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Top Poems from VoicesNet's Poetry Competition - 1 STAR Finalists

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Poem TitleAuthorViewsLast Response
EMPTY CANVASLina Abojaradeh, Jordan8986/14/2019 10:08:56 PM
A CONCEPTHamza Adjeroud, France8496/20/2019 6:30:52 AM
BUTTERFLIESMamta Agarwal, India5026/22/2019 4:29:47 AM
AT THIS OLD TABLECristina Alexe, USA8066/9/2019 1:36:48 AM
THE THIRST OF MY HEARTMaryam Ali, USA7915/28/2019 11:12:59 AM
UNIVERSAL TOUCHRamesh Anand, India7726/19/2019 8:59:57 PM
IN THE LIFE OF ALICEJade Anderson, USA19006/21/2019 4:46:31 AM
ROUTINEAmy Appleton, UK5656/7/2019 1:53:59 PM
OF WINTER BORNFrances Ayers, USA12886/23/2019 4:16:19 PM
ALWAYS REMEMBERING YOUE. B., USA22706/8/2019 12:14:04 AM
GHOST OF YOUCynthia Baldwin, USA9646/23/2019 10:49:15 PM
A KISS UNDER MISTLETOEMichael Benton, USA10476/20/2019 11:29:29 PM
COAST TO ESCAPEAlexandra Black, USA5355/5/2019 7:15:07 PM
LONELY WONDERRebecca Brown, UK5166/7/2019 5:06:17 PM
THE PAGES OF MY STORYValentyna Chebanova, USA9526/19/2019 7:05:46 AM
A MONTH AFTER MAY. REMEMBRANCEJoshua Coe, USA6436/4/2019 12:22:32 PM
THE 'I LOVE YOU BRIDGE'Rowan Colver, UK15166/15/2019 7:56:44 PM
FLY HIGHSubarna De, India9186/13/2019 6:01:13 AM
MAN'S BEST FRIEND.Angel Devangel, South Africa27926/25/2019 2:10:43 AM
LET'S DREAMKayla Douglas, USA5686/3/2019 11:50:16 AM
WOMENS' GRIEFNidhi Dwivedy, India8866/14/2019 3:21:55 AM
THE LIGHT AT THE END OF A CAVEMooadd E, Canada8356/9/2019 10:46:18 PM
THROUGH THE WOODSAnthony Eichten, USA5736/9/2019 2:18:11 PM
ENDLESS HEARTSyed yasin shahtaz Emanee, India18386/20/2019 2:27:26 PM
THE MYSTERY OF NIGHTAyman Fatima, United Arab Emirates5436/5/2019 2:43:57 AM
PICKING TEAMSZak Fick, USA44246/18/2019 2:52:02 PM
CHRISTMAS AND STARSNdzedzeni Fondzefe, Cameroon8286/17/2019 2:44:11 PM
TODAYFelipe Francois, USA9386/23/2019 3:58:54 PM
EXPOSEDAshlyn Gallant, South Africa9556/21/2019 7:57:06 PM
THE NURSESJudy Garza, USA8016/14/2019 7:25:42 PM
WISHES IN WINTERRoshni George, India15516/25/2019 8:56:25 AM
AUTUMN'S MAJESTIC WINGSCatalina Geornoiu, USA9206/25/2019 11:16:23 AM
THE SUN AND THE MOONSierra Goodine, USA5666/16/2019 5:33:42 AM
SHATTERED GLASSSelina Grimes, Ireland7246/13/2019 8:05:08 AM
THIS SIDE OF THE LINESteven Groulx, Canada5416/14/2019 3:42:02 PM
TOPA TATELuke Harlow-lawrence, Canada2404/9/2012 6:49:00 AM
A FATHER'S LOVESandra Hodgson, UK98526/19/2019 11:18:19 PM
SUNSET OVER THE OCEANAustin Hovland, USA11286/23/2019 4:23:18 PM
REVELATIONNataliq Ivanova, Bulgaria7486/23/2019 4:01:14 AM
MIDNIGHTDean Jolly, UK5714/14/2012 6:06:16 PM
MY SWEETHEART'S CRYINGCornell Kariuki, Kenya12556/15/2019 11:55:10 AM
FINALEAnna Kirby, USA6666/22/2019 2:51:43 PM
SPRING HAS SPRUNGJade Korevaar, South Africa6626/9/2019 4:09:34 AM
THE CORNISH WRECKERSKrizz Kortezz, UK6206/2/2019 5:34:18 AM
THE POPPY'S FIELD.Ali Koushan, USA16386/1/2019 7:58:05 AM
I AM WHO I AMPriscilla Larson, USA7555/28/2019 4:08:05 AM
POETRYBright Lifelot, Ghana6376/25/2019 11:20:42 AM
IN THE MEADOW, WE DREW FLOWERSFaust Lim, Malaysia2935/14/2013 6:32:11 PM
