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Welcome to the VoicesNet Poetry Webring Administration page.

According to, the definition of a webring is:

"A Web ring is a way of interlinking related Web sites so that people can visit many similar Web sites by just following the "Web ring" link on each page. Most Web rings allow people to browse backwards or forwards through the sites in the ring, or choose to visit individual sites from a list. The rings are typically run from a main site which uses a Web scripting application to select random sites and keep the ring up to date. This includes getting rid of outdated pages and links, and adding new ones. There are tens of thousands of Web rings for topics like football, cars, celebrities, computers, TV shows, etc."

We have our own Poetry Webring and you can join it now to start getting website traffic to your poetry related website.

Here is an example of how our webring would look on your poetry related website. Go ahead and click the Next Poetry Website link a few times and you will see how you can go around the poetry webring viewing one poetry website after another in the webring.

Poetry Webring The VoicesNet Poetry Webring is owned and operated by
Join the VoicesNet Poetry Webring
Next Poetry Website

If you would like to join the poetry website, just fill out the form below and submit it to us. We will generally review and approve your website manually within a day or two and then you are in the webring and will start getting additional traffic to your poetry related website while at the same time offering a new content feature to your website.

By the way, notice how the stays behind the website that is displayed when you click the "Next Poetry Website" button. This will prevent someone who is using the webring from your website from leaving your website when they initiate the webring.

The code that you need to cut and paste into your website home page will be emailed to you and there will also be a link included to confirm your sign-up.

We do require right now that the Poetry Webring is placed on your main home page.

Enjoy this exciting feature brought to you by VoicesNet.