 AM
GOT TO LOVE YOUPattra Shuwaswat, Netherlands10231/14/2019 1:21:44 AM
RUTHLESS MORNING WAKEUP FROM THE SLEEPShahjehan Soomro, Pakistan5551/16/2019 12:57:00 AM
WITHOUT MY BEST FRIENDSelena Strohl, USA5881/19/2019 8:43:42 PM
THE TRACKERGregory Thomas, USA8501/18/2019 5:12:58 AM
RELIGIONDevon Thompson, USA4771/15/2019 7:26:57 PM
TENDER HEARTRicha Tripathi, India4403/4/2013 9:02:00 PM
WHEN THE TIMEDestinee Turk, USA7821/14/2019 8:05:36 PM
MY WORLDSummer Underwood, USA3681/14/2019 2:33:56 PM
LET ME PAINT YOUMarissa Watkins, USA8541/18/2019 8:46:35 PM
A TIME FOR THOUGHT THIS CHRISTMASJannine Weeratunga, South Africa15021/20/2019 10:06:33 AM
DESTINY'S CALLDelma Wilt, USA5121/11/2019 7:30:11 AM
THE JIGSAW OF MY LIFE: MY HERO, 13 YEARS LATERCory Wong, USA4711/12/2019 1:21:49 PM







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