CRYSTALLIZE A MOMENT; SAVOUR A LIFETIMEPhilip Lombard, South Africa8236/3/2019 3:35:54 AM
ANGEL IN A DREAMPerry Mack, UK5335/27/2019 12:58:29 AM
MOTHER,A TWINKLE IN THE BLUE SKY!Shafeen Mahmood, Bangladesh21746/9/2019 2:31:56 PM
LOVE'S CONFUSIONSiobhan Mannion, UK6146/15/2019 9:53:46 PM
MY SEASON OF GRIEFDarla Martin, USA9526/16/2019 9:08:24 PM
DADDYS GIRLRobert Mawdsley, UK7316/23/2019 4:23:21 PM
NATURE ELAPSEDRosie Mendis, Australia7536/17/2019 12:01:16 PM
WINTER TRACERIESJelena Mijajlovic, Serbia9746/14/2019 2:43:57 AM
OPEN YOUR HEARTJohn Misner, Canada5766/9/2019 8:36:08 AM
WINTER WONDERLANDSue Morine, USA6826/18/2019 5:14:25 AM
CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?Keethana Muhunthan, Sri Lanka15506/24/2019 5:22:27 PM
WRECK'S MEMORIESCiprian Muntean, Romania7876/9/2019 2:31:55 PM
DREAMSNONE NONE, USA43311/2/2012 12:25:29 AM
HARMATTAN MORNING AT FARM SETTLEMENTJoseph Osita, Nigeria12086/18/2019 7:32:05 PM
ANGEL WITH THE GOLD BOWGin Parks, USA6346/14/2019 3:17:08 PM
BIRTHDAYScott Payling, UK6495/25/2019 6:00:06 PM
SUNRISESiva Peddi, India8966/23/2019 6:04:06 PM
"INDOMITABLE"Courtney Powell, USA5336/19/2019 2:25:47 AM
IF I COULD BE THE CHANGE I WANTPrerna Prakash, India5336/4/2019 8:38:07 PM
FIRST LOVEClyde Puckree, South Africa15696/7/2019 7:52:05 PM
LIFE IS BEAUTIFULAbinaya R, India7436/9/2019 4:09:35 AM
FIRST DAY OF JANUARY HAS COME AGAINDivya R, India8675/30/2019 8:46:58 AM
NAMELESS,FACELESS... TIMELESSRik Ray, India9426/23/2019 4:16:49 AM
THE UNSEEN CARESSDavid Richardson, USA6076/25/2019 1:27:55 AM
RAINBOWWill Rock, Canada7526/11/2019 2:41:48 AM
THE OYSTER COLLECTORS OF SAINT-JACUT-DE-LA-MERSusanne Rowell, Germany11556/15/2019 11:03:26 AM
PRINCES AND PRINCESSPeggie Rua, Kenya6225/28/2019 8:12:32 PM
THE ANNOUNCERMark Rumsey, USA19026/15/2019 5:22:28 AM
YET THE SOLDIER STILL MARCHESD.j. Schaefer, USA8915/27/2019 11:40:03 AM
MAN'S LIFE WITHOUT WOMENChetan Sharma, India43176/23/2019 4:23:02 PM
THE OWL OF INSIGNIFICANCEJeremy Siedlecki, USA6145/22/2019 2:03:03 AM
BEFORE MEAriel Smith, USA7026/16/2019 12:28:20 AM
THE SAVIOURLizzy Smythe, Australia6995/31/2019 5:53:16 PM
OUR STORYEsmerelda Sparks, Canada8726/19/2019 3:29:06 AM
NEBULOUS EPIPHANYSamantha Tatro, Netherlands6085/22/2019 11:06:43 PM
MY EARTH; MY MOTHERAlexis Terry, USA6576/8/2019 8:09:21 AM
NO MORE CHASING DRAGONSMike Thomas, UK10666/3/2019 3:04:12 AM
WHILE WE WAITShirley Thurmanjohnson, USA9826/10/2019 8:39:35 PM
MY LOVERebecca Vanderheyden, Canada6145/5/2019 7:15:04 PM
BONFIRE IN WINTERV Victoria, India8366/7/2019 9:43:31 AM
ALL WAS LOSTLuz Villa, USA6256/24/2019 7:56:42 AM
SEASONS OF INNOCENCEKeriann Walsh, USA7445/5/2019 7:15:35 PM
THE ULTIMATE RELEASEPhillip Weaver, USA6226/17/2019 2:07:10 AM
FROM YOUPhil Wells, UK8856/11/2019 4:54:17 AM
CHRISTMAS CASUALTIESLaura West, Canada7346/18/2019 1:30:41 AM
EXPLOREChristine Whiteman, USA6816/8/2019 9:53:22 PM
I WISHJohn Williams, Canada9006/13/2019 10:55:58 PM
FOR (THE SAKE) OF OLD TIMES.William Willis, Scotland18976/24/2019 9:36:07 PM
FREEDOMHenry Zavriyev, USA8356/9/2019 5:07:39 AM







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